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Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
Freshman backs up.Nebraska starter
By Sara Bander
Staff Reporter
After a redstart year to get used to
playing defense again, freshman
David White has moved up the depth
chart to split time with Nebraska’s
starting outside linebackers.
Tony Samuel, Nebraska’s outside
linebackers coach, said White has
become his “swing man,’’ replacing
either of the two starters, Mike Croel
or Jeff Mills.
“David plays as much as the start
ers,” Samuel said. “He is usually in by the first quarter.”
White said that after playing tight
end his last two years in high school,
he had lost some of the instincts a
defensive player needs.
"The redstart year was the best
thing I ever did,” he said. “1 played
on the scout team and ran against the
No. 1 offense. It built up my confi
dence again.”
Samuel said White is a tough
player who works hard and learns his
assignments quickly.
White said partof the credit for his
quick ascent up the depth chart is
nom his being in the right place at the
right time. He said the graduation of
Broderick Thomas and Jon Marco
gave younger players a chance to
move up.
'■ White also said his ability to leam
Nebraska’s system made it possible
for coaches to give him playing time.
“Coach Samuel put me in because
I learned the system,” he said. “I’ve
heard the outside linebacker position
is the hardest to leam.
“It wasn’t easy, and I’m still
White said he still makes mental
mistakes, but he knows what he has
done wrong: *
“The coach will ask me ‘What
should you have done?’ and 1 can tell
him,” White said. “It’s just a mental
lapse sometimes.”
White said he wants to concen
trate on improving his speed and ,
learning his assignments better.
“If you know your assignments to
a ‘t\ there is no reason to hesitate oi.
the field,” he said.
Having the right attitude is also ’
important to success on the football «;
field, White said. He said keeping
team goals in mind and not worrying
too much about individual goals
helps a player improve.
‘‘No matter how many times my
picture is in the paper, or my name is ,
in the paper, I'm still going to be the ;
same person,” he said. “I’m not a
boaster or a bragger. I just want to
contribute to the team.”
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There is just one thing - hot
To begin this plan, simply make
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remember, you’re going to be eat
ing‘as many as lOpot dogs a day
for weeks on end so you don't want
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On your way to the check stand,
4 pick up as many cheap loaves of
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strange remarks. After all. you
i should only have five to lOoncks
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variety makes me Ml) and three or
four loaves of bread.
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est one i«, right when you feel
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. up, your mom never explained to
‘ you that you were supposed to
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milk (no wonder it tasted so bad)
and that you could never figure out
why your hamburgers were so raw
in the middle until someone told
you that it helps if you turn the
flame down.
Once you get through all the
excuses and finally make it home,
your new diet should begin. Throw
to live on I tot dogs for the course of
the entire diet When you run out
simply repeat the above process all
over again.
Psychological boundaries are
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sonal favorites are tacos (no more
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I WED. , OCT. 4 I
| 11:20 a.m. I