The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, October 03, 1989, Page 5, Image 5

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    UNL should deny CIA accessj
i The central Imdligenfce Agency
is coming to UNL, Tbey’U be here
Thursday, Oct 12 to conduct job
interviews - as they’ve done every
secnesfesr - and will continue to do,
unless something is done.
If you think ttey’re "necessary,”
w "nothing can be done toyway’* or
if you are one of the few who are
being interviewed, I beg you to con
sider the history of the CIA and re
consider your position.
Directly after World War II, our
secret service hired Nazi war crimi
nals as spies. One of their employees
- Claus sarbie - was wanted by the
French for the murder of thousands of
resistance fighters. They protected
him while he worked for us, then they
helped him escape trial
The CIA put the Shell of Iran into
power. They also trained and de
signed Ids secret police force. As a
consemsence, Iran hates us.
The CIA ousted AUende in Chile
and appointed General Pinoche - a
man known as the modern-day Hitler.
In 1961, the CIA orchestnaed the
assassination of Patrice Lamumba,
the democratically elected Prime
Minister of Zaire. The CIA put
Mabuto in his place. Zaire has not
known democracy since. Mabuto has
t personal fortune of $4.2 billion.
You figure it out
The CIA abandoned 3,000 to
4,000 native employees when we
pulled out of Vietnam. No evacuation
was offered. No escape plans were
suggested, knowing too well that
those former employees would be
killed for working for the CIA. Bill
Colby, then director of the Cl A, said,
‘It isn’t our fault that these people
had the misfortune of being bom
In 1975, the CIA illegally traded
arms to South Africa, and fought by
their side, against Angola.
The morality and ethics of the CIA
were most precisely summed up by
the Hoover Commission Report of
1954: ‘‘There are no rules to such a
game, Hitherto acceptable norms of
human conduct do not apply. If the
U.S. is to survive, long-standing
concepts of “Fair play’r must be
reconsidered... It may become nec
essary that the American people be
acquainted with, understand, and
support this fundamentally repug
The Directorate of Operations, the
covert arm of the a A, has the presi
dent's hidden foreign policy hidden
from Congress and tne public. In
essence, an unconstitutional power,
beyond the bounds of checlcs and
balances. This secret police force is
one of the first steps toward totalitari
anism. A step our forefathers worked
hard to prevent
But since the National Security
Acs of 1947, our government has had
the legal right to Tie to the public. As
a result CIA directors perpetually lie
to Congress. Bill Colby gave Con
gress 36 false briefings on Angola
alone. They wanted to know if the
CIA was in Angola. They said, “No,
of course not.”
The Cl A secretly spent $31.4 mil
lion dollars on four mercenary armies
to fight in Angola, against a country
we were formally at peace with-it
was never even declared a “police
action.” Jt i
The CIA has lied, bribed, threat- *
ened, tortured, raped, and killed its
way through most countries in the
world. Ana you wonder why we're
The CIA is based on deception and
founded in lies. So, how honest are
the job interviews? Will you be told
that you may have to break the CIA’s
own charter, and engage in domestic
spying? Would you be told that your
translating skills may be used to give
bombing information to a grouplike
Renamo? That your writing skills
may be put 10 use editing a training
manual on torture for use by death
squads in Latin America? Would you
be told that lying to Congress and
subverting democracy come with
As an educational institution, I
feel it is our obligation to deny the
privilege of recruitment by a com
pany, be it private or public. It is not
a right. It is a privilege that is regu
lated to ensure that the recruiter is
obeying the law, and in the univer
sity s case, upholding the principles
of free inquiry and free speech. Free
speech is not a license to misinform
and lie without challenge.
Only we can police the secret po
lice. , n
Joe Bowman
anthropology, prelaw
P S. George Bush was director of
the CIA in 1975, at the end of the
Angola campaign.
Castration’ editorial incites sardonic reply
My dearest Lee Rood,
From your reaction to the adver
tisement for the band Castration it’s
obvious you can’t or haven’t been
able to appreciate being tied up by a
real man. It is unfortunate that you
don't understand the joy many re
ceive through bondage.
Personally, I found the poster in
impeccable taste. It illustrated a
sense of passion rarely captured in a
pictorial. As I studied it I became
aroused and was compelled to beat
myself about the head and shoulders.
It's obvious that I'm not like you.
It is rare that a strong-willed man like
myself could be so moved by one
look at a photo. Since coming'across
the poster my life has completely
changed. I've begun to wear leather
and yes, even chains. It is safe to say
that one look at a poster has radically
changed by life. I am now devoted to
pain and I have Castration to thank
for it
*- Lee, it would really be cool if you
could cot those of us that have reacted
this way some slack (no pun in
tended). As you well know, everyone
is profoundly and irrevocably
swayed, by glances at posters (Hi the
My path in life is dictated by
pieces of paper. As a matter of fact, I
find myself running to fast food
stores every time I see one of their
signs. I chant “Go Big Red, Go Big
Red” in my sleep, and I don’t even
like football. A lot of people say I’m
impressionable, but I don’t think so.
I’m sure that many people will have
the same reaction as 1. (When you
guys and gals do Have this reaction
don't be afraid, it’s normal.) In clos
ing, I’m willing to apologize for
being a sheep if everyone else does.
Robert P. Tolnai
senior - Doane College
People need to work together
Abortion shouldn’t have to be a choice
Dear Andrew Meyer,
I, unfortunately, missed Joe Bow
man’s letter in the Daily Nebraskan.
To add to my misfortune, I didn’t
miss yours. You criticize Bowman
for making no sense at all, yet you
yourself make little, if any.
Tim decision to have an abortion is
an agonizing one, Andrew, it is a sort
of rSoph*eTs Choice,” where there
are no clear answers for anyone in
volved. You and I are guaranteed of
never having to face the problem of
abortion alone, Andrew. But young
women all across the country do,
every day. They need a helping hand
to nuke the crucial decisions thev
face. They don’t need someone tell
ing them what they can and can’t do
with their own bodies. In short, they
want reproductive freedom.
What exactly is all this noise that
these women are making about repro
ductive freedom, Andrew? You im
ply in your editorial to Bo wman that
reproductive freedom is the freedom
to have sex, produce a fetus, and then
have the freedom to destroy it I hope
I misread you. Simply put Andrew,
reproductive freedom is the freedom
not io be subjugated and made into a
breeder against your wilL
“But they made the choice when
they decided to have Sex!’’the voice
from the cheap seats chimes in right
on cue.
Oh, really? When people decide to
have sex, they are not necessarily
deciding to have aiamily at the same
time. People who have had no sex
education at all have the same sex
drives as people who have. The same
is true for peopfc with t knowledge of
contraception, and those who have no
such knowledge.
If you expect people to be able to
make responsible choices in their sex
lives, you have to give them the
knowledge to make that choice. You
don’t say very much about this in
your letter at au, Andrew. You’re like
the guy who didn’t bother to tie up his
horse at the hitching post, and then
complained that his horse was gone
when he came back. Your responsi
bility for the unborn, which you've so
bravely taken on for all those mis
guided women out there, doesn’t end
with the question of whether abortion
is right or wrong, it only begins there.
Let^s see a comprehensive program
that is more than just legislating
Not everyone has the same things
that yOUr parents had, or have. No,
Andrew, adoption doesn’t always
work either. Let’s face facts, white
babies can get placed almost immedi
ately, but there just isn’t the same
demand for babies of color.
You claim to be pro-life, Andrew.
Are you pne-equality-with-justicc
life, or are you pro-poverty-no educa
tion-mal nourished-life? Again,
where is the real responsibility?
Where are the schools, the lunch
programs, and the day care centers
that all those babies will need after
you’ve saved then* ? I don't like abor
tion either, Andrew. Let’s both wo*
together to snake sure it doesn’t have
to do an option, but while we’ve get
ting all this done, let’s make sure we
dou’tft* the fish out of the frying pan
and into the fire.
Will wealthy women, possibly
even middle-class women, have to
worry about getting an abortion when
you’re all through, Andrew? Proba
bly not The women who your good
intentions are going to affect the most
are going to be the poor women, the
same women who had no contracep
tives available to them, and who
possibly didn’t really know how
someone gets pregnant in the first
Elace. It is these women who will
ave to go to the cliched hack-alley
doctors, and subject themselves to
procedures that are far more primi
tive than the ones you find so abhor
rent If you listen then, Andrew,
you’ll And that the screams won’t be
so silent anymore. j
It's becoming obvious that we j
can’t use the pro-life argument when
we can’t guarantee that life’s needs
won’t be met at least at the basic
levels. I wish that I could make die
world a better place, Andrew. I bet
that you do also. But the simple fact is
that we can’t do it by ouiselves.
We could be working collectively
to better the world. If nothing else,
you and I, and let’s throw in Joe
Bowman for good measure, could be
writing letters about hunger and pov
erty right here in the good ol’ U.S. of
A. But instead, we’re writing about
something that, ultimately, we as
men, will never truly understand. Is
that really a good trade-off, Andrew?
Next thing you know, we’U be writ
ing editorials about flag burning.
The point to all this is that wenave
lo realise that the abortion question
isn’t only a question of human life,
but also, and especially, of human
Not only are you trampling on the
most basic rights of women every
where, not only are you persecuting
the poor becanseof their poverty, you
are stripping women of their human
itv. Making them more and more into •
objects that you can manipulate, and
that have no higher functions in soci
ety than their service to men.
Mark E. Buhrdorf
• ^ ' senior
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