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    Don’t throw us away
for Retarded Citizens.
M lake Kaplan Or Take Your Chances
Classes Starting for June Test
GMAT: April 11
Theatrix comedy
stars woodcutter
From Staff Reports
The Theatrix presentation of Mo
liere’s comedy “The Doctor In Spite
of Himself’ will continue tonight and
Saturday night in the Temple Build
ing’s Studio Theatre, 12th and R streets.
“The Doctor In Spite of Himself’
follows a lazy but clever woodcutter,
Sgnarelle, played by Scott Glen, who
impersonates a doctor.
The play is directed by Marya
Lucca-Thyberg, a University of Ne
braska-Lincoln graduate directing
Performance times are 8 p.m. to
night and Saturday, with a 2 p.m.
matinee on Saturday. Tickets for “The
Doctor In Spite of Himself’ are $2.
Doors open a half hour before per
formance times.
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trip provides them with insight about
who they are and what the future
holds for them. (Available now)
“Necessary Roughness” (PG-13)
“Quantum Leaps’” Scott Bakula plays
a 30-something farmer who goes back
to college to recapture his football
glory days.
Also starring Lincoln native Har
ley Jane Kozak (“Arachnophobia”)
and comedian Sinbad, this football
comedy has cameos by such pigskin
greats as Dick Butkus, Earl Campbell
and Hershel Walker. (Available now)
“Ricochet” (R) Oscar winner
Denzel Washington (“Glory”) is Nick
Styles, a cop/attomey on his way to
becoming the new assistant district
Helping him on his way is his
highly publicized capture of psychotic
hit man Earl Talbot Blake (John
Lithgow playing against type).
Blake doesn’t forget his public
humiliation and plots revenge.
The movie also features rapper
tumed-actor Ice T as the drug-dealing
friend to whom Styles must return in
order to nail Blake again. (Available
“Shout” (PG-13) This movie did
not play in Lincoln, but it is supposed
to be a drama/romance/feel-good/
coming-of-age story starring John
Travolta (“Look Who’s Talking”).
As Jack Cabe, an innovative mu
sic teacher at a reform school, Tra
volta transforms the lives of his troub
led students and bucks the admini
stration at the same time. (Available
Members of the University community are invited to provide
input to the UNL Admissions Policy Advisory Committee in
response to the preliminary report that the committee issued
last month.
-3:00 pm APRIL 14, 1992 CENTER
This open forum is scheduled for the hour immediately prior tg
the regular meeting of the UNL Academic Senate, which will
also be discussing the preliminary report of the committee.
Members of the Senate are particularly encouraged to
be present to hear comments from any UNL faculty, staff and
students who attend this open forum._
Courtesy of Sub Pop
Seattle grunge troupe Love Battery generated a current of excitement through the
crowd Tuesday night at Duffy’s Tavern.
Band energizes
Love Battery jump starts crowd
By Carter Van Pelt
Staff Reporter
“The real gut-wrenching power
in most recordings comes from the
guitars,” Love Battery vocalist/
guitarist Ron Nine said before the
band’s Tuesday night show at
Duffy’s Tavern. The comment re
ferred to the guitar-grunge sound
that Love Battery has developed
since forming in 1989.
“That’s what sounds good to us,
so we just go for it”The end prod
uct of the Love Battery formula at
times could be described as a
combination of Huskcr Du and Sonic
Youth, but the influences Nine cited
go far beyond those bands.
“I’d be happy to be compared to
Miles Davis or Digital Underground
... because if I like something, it’s
gonna be an influence. I like beer,
so it’s an influence.”
Even though Miles Davis and
Digital Underground probably
weren’t the first things in the minds
of the Duffy’s crowd Tuesday
evening (okay, beer was), the fans
were treated to an hour of Love
Battery’s powerful set, featuring
music from their latest Sub Pop
release, “Dayglo.”
Perhaps one reason why the
guitars are so interesting in this
band is that Love Battery uses them
as creatively and thoroughly as any
band since The Jesus and Mary
Chain.Nine and guitarist Kevin
Whiteworth play slide on many of
the songs. Feedback and distortion
are utilized, but not in the chaotic
- it
We feel strongly
about things, and
hopefully we’re not
Nine, Love Battery guitarist
-ft -
manner of JMC. Nine and White
worth are into melodies, hooks,
and cool riffs that give the songs a
pop side much like other bands
from their native Seattle.
And what about SeatUe?
Rolling Stone magazine recenUy
called it the next Liverpool and
mentioned Love Battery in the
article. Nine agreed with RS’s
explanation of how the city got its
own musical sound.
“It’s isolated up there,” Nine
said. “San Francisco is 14 hours
away, and between Seattle and
Minneapolis, there’s nothing. For
the longest time, it was just the
same musicians feeding off each
other and influencing each other,”
he said. “With that came the inde
pendent labels and nauonal expo
Nine says the music scene in
SeatUe owed a debt to Sub Pop
artist Mudhoney. “They really broke
the whole thing open.” He also
credited Soundgarden, but cited
them as more of a metal band and
less indicative of the Seattle sound
developed by the likes of Tad, the
Melvins and Nirvana.
According to Nine, Love Bat
tery’s short-term goals include
putting out another album oaSub
Pop. The group has already written
eight songs fora new LP. Their two
month lour ends in Denver this
week, but the group will be back on
the road in the summer for selected
East Coast dates and a European
tour with the Screaming Trees.
“We want to continue to grow,”
Nine said. “We want to make a
living at this. “Obviously, were
barely squeaking by right now.”
Nine said the most important
thing he wanted people to know
about Love Battery was that the
music comes first. “That’s what’s
foremost to us. Its not just an im
age, its not a hype. That’s the whole
point of alternative music,” he said.
Nine said he wanted people to
be subjective when listening to Love
Battery. “There’s no real message
other than what people can get out
of it themselves. We feel strongly
about things, and hopefully we’re
not preaching,” Nine said.
“I don’t think we are. It’s up to
people to make up their own minds,
that’s the bottom line.”
The Duffy’s crowd made up its
mind about Love Battery. Many
hung around to talk to the band,
buy tapes and CDs, get autographs,
and make sure that Love Battery
will be back in Lincoln for another
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Treasurer. u>nnle Richards. Beasusy: Lori Bronzynski
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Haas. Editor: Julia Osaka. _
Campus Activities and Programs 8 looking lor graduate
assistants lor the 1962-93 year to work w*h students In
their exlra-currlcuter programming and actMhee. We are
looking tor people who enjoy tola of contact with other
students and have experience In student orgam/ ationt or
ectMty programming.* you are Interested end would Ike
more Information. Mop by 200 Nebraska Union or 300
Nebraska East Union and pick up a brochure and appfc
Health Care Career Fair
Asm urn I — -a U ,,, - 1*1 ,.l„ . -a Ai-.- , «»—«
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physical therapy, or any other heath hetd? Then sea ffta
UNMC and Criighson HaaMi Advtaars In Mwaer Hal.
Wed nee day, Apr* 15.9a.m. - 3p.m., 472-1484 tor Inter