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    ASUN to consider
ROTC policy tonight
By Adeana Leftin
Senior Reporter
A meeting of AS UN has been
postponed to 8 p.m. tonight to allow a
representative from the ROTC de
partment to answer questions about
legislation that may be considered.
Army Lt. Col. Stephen Goodrich
M Oil |U will address ques
y |\| Uons raised in con
nection with an
ASUN bill rc
Academic Senate
j| fil •• to remove part of
a resolution it
passed last spring. The Academic
Senate resolution urges the chancel
lor to renegotiate ROTC contracts if
the department does not remove its
policy of discrimination based on
sexual orientation.
As the Department of Defense
policy stands, gays, lesbians and bi
sexuals cannot become commissioned
Steve Thomlison, Association of
Students of the University of Nebraska
speaker of the senate, said Goodrich
would be answering strictly informa
tional questions.
“He i^ neutral, to simply provide
factual information,” he said.
However, Goodrich’s services may
not be needed unless a majority of the
senators agree to move the bill from
the table.
Last week, senators moved to table
the bill to gather more information
about the issue before voting.
In other business, senators will
receive their assignments for their
required attendance at one recognized
student organization function a month.
Thomlison, who chose the groups
that the senators would attend, said he
tried to select groups with large stu
dent involvement, “issue” organiza
tions and groups he thought were
“staples of campus involvement.”
Tonight’s ASUN meeting will be
at the East Union.
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way to escape that lifestyle,
Singleton said. Most people today
get their information from visual
sources, he said.
“If all you see is bullshit, all
you’re going to get is bullshit,” he
Singleton encouraged students at
the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
to pursue their hopes of careers ip
the film industry. He also admitted
ambitions of his own, saying that
his next film, “Poetic Justice,” will
start production next spring.
— 44
If I don’t have hopes,
dreams and aspira
tions, I’m a very dan
gerous person.
director, ‘Boyz N The Hood'
-ft -
“If I don’t have hopes, dreams
and aspirations,” he said, “I’m a
very dangerous person.”
Selective Service Registration.
It's Quick. It's Easy. Ana It's The Law.
i ,
Student art to hang
in union next month
By Wendy Mott
Staff Reporter
Progress is finally being made
on Union Board’s plans to hang
student art on the Gallery wall in
the main lounge of the Nebraska
The board decided at its meet
ing Tuesday to have student art
displays hanging by Thanksgiving.
Board members have been work
ing on the project since the begin
ning of the semester.
Security for the displays will be
provided by the board, but the day
to-day business will be handled by
University Programs Council Vis
ual Arts committee.
Kristine Mueller, head of UPC
Visual Arts, will work with the
student artists to arrange the de
tails of the displays.
In other business, Chad Hart
nett, a senior accounting major and
Union Board president, expressed
concern about the lack of board
participation in the selection proc
ess of members. Members agreed
that input in the selection process
would help.
Daryl Swanson, director of
Nebraska Unions, said he was sat
isfied with the results of the current
selection system, although he added
that the board lacked cultural di
Swanson also^said a self-per
petuating board is subject to much
community criticism.
“There is already substantial
community perception that Union
Board is the union director’s rub
ber stamp,” Swanson said, adding
that complaints of board “inbreed
ing” could increase that perception
if the board were to chose its own
Swanson said the “best of both
worlds” would be if ASUN would
incorporate Union Board input into
its interview and selection proc
The board’s next meeting is
scheduled for Nov. 12 on East
Campus. All Union Board meet
ings are open to the public.
Fine Arts
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the completion of the search for a
director of music.
Equipment priorities agreed upon
in an arts and sciences five-year plan
included building a ceramics pavil
ion, finding space other than Mabel
Lee Hall for dance and completing an
experimental theater in the Temple
Along those lines, Peters said his
top capital construction priority is the
renovation of Richards Hall.
“Thai siluaiion must be dealt with
in the near term because of the condi
tion of that grand historic building,”
Peters said. “The renovation of
Richards is going to be difficult....
Everything is difficult. We’re a very
lean university.”
But all of those projects are achiev- J
able, Peters said, even without the I
establishment of the College of Fine |
“Regardless of structure, there arc
priorities for the arts that arc univcr-l
sally accepted, and we’re going tol
achieve them — with hard work and I
support from the Legislature.”
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