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Editorial Board
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Dionne Searcey..Opinion Page Editor
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Alan Phelps.Wire Editor
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Stacey McKenzie.Senior Reporter
Jeremy Fitzpatrick.;... . Columnist
Good idea
Spanier encourages worldwide business
Nebraska — the state and the university both — stand to
gain from UNL Chancellor Graham Spanier’s proposed
corporation to help state businesses make their way into
international markets.
Compared to the rest of the United States, Nebraska has been
able to avoid the more serious drawbacks of the ongoing reces
sion. The state has been able to keep negative statistics, such as
unemployment, low partially because of its agriculture-based
out Nebraska can t alford to be satisfied with its comfortable
; position. It needs to be aggressive and search out whatever
avenues of business improvement it can find.
That is what Spanicr’s proposal would do.
The corporation, which would be run by the University of
Nebraska-Lincoln, would help state businesses make their way
into international business markets. They could tap into the
university’s resources in specific programs and areas of study.
Spanier said the university’s programs in modem languages,
international affairs, agriculture, trade, cultural exchange and
study abroad would work into the creation of the corporation.
The proposal isn’t designed to help the university as much as
state, businesses, but students interested in international business
or studies would directly benefit from whatever organization is set
HP i
Hopefully, the committee examining Spanicr’s proposal, state
businesses and the university will-see what they stand to gain and
come together to support the idea.
Two-faced comments
Kerrey's view of military ban wishy-washy
Sen. Bob Kerrey has revealed a new side of himself to
women and homosexuals.
Kerrey said Thursday that President-elect Clinton
should lift the ban on homosexuals in the military. Then he gave
a two-faced statement that neither homosexuals nor women
should be allowed in combat.
That’s just weird.
His wishy-washy response comes as a shock to many liberal
Democrats who look to Kerrey as a young leader in the Senate
who will fight to represent their views. These arc the same
Democrats who pushed for Kerrey to become president hoping he
would back civil rights in this country.
Kerrey justified his response by saying those sex-starved
iiuiiium.auui> auu wuim.ii wuuiu jum mmp up 111 luimwi.
“Military commanders in the armed forces have not had to
think it bout sexual issues, not in the combat situation,” Kerrey
said. “Am 1 going to gel somebody to do something as a conse
quence of saying, ‘OK, you’ll do it if you do something for me,’
that son of thing.”
Sounds like that’s where the problem lies. Men, homosexuals
, and women who would consider bringing those attitudes to work
with them don’t deserve to hold a job anywhere.
This issue must be viewed in an individual sense. If someone
*>' causes problems in combat, kick them out. Don’t collectively ban
entire groups. Keeping homosexuals and women from serving in
combat simply because they arc homosexuals and women is
Kerrey should have kept his mouth shut. The United Slates
doesn’t need a compromise. Women and homosexuals shouldn’t
have to be forced to settle for one.
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Sigerson responds to attacks
What has the state of this cam
pus come to in our lives? A?
we follow these incredibly
turbulent times, we wonder where oui
future lies, and if we can survive in i
world of misunderstanding and ha
College, for many of us, is oui
dream. Our generation is the.first tc
require a college degree to even com
pete in life. We come to a university
to open our eyes to new ideas and tc
receive an education on things tha
will help us be productive members ol
the community. College shapes oui
attitudes and opinions in everything
from politics to sex and all things ir
between. Those experiences we hav<
that arc negative or hurtful are the
experiences we will remember th(
For the last week, myself, Jin
Gricsen, vice chancelloY for sluden
affairs, and scores of others have beet
accused of blatant racism. The accu
salions come from a limited numbe
of students who have rejected lh<
system and working within it. Thesi
students present their side of the cir
cumstanccs, expecting others to taki
it as fact. They quote great leader
from our country’s past, forgctlin]
even the thrust or reasoning bchini
these leaders’ actions. They preacl
division and haired as their vehicle o
attention, all the while knowing tha
only by working together can we brinj
about positive change.
Two years ago I was a young, 19
year-old student senator from Omaha
In second and ninth grade I wasparto
the now-delunci integration of race
through the school districts. I playci
and lived with students of differen
cultures and races. It all seemed si
simple then as we could treat on
another as friends, not separate peopl
with diverse backgrounds.
All my life I have talked openly
: with people who I hang out with. If I
was ignorant or unsure about some
thing, I could ask an honest question
i without violating politically correct
language or offend ing someone. Those
people and I realized that education
begins with honesty and trust. When
i I arrived on campus, I did not change
these feelings of openness and hon
esty because I wanted to continue to
> educate myself as much as possible.
I When Florencio Palomo and I had
' our talk that Sunday night at the Cul
ture Center, the talk that has been
reported on two occasions no w, I made
i an analogy. I asked him if he was
: calling meawhitcxacisl,and was that
: the same as me referring to him with
: araciajslur. Needless to say, the story
has gained many other details as time
i has passed, but I realized something
t that will always be valuable to me.
i Different people are sensitive to
different things. It hurts me greatly
r that Palomo believes the only way to
; rectify this situation is to criticize and
; defame others in a form of retribution.
1 have explained my side of the
* story several times to those who be
» lieve that someone is innocent until
; proven guilty, and that you treat oth
I ers as you would like to be treated,
i Was the comment I made to Palomo
f insensitive? Sure. Was it an honest
t question in an effort to understand his
; perspective? Absolutely. 1 wanted his
background and experiences shared
- with me so I could educate my self and
. those around me about his opinions
f and attitudes.
•> Unfortunately, the happen mgs over
i the last week have probably ended
t any hope I had of reconciliation.
) I believe I have represented all
I student on his campus in the belter^
; ment of this university. We cannot
agree on everything, but student gov
cmment does the best it can in the
situations presented. I referred earlier
to the notion that those experiences
that have a negative impact on our
campus arc the ones that stick in our
minds. In my position you learn to
forgive, forget and hope in the future
your paths will cross in a more posi
tive manner.
It’s my greatest fear that you, the
students who watch and read in the
perimeter, will give up hope of work
ing to make this campus belter for all
students. That you will not take the
time to befriend a racial minority and
talk openly about prejudice and ste
reotypes. That you will see only the
negatives and not the many positives
that happen every day, but go unre
As to Palomo, my comment two
years ago may have seemed to you
like racism, no matter what context
you portray it in, but it was an honest
question. In your own way, you edu
cated me far beyond the negative
consequences of your malicious re
marks over the last few days.
It is obvious that we will never
concur on what happened that night.
However, as we agreed several weeks
ago, working to make this campus a
better place for all students should be
a goal we can accomplish indepen
dent of each other.
It is a goal that can only be won
through cooperation, honesty and
mutual understanding. You, the slu
dents, are the only ones who can make
it happen, because as brothers and
sisters, we are one.
Andrew Sigerson is the president of the
Association of Students of the University of
Nebraska-Uincoln and a senior economics
I am so glad to sec the University
of Nebraska-Lincoln put its money to
good use. The sculpture being erected
is what this university has needed and
is essential for the quality of life here
in Nebraska. There has always been
something missing in that vast space
between Love Library, Morrill,
Andrews and Burnett halls.
I am absolutely convinced that re
gents or whoever makes these ultra
significantdecisions have considered
how essentially wonderful this “art”
will be. They have also taken into
consideration the new classic sur
roundings, which will complement,
no, enhance this little, but not insig
nificant, corner of campus.
Happiness fills my soul to think
our facilities are so perfect and our
economy so strong that money used to
make our library better is not needed.
Who would read those dusty old books
anyway? It would be a blatant misuse
of Nebraska’s tax dollars. Give me a
good million-dollar statue any day.
Spare no expense. I know every pa
triot agrees.
Simeon S. Magliveras
graduate student
This is in response to a column by
Jennifer Ernissc (“Choice key to sus
taining rights,” DN, Nov. 4).
Emisse said in her piece that her
body was her property, and therefore
she should have the right to do with it
what she pleased. She makes it sound
like the right to life side wants to take
over her body and force her to do
things she docs not want to do.
That is not true.
What the right to life side wants
her to do is take responsibility for her
body and her actions. By this I mean
that a woman needs to make her
choices before she becomes pregnant,
before she even has sex. The choice
comes when she is contemplating
having sex with someone. If the
woman chooses to go ahead then she
should be ready for all of the conse
quences. If she is not ready to have a
baby, then she needs to prevent that
from happening. After she is pregnant
it is too late. She already made her
choice when she decided to go ahead
and have sex.
Mary Bayc
secondary education, English