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    Committee bans public
from officer meetings
President says
some topics need
By Angie Brunkow
Staff Reporter
The Academic Senate’s Execu
tive Committee decided Wednes
day to close its meetings to the
The resolution, which closed the
meeting to everyone except execu
tive officers
and their
guests, passed
4-3 with one
Sally Wise,
president of the
academic sen
ate, said the committee was not
required to have open meetings,
and some issues the committee dis
cussed needed the confidentiality
of closed meetings.
Also, often the committee dis
cusses information from university
officials that has not been made
public yet, she said.
Deanna Eversoll, division oi
continuing studies senator, said she
noticed executive committee mem
bers had been more constrained in
discussion since the Daily Nebras
kan began covering the meetings.
Free discussions are crucial to
the group in making decisions, she
We’re going to be
better off with ac
member of the Academic
-ft -
George Tuck, past president and
news-editorial senator, said the
meetings should be open.
Tuck said that while he thought
current executive officers would
be open about what occurred at the
meetings, successors might not.
“We’re going to be better off
with access.’’
The committee still will make
its agenda and minutes public, and
the committee will decide whether
interested parties can attend spe
cific meetings upon request.
Senators fail to make quorum
ASUN meeting
three short of
needed attendance
By Andrea Kaser
Staff Reporter
Despite attempts to contact absent
senators, the Association of Students
of the University of
Nebraska could not
perform legislation
Wednesday be
cause too few sena
tors attended the
In order to con
duct business, at least 21 senators
needed to be present. But only 18
senators showed. This was the first
time this year ASUN had not met
“It’s disappointing to me that sena
tors wore unable to come tonight.
They make the commitment — they
have a responsibility,” said Doug
Oxley, senator for the Graduates Col
Even though the senators couldn’t
pass any legislation, parliamentary
procedure allowed them to hear com
mittee repents and open forum.
But the guests invited to open fo
rum, members of Students Creating
Opportunities in the Pursuit of Eq
uity, asked to reschedule.
Both ASUN and SCOPE would
reap the most benefits from the pre
sentation if every senator were present,
said Reshell Ray, director of the di
versity-education group.
SCOPE probably will meet with
the student government in March.
ASUN President Andrew Sigerson
said several factors contributed to the
low attendance.
One senator had his car towed, he
said, while another was sick. The
snow and the fact that the meeting was
held on East Campus probably con
fused things.
The basketball game was another
factor to consider, he said.
First Vice President Trent Steele,
who presides over parliamentary pro
cedures, said any senator that did not
have a legitimate excuse for missing
the meeting would have tq face the
Steele removed one senator last
semester for too many unexcused ab
sences, he said.
Senators are allowed three
unexcused absences per year.
It’s disappointing to me that senators were unable to
come tonight They make the commitment — they
have a responsibility.
ASUN senator
-M “
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few years,” Byrne said. “There are
more non-traditional students these
days, and their interests lie elsewhere
than athletic competitions."
But Byrne added that both propos
als were in the “very preliminary”
Also discussed at last week’s meet
ing was the possibility of installing
sky box seating and an instant-replay
scoreboard in Memorial Stadium.
According to the minutes of the
meeting, preliminary drawings were
given to athletic department officials,
with tentative plans to install the sky
boxes atop west stadium.
The instant-replay scoreboard
probably would be installed in either
the north or south stadiums.
The only other college football
program in the country with instant
replay capability in its stadium is the
University of Texas.,
Besides Byrne and Fouraker, those
present at the Feb. 15 meeting in
cluded Football coach Tom Osborne,
Barb Hibner, assistant athletic direc
tor in charge of women’s athletics,
and seven other athletic department
administrators, coaches and person
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said, students could come back to
reality and have more fun.
“This is college. Let’s have a good
time,” he said. “I’m serious about
doing this job, but I’m also realistic.”
An audience of~about 40 people
posed questions to the groups on a
variety of subjects, such as services
for disabled students, campus smok
ing policies and parking.
Trent Steele, VOICE party first
vice-presidential candidate and a jun
ior secondary education major, said
awareness had increased for disabled
students through programs such as
Wheelchair Wednesday, which he
helped organize.
The program brought local celeb
rities and politicians on campus to see
what disabled students face daily, he
said. Winter is an especially difficult
time for disabled students, he said,
and more students must be made aware
of the difficulties they face.
“Goodness, I’ve slipped and fallen
in this snow,” Steele said, “imagine
what it’s like in a wheelchair.”
The no-smoking policy in Nebraska
Hall’s 24-hour study lounge also was
discussed. Dietz said the recent ban
was not necessary.
“Why should students who are used
to smoking have that taken away from
them?” he asked.
Benes said the ban was imple
dents in the College of
by those students and
their right to study without smoke,”
Benes said.
Matt Maser, PARTY second-vice
presidential candidate, addressed a
parking question posed by an audi
ence member. #
“Parking has been a problem for 25
years, and will probably be one for 25
more,” Maser said. “It’s kind of a
dead issue. It’s really not an issue that
can be solved.”
Benes disagreed.
“I don’t think that just because the
Daily Nebraskan writes an editorial
on parking it's a dead issue," he said.
“Irs a logistical nightmare.”
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break down the walls that divide
us, things will stay the same.”
Ekeler said he planned to
pursue a master’s degree in %
education and go on to get a*
doctorate in sociology. He said
he eventually wanted to become
a university president or chancel
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