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down and establish clear goals. He
said the commission was having a
hard time finding its niche because of
a challenging agenda handed down
from the Nebraska Legislature.
“The Legislature gave the com
mission some pretty high cxpccla
The commission has been the tar
get of strong criticism since it began
operating this year after being estab
lished by the Legislature and approved
by Nebraska voters in 1990.
The commission has the power to
approve new academic programs and
make recommendations to the Legis
lature on budgets and capital con
Critics of the commission say it
has created another “layer of bureau
cracy” that demands too much time
and detail from college and university
The commission was created to
increase the effectiveness of the higher
education system, Richmond said. But
he said relations between it and col
leges were doomed from the begin
ning. The commission was unable to
establish the proper relationships with
higher education officials before tack
ling the light agenda handed down to
it from the Legislature, he said.
The meeting between the governor
and the commission has not yet been
scheduled. Richmond said it would
have to wait until the governor had a
break in his schedule.
After the crowd's gone home... Aischaben/DN
Stan Groth hugs his wife, Wisner-Pilger coach Jean Groth, after the Gators’ championship loss to Yutan in the Class C1 State
Volleyball Finals Saturday-at Pershing.
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degree. Applicants with liberal arts
and social science degrees should be
considered, members said, as well as
those with administrative, science and
engineering degrees.
The new coordinator will work
under the direct supervision of Jack
Goebel, vice chancellor for business
and finance. The coordinator will
handle recycling policies on campus,
recycling education and pickup and
resale of recycled materials.
Committee members suggested
that the new coordinator supervise
student interns or volunteers who
would work with him or her in carry
ing out recycling policies.
The committee confirmed the for
mation of both a new advisory board
to provide feedback and suggestions
to the new coordinator, as well as a
with the coordinator to implement
The university will finance the re
cycling position for the first year with
plans for the program to become self
supporting in following years.
Committee members looked at the
savings the university would reap front
recycling and methods of financial
support for the program. Small allo
cations from the budget of each uni
versity office, a 5-ccnt tax on pop sold
on campus and donations from de
partments based on savings realized
from the program were mentioned.
Committee members also dis
cussed a plan to standardize the recy
cling of Centrex directories on cam
pus. The directories now arc recycled
on an ad hoc basis.
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trucks and cars ended up in ditches
because of the icy conditions. The
most serious accident was a five-car
pileup that sent at least one person to
the hospital, he said.
After the bus was pulled out of the
median by a Dcs Moines towing com
. pany, the band arrived in Ames about
two hours behind schedule and was
greeted by University of Nebraska
Lincoln Chancellor Graham Spanier.
- it
I thought, What the
heck is this snow?’
i McCarthy
bus driver
-99 ~
Spanier was speaking al the UNL
Alumni Association’s Husker Huddle.
He said his fam ily drove to Dcs Moines
Friday night and avoided the bad roads.
The band managed to get to Ames
to witness another stroke of bad luck:
Nebraska’s 19-10 loss to Iowa State.
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Her disease nol only got Skrabal
interested in her major, it also influ
enced her to become a health aide for
the University Health Center and to
help form a new support group on
campus for students with diabetes.
The group, called Friends and Sup
port: The Diabetes Network, will be
gin meeting next semester.
Skrabal said it was fun to talk to
other students with diabetes who could
relate to each other and provide sup
port. That support builds the confi
dence of those with the disease, she
Making the health center a place
that provides resources and support to
students with diabetes is the goal of
physician’s assistant Deb Vokal, who
is in charge of a new diabetes educa
tional program at the University of
The educational program helped
start the support group, Vokal said. It
also encouraged efforts to belter equip
the health center to deal with newly
diagnosed eases of diabetes, rather
than referring them to off-campus
medical professionals.
A newly diagnosed patient needs
intensive and immediate education,
Vokal said.
“People with diabetes have to man
age their own disease,” Vokal said.
Their ability to control it is not up to
doctors, she said.
When Vokal considered the need
to step up educational efforts, she
surveyed health center records and
found about 40 diagnosed eases at
UNL. Vokal said she thought there
were more cases the health center did
not know about.
Nationally, the number of people
with type 1 diabetes, which usually
appears before the age of 20, is 1.4
million, according to the American
Diabetes Association. The disease’s
symptoms, which include sudden
weight loss, fatigue, increased hun
ger, thirst and frequent urination, oc
cur over a short period of time. A
person with type 1 diabetes must take
insulin to survive.
An estimated 11 million people
have type 2 diabetes, which usually
occurs in people who are 40 or older
or arc overweight. Type 2 diabetes
docs not require insulin for survival
and usually can bdmddificd with diet.
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