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Perot campaigns in person
at New Jersey race track
Ross Perot began to campaign in
person on Sunday and joined the
debate over character lor the first
time, casting himself as more reli
able than President Bush or Bill
Perot made the first face-to-face
appearance of
his revived cam
paign before an
crowd of thou
sands at a stock
car track. He also
planned to speak
to a rally in Pittsburgh later in the
“If you arc going into combat
and you could take any of the three
of us, who would you wanton your
side?" Perot asked the cheering
crowd at Flemington Speedway.
“If you were taken hostage in a
foreign country, which one of the
candidates do you think would come
in and get you?'’ Perot said.
“All three candidates go over to
your house one night and want to
- «
All three candidates
go over to your
house one night and
want to borrow
money from you.
Which one would
you lend money to?
— Perot
-99 ~
borrow money from you. Which
one would you lend money to?” he
asked above uproarious laughter
from the crowd.
“Which one of the three candi
dates as young men would you
want your daughter to marry?
Which of the three candidates will
be the best role model for your
Perot flew by private jet to the
rally with his wife, Margot. Paul
Kuhl, the speedway’s owner, who
sported a Perot button, said he put
the crowd at 24,000 to 26,000, but
other estimates were of about
10,000 people.
Perot attacked what he called
Republican dirty tricks by saying
he dropped out of the race July 16
when he learned that GOP opera-.
tives planned to distribute a fake
photograph of his daughter,
Carolyn, “to smear her before the
wedding and actually disrupt the
wedding ceremony.”
Perot said he didn’t tell her why
he quit the race until she returned
from her honeymoon. Perot quoted
his daughter as saying, “The
wedding’s over, get back into the
“I don’t want everybody in
America plucking chickens for a
living,” Perot said, ridiculing
Clinton’s efforts to expand the job
base during his 12 years as gover
nor of Arkansas, which has become
a center for chicken processing.
“You know they say I’m cra/.y
and everybody who supported me
is crazy,” Perot said.
Indian holiday of lights turns deadly
NEW DELHI, India (AP) — An
explosion in a fireworks shop during
a national holiday celebration Sunday
started a fire that killed at least 25
people and injured 100, news reports
The explosion in the eastern city of
Jaria occurred as millions of Hindus
across India celebrated Diwali, the
festival of lights, with fireworks and
The Press Trust of India news
agency said at least 100 people were
feared trapped in the rubble of several
buildings destroyed by the explosion
and fire. The news agency quoted
I ■ 1 ■'
rescue officials as saying many of
those trapped are feared dead.
The explosion was probably trig
gered by a short circuit in the fire
works shop, Press Trust said. It pro
vided no other detail^.
Earlier Sunday,aman died of bums
after his clothes caught fire when
firecrackers exploded near him, the
news agency reported.
Diwali stems from the Sanskrit
languagc word Deepawali, or row of
lights. Hindus light oil lamps and wax
candles on window ledges and garden
walls, converting villages, towns and
cities into vast pools of illumination.
On Saturday, 150 makeshift fire
works shops were gutted in an acci
dental fire in the northern city of
Shimla. Also Saturday, 14 fireworks
shops, twocars and a motorcycle were
destroyed in a fire in New Delhi. No
injuries were reported.
The origin of the centuries-old fes
tival is not known, but it has come to
be associated with a number of leg
ends. The most common is that Diwali
commemorates the coronation of
Rama, an incarnation of the Hindu
god Vishnu, as the king of Ayodhya.
Bullet strikes U.S. plane;
Somalian airlift suspended
MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) —
An American plane delivering food to
the starving in the central town of
Baidoa was struck by a bul let S unday,
and the United States suspended its
An American spokesman said
workers did not know who had fired
on the cargo plane.
Relief agencies are caring for an
estimated 80,000 people in Baidoa,
which is among the towns hardest hit
by Somalia’s famine. However, relief
officials say the situation has im
proved with increased deliveries of
food, and the daily death toll has
dropped from a high of about 350 to
Drought and war have killed more
than 100,000 people in Somalia this
year, and another 2 million are on the
verge of starvation.
Clan warfare and banditry have
periodically forced the suspension of
international food airlifts, underscor
ing the difficulties relief workers face.
As much as half the nearly 200,000
tons of relief supplies delivered to
Somalia this year has been looted.
It was the second time a U.S. plane
was hit by gunfire since the Ameri
cans began their emergency airlift of
food Aug. 21. Another C-130 was hit
by a stray bullet Sept. 18 in the west
ern town of Belet Huen, causing a
two-week suspension of U.S. flights
to that town.
In the last week, a German relief
plane was hit by a bullet at
Mogadishu’sairport, and on Saturday
two planes for the International Com
mittee of the Red Cross were fired on
in the southern port of Kismayu.
In Sunday’s incident, the U.S. plane
was making the second of 12 flights
planned for Baidoa, said Army Lt.
Col. Robert Donnelly, the spokesman
for the American operation, based in
Kenya’s coastal city of Mombasa.
Donnelly said the military C-130
Hercules was shot as it approached
Baidoa’s airstrip Sunday morning.
“One bullet hit the aircraft,” said
Donnelly, 43, of Suffcm, N.Y. “We
don’t know how many shots were
fired or where the bullet was fired
He said the bullet hit the right
external fuel tank and it was only
discovered when a crew member
looked out a window and saw fuel
leaking. No one was hurt, and the
plane returned to Mombasa.
The remaining 10 flights were sus
pended, with some diverted to Hoddur,
80 miles to the north.
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form in higher education would
help him find work in the future.
“I’m going to be a professor, so
I figure if he helps education,
there’s going to be more jobs for
professors,” Bulkin said.
Along with students and other
area residents, high-ranking Iowa
Democrats, including Sen. Tom
Harkin, turned out to show support
for Clinton.
About 1,400 unionized work
crs rallied in Dcs Moines earlier
Saturday to hear Clinton speak
about rejuvenating the U.S.
economy and creating jobs. His
speech was broadcast to AFL-CIO
groups in 31 states.
Bush has been pledging to cre
ate more jobs since he was elected,
Clinton said, but hasn’t followed
through with his promises.
“Today is the day we set our
clocks back an hour, and he’s been
trying to do that for four years,”
Clinton,said of Bush. “No matter
how much he sets his clock back,
as my running mate Al Gore said,
‘It’s still time for him to go.’”
"Experience is not what happens to you;
it is what you do with what happens
to you."
-Aldous Huxley
If you desire to have a career in a business
setting you need to identify and challenge
the barriers to those opportunities. For
students of color and women, the opportun
ities are available but the key is to develop
the tools you'll need to engineer your own
advancement. So do it now!
"Empowering the New Leaden" is a seminar
series promoting people of color as future
business leaders. The series begins with:
Monday, November 2
3:30-5:00 PM
Nebraska City Union
(room will be posted)
All students are welcome to attend.
Student Development
Stuart Leadership^-1:orporate Partners Program
College of Business Administration
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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reported having more than one partner over the
past 12 months.
Frighteningly, he said, 66 percent of those
surveyed reported not using condoms. Nation
ally, 8 million people under the age of 25 have
a sexually transmitted disease.
Most people are surprised to find that only
797 adolescents in the country have AIDS,
Hunnicutt said. But that number includes only
those who have reported the full physical mani
festations of the disease.
“Remember that there is a window of time
from contracting the virus to expressing the
illness,” he said. The window is about 10 years.
The present 797 cases could climb to 41,000
in 10 years, Hunnicutt said.
The infection rate on college campuses is
3.3 per 1,000 students, he said, and people still
don’t see AIDS as a big problem.
“The spread of the disease does not happen
linearly; it happens exponentially,” Hunnicutt
For example, he said, one HIV-positive
student with five partners who each have five
other partners during one year translates into
125 people possibly infected with the virus. If
each of those people also has five partners, then
the number could reach 625. In a five-year
period, he said, 15,625 people could be infected
with HIV.
It look the United States eight years to
diagnose its first 100,000 A IDS cases, Hunnicutt
said. For the second 100,000 cases, it took only
26 months.
A vaccine is the greatest hope for putting a
stop to AIDS, Hunnicutt said, but one is not
likely to be discovered soon.
The best way to reduce the risk of contract
ing the virus is knowing the facts about alcohol
and HIV, he said.
There are three ways the virus can be trans
mitted: 1) through sexual contact; 2) sharing
intravenous needles; and 3) from mother to
child at birth.
Contrary to popular myths, HIV isn’t trans
mitted through casual contact, such as hugging
or shaking hands, mosquito biles, saliva, tears,
urine or blood transfusions, he said.
Hunnicutt said blood had been screened for
HIV since 1985, and the risk of contracting the
virus through transfusions had virtually been
wiped out.
Ways to prevent contracting the virus fall
under two categories: safe sex and safer sex.
Safe sex includes abstinence or a long-term
monogamous relationship with an uninfected
partner, he said. Safer sex suggests the modifi
cation of sexual practices through the use of a
latex condom, Hunnicutt said.
The safety of condoms is limited because of
improper use, leakage and breakage. Condom
failure rate for contracting HIV may be higher
than the failure rate for pregnancy, Hunnicutt
said, because the virus can be contracted at any
lime, while pregnancy can only occur when a
woman ovulates.
“The only way to be 100-percent sure that
you or your partner is not infected is to get
tested,” he said.
Because it takes six months for HI V antibod
ies to appear in the bloodstream, Hunnicutt
said, a blood lest may be negative. It’s best to
have another test six months later, he said, and
during that time, partners should refrain from
high-risk sex.
Most people tend to look at the behavior of
those around them, Hunnicutt said, and say that
it’s a normal part of growing up.
“Normal is not the issue,”he said. “The issue
is what’s healthy. )
“The question is not necessarily wfiat other
people arc doing; the question is, ‘What dcci
sion arc you going to make?*”__
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