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court offense are Rich King in the
post and Clifford Scales running the
baseline or on the wing. Against
Colorado, Scales was cold, and King
was impatient. The Huskers had to
run to score, but they weren’t forcing
Colorado to take bad shots and they
couldn’t rebound well enough to run.
And the Huskers are careless. Just
about every' basket Nebraska scores is
worthy of a highlight film. Big deal.
The Huskers need to quit throwing
40-foot look-away passes when 40
foot look-away passes aren’t neces
sary. They must drop the ball off
instead of going one-on-one. They
must pull up for five-foot jumpers
when defenders allow those shots.
Nebraska’s problems can be
avoided and hidden, if the team’s
strengths — ball-handling, passing,
rebounding, running — are empha
sized and executed.
The Huskers should not fall apart
against Colorado the way they did
two days ago. In theory, the Buffa
loes’press plays right into Nebraska’s
hands. The Huskers have an excellent
passer at center in King, a shooting
guard playing power forward in Beau
Reid and two of three potential point
guards (Scales, Jos6 Ramos, Keith
Moody) on the court most of the time.
So much for theories. The Huskers
were tentative. The Huskers made
bad decisions. The Huskers lost.
They needed a loss, though. They’ve
needed a loss for the past month.
Ideally, it would have come Saturday
at Oklahoma, since that game would
be tough to win even if the Huskers
were playing well. But they lost at
From here, Nebraska’s Big Eight
season could go in two directions.
Winning at Kansas State could be
meaningless, since the Wildcats arc
the likely last-place team in the con
ference. The Huskers have yet to play
their main contenders for the Big
Eight title, Oklahoma. Oklahoma State,
Missouri and Kansas, and six or seven
losses in those eight games would
make people forget about 16-1.
Or the Huskers could win the
conference. Nebraska is still the only
team to win a Big Eight game on the
road. The Huskers will be tough to
beat at home. Nebraska has the most
complete team on paper in the Big
I don’t mean to pul any extra pres
sure on the team. I wouldn’t find a 7
7 conference record morally offen
sive. But I saw them obliterate
Creighton. Unlike the ESPN watch
ers around the country, I know what
the Huskers can do.
They still have to do it to call this
season a success. When the Huskers
beat Michigan State earlier this year,
they said they hadn’t accomplished
anything yet. This is what they meant.
Nebraska needs an “Us Against
the World” attitude, to stop compet
ing against each other and start play
ing as a unit. The Huskers need to
play basketball again.
Domeier is a senior news-editorial major
and Daily Nebraskan sports editor.
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Crossword Edited by Eugene T. Maleska
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