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oring, guitar strewn collage comprised
of sections from the other songs on
the album which often slips into and
out of a haunting drivel.
The instrumental tracks have a
definite detached and eerie quality
about them, while the three vocal
tracks are something closer to fables
of love and despair - concentrating
on simple and poetic images.
Angelo Badalamenti has collabo
rated with Lynch on three albums in
the past year, the first being an album
titled “Floating IntoTheNight." The
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movie is noteworthy.
Unfortunately, Wilder contributes
to the bland nature of the movie by
neutralizing the effective perform
ances of his female co-stars. His at
tempts to be cute and funny are nei
ther and his characterization is fluffy
and annoying.
The overall product is mildly en
work was composed by the two for
vocalist Julee Cruise, whose soft and
wistful voice is heard on the three
vocal tracks on the “Twin Peaks”
soundtrack. Their second effort is the
soundtrack to Lynch’s Palme d’Or
Grand Prize film “Wild At Heart.”
The “Twin Peaks” soundtrack is the
Although the soundtrack to' ‘Twin
Peaks” is best appreciated with a
backdrop of Lynch’s skewed and
beatific prime-time world of secret
desires and dancing midgets, the music
on this album is a unique and power
ful presence which haunts and ex
plores below the surface of one’s
tertaining, but certainly worth no more
than a $1 admission. Waiting to see
“Funny About Love” on video also
is not recommended unless you’d 1 ike
to spend an evening doing absolutely
Otherwise, just watch the happen
ings in your own life or those in a
friend’s life. They’re probably just as
interesting and much less expensive.
“Funny About Love” is playing
at the Plaza 4 Theatres, 201 N. 12th
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Sun. 1-4 /
Tar performs for an enthusiastic crowd at Duffy’s Tavern on Sunday night.
Tar hits Lincoln with attitude,
but lacks live show enthusiasm
By John Payne
Senior Reporter
What Chicago garage mongrels
Tar lacked in stage charisma Sun
day night at Duffy’s Tavern, the
band more than made up for in
No nonsense to the core, the al
ternative quartet of vocalist/gui
tarist John Mohr, guitarist Mark
Zablocki,bassislTim Mescherand
drummer Mike Greenless meshed
a barrage of largely mainstream
sounds into a murky clamor that
still managed to tall just left of
The Amphetamine Reptile re
cording veterans brought with them
a few weathered guitars, some audio
problems and an attitude.
Playing to a small crowd that
was as impatient as it was curious,
Tar got things going with tracks
like “Cold” and “Black Track,”
from the their recent release,
Mohr, clanging away on a
scuffcd-up silver Telecaster, lent
an intelligible voice to the driving
dual guitar flow of him and Zablocki
- working particularly well on the
probing “Glass Grief.” Tar took
plenty of lime finding a clean sound,
not lo mention just getting on stage,
but once the feedback and last
minute delays were squelched, they
managed to pack a lot of punch
into an all too brief set.
Clearly disappointed by the
modest turnout, Mohr decided to
lake out his aggressions on the
microphone, howling with genu
ine fervor on last year’s “Flow
Plow ”
And flow it did, as the entire
show took little more than an hour.
When some of the more spirited
moshers, just drunk enough, or
maybe just enlightened enough to
appreciate the moment began to
slam the stage amps and bark out
references to Ted Bundy, Mohr got
a little annoyed.
“I’m just here for the atmos
phere,” he sneered to Mcschcr.
Tar’s lack of enthusiasm was of
little concern to those in atten
dance, though, and after all, the
best bar gigs in the world seem to
occur when a band gets truly pissed
off at its audience.
That was certainly the appeal
Sunday night, and when Tar tried
to skip out before doing an encore,
some irate, unsatisfied folks de
manded more.
Mohr gave more, appeasing them
a “Ride my Seesaw” before giv
ing things the final kick in the teeth
with “Play to Win.”
Tarmaycomeoff as rock ‘n’roll
malcontents, and they may not bring
a lot of exuberance to their live
show. But by their own admission,
they are more of a studio band.
There’s certainly nothing wrong
with that, but if you’re a Tar fan
you may want to keep that in mind
when the band comes to your local
pub. And bring an attitude of your
own - it’ll make for a better time.
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