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    Men’s Flag Football
1. Beta Theta Pi-A1 (7-0)
2. C & S Express (7-0)
3. Triangle-A (8-0)
4. Too Old to Care (5-0)
5. Raiders (6-0)
6. Sigma Phi Epsilon A-2 (7-1)
7. Pi Kappa Phi-B (6-0)
8. Harper 3 (7-0)
9. Alpha TauOmega-B-1 (7-0)
10. Law 1 (7-1)
Co-Rec Basketball Final Top
1. The Machine/Alpha Omi
cron Pi (9-0)
2. The Bangers (7-3)
3. Delta Gamma/Delta Tau Delta
4. Abel 7 (6-1)
5. Fire (6-1)
6. Guns-N-Roscs (5-1)
7. The Blaze (5-2)
8. Minimum Contacts (4-1)
9. Aztec Mummies (5-2)
10. Drain Bammage (5-2)
From the Office of Campus
Stop Smoking.
% | American Heart Association
NFL should review instant replay
It’s almost enough to make some
body think that the NFL is rigged or
Instant replay — a rule profes
sional football fans either love or hate
— made a strong case against itself in
three crucial games Sunday.
Blatant blunders in the friendly
confines of the replay booth either
cost or contributed to key losses for
three teams bidding for postseason
playoff berths.
Take, for example, the cases of
three big losers in Sunday’s comedy
of errors:
Kansas City Chiefs — The Den
ver Broncos’ last-place patsy sched
ule is bad enough, but the boys in blue
and orange got a big break in Sun
day’s game against the Chiefs.
Late in the third quarter, Denver
quarterback John Elway scrambled
out of the pocket and found Mark
Jackson wide open in the endzone for
a touchdown pass to pul the Broncos
up 17-13.
There was just a small problem:
Replays showed Elway to be a yard
over the line of scrimmage as he
released the pass.
The referees ruled touchdown, then
asked for a review from the replay
The Kansas City fans saw the re
play on the scoreboard, and waited it
for to be overturned.
The Chief defense returned to the
field, as if to say “This is too obvious.
It’s got to be overturned.”
The word came down from the
booth . . . “Inconclusive. The play
stands as called on the field.”
A stunned Chief team goes back to
the sidelines, and seconds later Den
ver comerback Charles Dimry returns
an interception for a touchdown to
give the Broncos an 11-point lead
they would never give up.
Dallas Cowboys — In a game
against the New York Giants in which
Cowboy Coach Jimmy Johnson de
scribed the officiating as the “worst
^b^ Adkisson •
I’ve ever, ever, ever seen,” one play
was especially costly.
Near the end of the first half, the
Giants were leading 6-3 and had the
ball first and goal at the one. Two
plays later, the Cowboys had driven
the Giants back to the 5 on third
down. New York quarterback Jeff
Hostetler rolled out, and was stuffed
at the Dallas 3.
A flag flics and defensive holding
is called. Automatic first down from
inside the 2-yard line. The Giants
score on the next play to take a 13-3
lead. Dallas gets no closer than a
touchdown the rest of the way and the
Giants win. The two teams now have
identical 6-5 records, but it’s likely
that only one will make the playoffs.
A nice sequence of events, but the
catch is this: On that critical third
and-fivc play, CBS replays isolated
the Dallas defender called for holding
and indicated he couldn’t possibly
have done it. And the flag came down
just as Hostetler was hitting the ground
short of the endzone.
Instant replay can’t be used after a
penalty, which is stupid. That play
may have been the turning point in
Dallas’ season.
Cleveland Browns — This one
didn’t exactly kill the 4-7 Browns,
but it points out the absurdity of the
replay rule.
Houston Oiler quarterback War
ren Moon had been struggling, and
Cleveland’s Bemie Kosar had just
zipped his team down the field to put
the Browns up 24-21 with less than
four minutes remaining in the game.
Moon starts his team on a drive,
and his first throw is off the mark. A
Cleveland defender races toward the
sideline, picks the ball out of the air
and docs a ballerina-like tapdancc to
keep both feet in bounds, as is clearly
evidenced by television replays.
The rcls on the field, however, say
“no catch”, but they aren’t sure... to
the replay booth we go.
A minute or two later:
“Because of inconclusive evidence
... the play stands as ruled on the
field. Houston’s ball.”
Joe Theismann, who was calling
the game for ESPN, went nuts, then
watched Houston score in the final
seconds of the game to eck out a four
point win.
“Why have the rule?” Theismann
asked before going into a tirade. “That’s
For once, I’m with Joe.
Replay is ridiculous, and it’s some
thing the NFL would be wise to Fix as
quickly as possible. %
The biggest problem with instant
replay is exactly what happened in
the Browns-Oilers game, that escape
hatch conveniently known as “incon
clusive evidence.”
What that term really means is that
although the refs were probably wrong
on the field, the replay official didn’t
have the guts to overturn a call in
front of 50,000 or so fans who would
boo for a minute and write letters to
the sports page when they got home.
It’s not as if the spirit of the rule
isn’t good — most football fans proba
bly would accept the delays the re
play booth causes in favor of officiat
But holding up a game only to rule
in favor of a blown call is a situation
bordering on the inane.
The solution? Give the replay booth
even more power, or abolish it once
and for all.
Then fans can either adjust to long
delays after almost every play or adjust
to the old call-’em-likc-yo'i-see-’cm
style that got us through a few dec
ades and at least 20 Super Bowls.
Now, after further review, that’s
And the evidence for change is
Adkisson is a junior news-editorial major
and a Daily Nebraskan staff reporter.
Continued from Page 7
ary, only four of Nebraska’s original
starters were wrestling. The rest had
suffered a variety of injuries.
So far this year, no serious injuries
have occurred.
If injuries do occur this season,
Neumann said, he won’t be as con
“This year, we’re better prepared
to handle injuries than we were last
year,” he said. “We have so many
young guys that we have a lot of
Barring unforeseen problems like
injuries, Neumann said, the season
has the makings of a successful one.
“I’m really excited,”hc said.“This
group is generally one of the hardcsl
workjmg bunches we’ve had here. They
take their training very seriously, and
they’re preparing as well as any we’ve
“They’re ready to gel out there and
do their best.”
Strieker awarded Big 8 honor again
For the second lime in three
weeks, Nebraska setter Nikki
Strieker has been named the Big
Eight volleyball player of the week.
The 5-foot-10 sophomore earned
the distinction after leading the
Comhuskers to a pair of confer
ence wins last weekend, securing
Nebraska’s 16th straight confer
ence title.
In the two matches, Strieker had
93 set assists, including a personal
high 53 against Oklahoma. She
guided the team to a season-high
.506 hitting percentage in a win
over Missouri. She also contrib
uted 11 kills, two service aces,
seven blocks, 21 digs and a .526
hitting percentage.
Strieker joins teammate Stepha
nie Thaler as a two-time recipient
this season, along with Comhusker
single-time winners Eileen Shan
non and Janet Kruse.
Baseball recruit signs letter of intent
Nebraska baseball coach John
Sanders has announced the signing
of David Gappa of Kearney to a
national letter of intent.
Gappa, a 6-fooi-3, 185-pound
utility player, hits right and can
play first and third base and in the
outfield and has also pitched for
the Kearney American Legion team.
Rec Scoreboard
Results Sunday
Flag Football
C & S Express 19, Sunderman II 0,
Young Guns-K 20, Extractions 13;
Warthogs 48, Sharks 12, Schramm 4 12,
Harper 6 6; Harper 2 7, Abel 6 0; Harper
3 52, Abel 10 12; Abel 11 47. Abel 2 12;
Harper 8 14, Abel 3 6; Harper 9 7. Cather
3 B1 6; Harper 10 27, Abel 5 B1 0;
Schramm 2 32, Harper 7 12; Delta Tau
Delta B2 40, Beta Theta Pi 0; Acacia 8,
Beta Theta Pi B20; Alpha Tau Omega B2
34, Phi Gamma Delta B1 6; Chi Phi B1
20. Delta Tau Delta B3 18; Alpha Omega
Pi 20, Kappa Alpha Theta 19, Burr III 14,
Able 5 B2 7; Home Boys 19, NU Tennis
18; Warthogs 21, Young Guns-K 20, Kil
ler Ducks 47, Pure Athletes 0; Law 112,
Standing 8 Count 0; Raiders 22, Dirty
Dishes 6; C 4 S Express 18, Reapers 7
Harper 2 31, Abel 9 30, Abel 11 6, Harper
8 0; Harper 10 30, Harper 9 6; Cather 2
20, Schramm 2 18; Tau Kappa Epsilon
13, Delta Tau Delta 12; Law I 18, Killer
Ducks 0, The Law 32, OC-35 0.
Men's Basketball
Sigma Phi Epsilon A2 62, Triangle A1
58, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 78, Beta Sigma
Psi 39; Beta Theta Pi A1 79, Sigma Chi
Women's Volleyball
Atomic Fireballs 2, In Yo Face 0;
Smashers 2, Triangle Sisters 0; Kappa
Kappa Gamma 2, Alpha Phi 0; Regula
tors 2, Slammer Jammers 1; Delta
Gamma 2, Chi Omega 1; GDI's 2, The
Netters 1, We Dig 4 Play 2, The Blaze 1;
Leather Killers 2, The Adams Family 0.
Indoor Soccer
Farmhouse I 2, Chi Phi I11; Chi Phi I
13, We Be Jammin 3; Sigma Nu 4, Chi
Omega/Delta Upsilon 1; Two Snaps Up
3, Kappa Sigma 1.
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