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    Factor lacks artists’ expertise, creativity
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Staff Reporter
[H Factor
“H Factor”
The H Factor is yet another of the
[continuing slang of has-been artists
who got together and formed a band
much like the Traveling Wilburys
and the more recent Bad English.
It is composed of Steve Hunter, a
past guitarist for Lou Reed, Peter
Gabriel and Alice Cooper. Peter
Haycock and Derek Holt formerly
comprised the nucleus of England’s
Climax Blues Band. Like most veter
ans who are striving to resurface to
day, this compilation falls short of the
quality and originality of the band
members’ previous work.
The album’s music varies be
tween watered down rock ‘n’ roll and
mellow balladry. It appears that the H
Factor was feeling rather uncrcativc
when it came to writing the material
for the album. Six of the 10 songs on
the album are covers that sound like
they were chosen from a classic MTV
lineup. Remember songs like
“Templed” by Squeeze, “Politics of
Dancing” by Re-Flex and Wall of
Voodoo’s “Mexican Radio?”
The H Factor also produces an
t -m -m
extremely lame version of Richie
Valens’ “La Bamba.” The track is
slowed down and the voice and music
bring to mind such bland classics as
“Afternoon Delight” by Starland
Vocal Band. Holt, being English,
simply cannot sing lyrics in Spanish.
It is insulting enough when Ameri
cans try to sound Spanish but the
English arc even worse, making the
song a true catastrophe.
The H Factor should have tried a
few more originals. ‘ ‘The Hurt Stays
Home” is probably the best song on
the entire album having a very haunt
ing and provocative sound. This is
one of the few tracks where the veter
ans actually perform to their ability.
The guitars, lyrics and tempo of the
song add to the overall atmosphere
and feeling.
Another addition to the album is
two instrumentals, “Just a Touch”
and “Doxcy Strut.” Though the
songs are very powerful and well
produced, the two come across as a
duo guitar solo by Haycock and
Hunter with a very unnoticeable per
cussion and bass section.
The closing track on the album,
“Stop” is the band’s attempt at
making a serious comment on some
thing relevant. It is, like so many
psuedo-intcllcctual bands, the one
song that deserves to be heard though
it is very unfocused and repetitious.
In a prepared statement, the band
:laims to have produced the album
very casually and spontaneously.
Haycock admits that “Whenever it
Courtesy of I.R.S.
From left to right Derek Holt, Steve Hunter and Pete Haycock of H Factor
U/ac f irnr» In An o nnilnr J„ .— -—-^
--.mV, uu a guiun mjio, wc a ao
it. play it back, and say ‘Yeah - that’s
Accordingly, the album is sub
standard since it is poorly mixed,
underproduced and simply uninter
couple celebrates /5 years together
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Steve and
Marie Brodwolf say there’s nothing
fancy to the secret of their 75-year
marriage, but both agree that com
mon sense sure helps.
“We respect the other’s ideas,”
said Marie Brodwolf, 96. “We never
tried to change each other. We’re
both very set in our ways.”
The couple, who celebrated their
75th wedding anniversary Saturday,
held hands while explaining they owe
their marriage to trying not to go to
bed angry.
“If we disagree terribly, we’d put it
on hold until breakfast and talk it
out’’ said Mrs. Brodwolf.
The Brodwolfs raised one daugh
ter, who died last year at the age of 66.
They have three grandchildren, 14
great-grandchildren and one great
The couple told their story, finish
ing each other’s sentences, with ten
derness and humor.
“Wc were admiring of each
other,’’ said Mrs. Brodwolf. “Wc
were trusting, loving, caring ..
. and I tried to kill her four
times,” joked her 98-ycar-old hus
“He thinks I talk too much.”
“Oh, she does.”
Even early gifts arc remembered.
“The first present I bought for her
was some winter underwear,” he
“You know why?” asked his wife.
“Because it was cold,” he said.
“She was mad.”
“He was only trying to take care of
rear marries in Christmas tree store
FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) - The
bride wore while, the groom wore a
gray tuxedo and shoppers wandered
around them looking for the perfect
artificial fir.
Nisco Christmas Paradise was the
backdrop when Neil Scott, 20, and
Mary McKinniss, 31, said their vows.
The two had been planning to get
married at the courthouse by a justice
of the peace, but the store’s glittering
Christmas display impressed them
two weeks ago and gave them an
“We just walked around here and
thought it was pretty, and I said this
would be a nice place to have our
wedding,” Scott said. “And Mary
said OK.”
The store’s owners agreed to the
idea, but the business remained open
during Friday’s ceremony.
Surrounded by 27 trimmed trees
and 10 guests, a minister from Har
veslcr Missionary Church pro
nounced Scoil and McKinniss hus
band and wife.
Friends and relatives thought the
location was a bit odd, yet festive.
“At first I said, 'You’ve got to be
kidding, in the store?’ But it’s a lot
prettier than the courthouse,’’ said
maid of honor Lll Green.
McKinniss’ 12-ycar-old daughter,
Laura, admired the trees.
“My mom likes it, so I like it,”
she said.
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