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    Readers discuss Christianity, Kay Orr
Christianity calls
for believers to give
up some behaviors
I think Eric Aspengren (DN, Oct.
5) is right on target in claiming that
Christianity does not mean bigotry.
However, it is important to recognize
that orthodox Christianity does call
people to give up certain beliefs and
behaviors. After all, the cental idea of
Christianity is that God saves human
beings from the condition of sin, and
part of what it means to say that we
are in a condition of sin is that we
often act and believe in unacceptable
ways. So Christianity requires that
we renounce bigotry and whatever
else is morally unacceptable.
David Reiter
graduate student
Orr’s leadership,
aid to education
impress NU student
The race for the office of the gov
ernor doesn’t present a great chal
lenge for me. One candidate has shown
strong leadership for Nebraskans. Kay
Orr has demonstrated her commit
ment to education by restoring more
than $10 million in aid to public schools
that was cut by the previous admini
stration. Also, Gov. Orr signed the
first-ever teacher incentive program
providing a two-year $40 million pay
hike for teachers.
Through her first term, the gover
nor has made the following funding
commitments to higher education in
• 53-percent increase to the Uni
versity of Nebraska system;
• 52-pcrccnt increase to Nebraska’s
state colleges;
• 45-percent increase to Nebraska’s
technical community colleges;
Kay Orr has shown great leader
ship in revitalizing Nebraska’s econ
omy. The state’s unemployment rate
is slightly above 2 percent (lowest in
the nation) compared to 5.5 percent
when she took office. There arc more
people working in Nebraska now than
at any other time in our state’s his
tory, and the number of Nebraskans
on welfare has been reduced by 2,000
families. In addition, the governor’s
incentive programs have brought more
than S2 billion in new investments
and thousands of new jobs to Ne
These are just some of the tremen
dous accomplishments of Gov. Orr.
They represent the proven leadership
that she nas provided for all Nebras
kans. These things aren’t the result of
luck or fortunate coincidence, but the
result of strong, effective leadership
from a class act, and that is why Kay
Orr will get my vote on Nov. 6.
Daniel A. Fix
political science
India’s minorities
hold top positions,
unlike unjust U.S.
In his letter (DN, Oct. 8), Mr.
Garland Bare essentially equates the
Soviet Union, Japan and India with
South Africa. According to him, “we”
should retaliate against India for her
“ruthless suppression of the Sikh,
Moslem and Christian minorities by
the Hindu rulers.”
This reckless statement implies that
the minorities in India are systemati
cally persecuted by the rulers and he
conveniently assumes that the rulers
belong exclusively to one particular
religion (i.e. Hindu). Nothing could
be further from the truth. In 45 years
of post independence, a couple of
persons from the minority have held
the top-most position in India, in
cluding one woman who incidentally
ruled India for 15 years. Can he give
me one example where there was a
single person from a minority group
(women included), who became the
president of the United States? As a
matter of fact, in India, there are
reservations for the minorities and
every effort is made toward affirma
tive action. Similarly he makes a quick
generalization from a behavior of some
“nasty” Japanese businessmen that
every other Japanese businessman
behaves in the same “nasty” fashion.
American businessmen are no saints
either, but that is beside the point.
You cannot hold a nation accountable
for the behavior of a few individuals.
This is where the situation drastically
differs from that of South Africa.
Finally, in hisopinion.U.S. should
preside over as a judge for all the
internal affairs of the foreign coun
tries. My suggestion to him is that he
should correct the fault with this
country before pointing fingers at
others. Agreed Indian society is not
an egalitarian society, but then nei
ther is the United States. Please re
member, “People who live in glass
houses should not throw stones at
Sanjay Wale
graduate student
chemical engineering
Student angered
by drunken fans
at football games
Dear Dissatisfied Drunks and Fair
Weather Fans:
With the upcoming game on Sat
urday I thought I’d write you a letter
telling you to shut up.
Every game I’ve been to this year
there has been a guy or two that has
obviously wasted his time and money
(it is always a student), because all he
does is bitch about the team, Tom
Osborne and anything associated with
Nebraska football. And sure, I don’t
mind that you are dissatisfied with
the team’s performance, it just both
ers me that you to scream your
slurred comments and alcohol-tainted
obscenities so loudly, that my grand
mother in Council Bluffs, Iowa, can
hear you.
Do you think that you’re funny
and that you should let the whole
crowd in on your humor? Well I’ll let
you in on a secret: YOU’RE NOT
Maybe you really believe Osborne
can hear you and is going to change
the play due to your advice. I’ll clear
up that too: HE CANNOT HEAR
uk, so now ici me ask tne ques
tion: Why do you yell?
Perhaps you played a little hall in
high school, possibly even lettered.
But if you know so much abut how
the game, how come you paid to get
into the stadium? You were obvi
ously recruited by Notre Dame, Ne
braska and Miami, but you turned
everyone down to come sit in the
stand and scream out what each player
should do.
At the Oregon State game there
were four drunk males that decided to
smash bottles on the ground and bleach
ers in front of them because they were
so upset that the Huskcr defense let
Oregon score. Well, this bottle smash
ing along with their crying and slob
bering, disturbed another student
enough for him to ask the four guys to
please behave themselves. These four
gentlemen flipped out, started going
off on some argument that they paid
for their seats just like everyone else,
so they’re going to do and say what
ever they please.
OK, one more time, why do you
Getting back to the story, these
four students continued on with their
unbecoming conduct, embedding
stereotypes of a Nebraska student in
adult’s and children’s heads. I’d just
like to make an informal apology to
everyone that witnesses such vulgar
side shows, especially to the families
that come to the game from all over
the country. Please do not form opin
ions of UNL students based on ac
tions of the four loud mouths.
And I’d like to commend the stu
dent that asked the four barbarians to
please behave. After much ridicule,
he accepted the fact that they were
. . ' i -
not going to make their behavior more
becoming. He then did the mature
thing by going to the authorities and
inform them of what was going on. (I,
myself, would have stooped to a lower
level in the situation and cracked one
of them in the mouth.) Ten minutes
later the four comedians were es
corted from the premises.
In closing, I would just like to tell
all the fair-weather fans and dissatis
fied drunks, that they should stop
embarrassing themselves and their
parents, and keep their mouths shut.
In other words, if you don’t like the
team, don’t come to the game. I’d
also like to add that I am not against
drinking, just the people that make a
point of being an annoyance at the
football games.
Scott Fox
electrical engineering
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