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Eddins said the Jaycees will offer
free shuttle bus rides from Lincoln
East High School, 70th and A streets,
and also a “Lock Your Bike Corral,”
which will be something like a coat
check, where you pay $ 1 to have your
bike kept, and turn in a ticket to
retrieve it.
According to Fire Chief Ron
Pccry, other displays include private
displays at the Lincoln Country Club,
near 27th and Van Dorn Streets, and at
Hillcrcsl Country Club on 94th and A
Another public display includes
Capital Beach, located in southwest
Lincoln near O Street.
But for those who still want their
own celebration, at 8 a.m. Friday, the
yearly buying and selling frenzy of
fireworks will begin.
Pecry said about 45 retailers have
filed permits to sell fireworks.
Sparklers, fountains, torches, color
fire cones, star and comet aerial shells
and color wheels are legal, provided
they don’t have an explosion.
With plenty of public and private
Independence Day celebrationsavail
• able, Lincoln lies won’t have far to go
to ohh and ahh the night away.
Huskers give helping
hand to Omaha man
UMA H A (AP)—A man who used
to ride bulls and horses and rope calves
until brain cancer sapped his strength
found a helping hand at the Nebraska
football office recently.
Perry Donner, 42, needed help
moving a few weeks ago from Burwell
to Hickman, a village 10 miles south
of Lincoln.He called the Nebraska
football complex and asked for a man
he’d never met. Assistant Coach Frank
“I guess I needed the help, and 1
didu ’ t know who else to call,” Donner
said, fie called the right place.
Soliefe supplied three players:
. George Acboia, a former Comhusker
1-back out of Omaha Creighton Prep,
aadcurrent NU backs Andre McDufiy
of Euless, Texas, and Scott
Davenportof Port Chester, N.Y.
Achola, McDuffy and Davenport
supplied the muscle for the move,
turning down Donner’s offer to pay
“And I made some friends,’
Donner said.
Achola has been back for lunch.
Donner has called Me Duffy and Dav
enport and watched them work out at
Memorial Stadium in the Huskers’
summer passing league.
“Hc’sacool guy,” Davenport said.
“He’s an easy onclo get along with.”
Donner speaks haltingly, tires eas
ily and carries just 140 pounds on his
5-foot-10 frame. He says doctors re
moved all but a small part of his brain
tumor 1 1/2 years ago, andthey think
radiation and chemotherapy got rid of
the rest. He hopes to get the energy
someday to return to work and gclback
on a horse.
"He’s a little frail for a 42-year
old,” Achola said.“You can tell he’s
had a hard lime.”
But he struck a chord with Achola.
Before he fell ill, Donner was study
ing to be a paralegal at Omaha ’ s Metro
Community College. Achola will
enter Creighton Universily’slaw
school in Omaha this fall.
“He’sgol books on law, veterinary
medicine, civil rights,” Achola said.
“You can tell he’s a well-read person.
That kind of person appeals to me.
They can tell you things you don’t
already know.”
Me Duffy said he enjoys Donner’s
company for another reason.
“I’m Hie type of person who keeps
to myself,“ he said. ”He’s bringing out
the other side in me. He gets me '
conversing all the time. 1 think that <
helps me a lot.”
NU players have done volunteer ,
work for years. Bui Solich, who
coaches running backs, said his play
ers decidcdthis year to do even more. ■
When fullback Dave riaia ot
Milford heard that Donner was
looking for help, he suggested a call
to Solich.
“There arc a lot of positive things
that gel done byplayers that go unno
ticed,” Solich said. “To be honest
with you, we had not intended for this
to be a publicity-type thing. We just
wanted to do some things.”
McDuffy and some other Huskers
helped someone else move this spring
— Gina Simanck Mountain, the
woman beaten in January by Husker
back Scott Baldwin.
Baldwin was found not respon
sible by reason of insanity in a court
action against him in (he assault.
“It’s loo bad what Scott Baldwin
went through,” Donner said. “And it’s
loo bad what the other ball players
went through because of that.
“I figured I’d be one person who
can just step out and say, :Hcy, let me
show you three guys and the good
they did.”’
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Nee agreed and said Byrne is a “good
manager, a great communicator.”
In a statement released at the news
conference, Nebraska Football Coach
Tom Osborne said he supported the
judgment of the search committee
and staff, and called for all parties to
unite behind Byrne for the good of the
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