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exchanged high-fives and McEnroe
collapsed into his chair, tears stream
ing down his cheeks.
This is McEnroe’s second Grand
Slam singles appearance, after win
ning his only Slam title in men’s
doubles at the French Open in 1989.
His oldest brother, John, also reached
the semifinals in his second Grand
Slam singles outing, Wimbledon in
1977, after winning the French Open
mixed doubles with Mary Carillo a
month earlier.
John McEnroe, who was defaulted
for arguing line calls at last year’s
Australian Open, skipped this year’s
tournament with injuries.
The match, with fewer than 2,000
people in the 15,000-seat stadium by
the end, was free of any John McEn
roe-style outbursts or arguments.
Patrick did get mad once, at a group
of Italians whose pro-Caratti cheers
grew louder and louder as McEnroe’s
ordeal lengthened.
“How about shutting up for once?”
he shouted. That was in the middle of
winning the first game of the final set,
and it was almost like John getting
fired up. He took a 3-0 lead and broke
again for 5-1 as Caratti double faulted.
Caratti said he was injured, too,
starting with a slight thigh strain that
got worse the longer he played and
effected his net play.
“When he took three minutes (in
jury timeout), I wanted to take three
minutes, too,” Caratti said. “But I
didn’t want to let McEnroe know
about my injury.”
McEnroe will be the decided under
dog in the men’s final four Friday.
He’ll play second-seeded Boris Becker,
who beat lOth-seeded Guy Forget 6
2,7-6, 6-3.
The other semifinal has top-seeded
Stefan Edberg against two-time de
fending champion Ivan Lendl. Edberg
beat Jamie Yzaga 6-2, 6-3, 6-2, be
fore Lendl defeated Goran Prpic 6-0,
7-6, 7-6.
Lendl’s victory over the unseeded
Prpic was tough.
After blowing through the first set,
losing just two points on his serve,
Lendl found that Prpic could play.
With Lendl serving for the set, Prpic
broke for 5-5 on a Lendl forehand
long. In the tiebreak, Lendl reasserted
himself, winning the last five points
and closing at 7-1 on a backhand
Lendl dominated the tiebreak,
winning the last six points for 7-2.
Security at Tampa Stadium
1991 Super Bowl game
Portable TV’s, umbrellas, camcorders,
cameras, headset radios, bottles, cans.
A six-foot chain link fence, Meta, detectors, x-ray
erected around stadium, 50 equipment
feet from permanent fence.
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game counting the playoffs.
Buffalo’s no-huddle is unique in
that Kelly calls the plays — the only
NFL quarterback who does. He al
most always lines up in the shotgun,
from which he can either pass or hand
off, primarily to Thurman Thomas.
“Even if we’re in the shotgun, the
defense doesn’t know if we’re going
to run or pass,” center Kent Hull said.
“It gives the offensive line a break
because they (the opposition) can’t
tell what you’re going to do.”
This week, however, it goes against
the league’s stingiest defense, one
that allowed only 211 points in 16
regular-season games, a little more
than double what the Bills scored in
two playoff games.
Parcells isn’t concerned with the
no-huddle as much as he’s concerned
with the Buffalo players, particularly
the ones at the skill positions who
wreaked so much havoc on the Dol
phins and Raiders.
“The no-huddle — the entity in
itself — isn’t the problem,” he said.
“I'he problem is Jim Kelly, Andre
Reed, Thurman TTiomas and James
Lofton. There are a lot of teams that
could employ the no-huddle offense
and not be too successful doing it.”
Rec Scoreboard
Results from Tuesday night’s games.
Men’s basketball
Fraternity A
Sigma Phi Epsilon A1 44, Alpha Gamma
Sigma 31; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 51, Sigma Chi
A1 37, Chi PhiA1 57,DeltaTau Delta 32; Alpha
Tau Omega 48, Kappa Sigma 21; Phi Kappa
Fraternity B
Delta Tau Delta B1 67, Sigma Phi Epsilon
B1 30; Alpha Gamma Rho 52, Delta UpsilonB2
45; Theta Chi 67, FarmHouse 51; Chi Phi B1
54, Alpha Gamma Sigma 41; Beta Theta Pi B1
54, Sigma Chi 35; Alpha Tau Omega B2 76, Phi
Gamma Delta B2 38; Phi Gamma Delta B1 56,
Beta Theta Pi 25; Tau Kappa Epsilon by forfeit
Fraternity C
Acacia 42. Lambda Chi Alpha 39; Sigma
Women’s basketball
Alpha Xt Delta by forfeit over Gamma Phi
Beta; Alpha Phi A2 48, Delta Gamma 15; The
Bombers 28. Schramm 7 25; Chi Omega 22,
Alpha Phi A1 21; Alpha Delta Pi by forfeit over
Co-rec volleyball
The Betty's & Barney's 2, FCA 0; Sigma Nu/
Schramm il and the Possey by fofeitover Mr.
Happy, Neihardt Staffage by forfeit over Chi
Phi 2; Death Disks 2, Abel 4/Sandoz 7 0; Just
Don't Matter 2, After Hours 1; Flim Flam Flukes
Psi 57, Triangle 54; Sigma Phi Epsilon A2 53,
Farmhouse At 30; Delta Upsilon A1 by forfeit
over Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma NuAl 65, Beta
Sigma Psi 35.
over Sigma Alpha Epsilon B3; Alpha Tau
Omega B3 82, Triangle 28; Sigma Phi Epsilon
B261, Sigma Nu B1 34; Sigma Nu B2 by forfeit
over Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon B2 72,
Phi Kappa Psi 44; Ag Men 54, Chi Phi B2 36;
Lambda Chi Alpha B2 77, Kappa Sigma 54;
Delta Tau Delta B2 by forfeit over Lambda Chi
Alpha B1
Chi 97, Sigma Nu C2 47; Sigma Alpha Mu 32,
Ag Men III 22.
Pi Beta Phi; Quashers 37, Minimum Contact
24; Sam'* l earn by forfeit over Delta Sigma Pi;
Your Loss FYI 42, Sando* 6 12; Fine Young
Ladies 33, East Campus 16, GrantrAurora 45,
Nav Crusaders 14.
Alpha Omicron PI 2, AgMen 0; double forfeit
Schramm 3 & 8 and Acacia B.
2, SAE & Lil Sisters 1; Dead Puppies 2, UCSC
Banana Slugs 0; Chi Phi 3 by forfeit over SRA
Racers; Magnificent Seven 2. Abel 111; Chi
Omega/Beta Theta Pi 2, SAE & Delta Gamma
Pre-season Men's Basketball
1. Heavy C and the Boyz
2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon-A
3. Sigma Nu-A
4. Beta Theta Pi-A
5. Burnt Toast
6. Hammer Time
7. Alpha Tau Omega-A1
8. Cather3-A
9. Law I
10. Midnight Blue
Pre-season Women’s
1. Alpha Omicron Pi
2. Volleyballers
3. Delta Sigma Pi
4. NUCrew
5. Schramm 7
6. Grant/Aurora
7. Quashers
8. Pi Beta Phi
9. U.N. Nuns
10. Delta Gamma
Pre-season Co-rec Volleyball
1. Fluffaluffacuss
2. SA Spikers II
3. Alpha Omicron Pi
4. Pi Kappa Phi/Kappa Alpha
5. Abel 4/Sandoz 7
6. F.Y.I.
7. Alpha Tau Omega/Pi Beta
8. The Betty’s & Barney’s
9. Law I
10. Just Don’t Matter
From the Office of Campus
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leave to your family, the
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life Your bequest to the
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American Heart
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