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ilv Amy Edwards, Editor, 472-1766
_ _ Lee Rood, Editorial Page Editor
|VT CA n Jane Hirt> Mana«in« Editor
X CT M X Cl. ^Cl. X L Brandon Loomis, Associate News Editor
I ... , Brian Svoboda, Columnist
University of Nabraska-Lincoln Bob Nelson, Columnist
Jeff Petersen, Columnist
She team w*j appointed by fh* Nebraska Legislature to
study Nebraska's higher education system and determine
what changes* if any, need to be made.
Unfortunately, most of the testimony heard thus far has
been about the pros and cons of adding Kearney State
College into the university system, &S€ is an important i
issue, but kb not the only on&. ; s
If Tuesday's hearing is anything like the others* politv
> clan* will, tell die consultants what a logical move adding 1
BCSC to the university system is, K5C students win tell me
p mmtom* how much they want to attend * university but
or don’t want to live in lincotn or Omaha*
Of coum those cn^do^^ed to be be^ testi
lipng only about the K8C issue, UHL students wet missing
^WlBNpP^ppI^ 1# i&ftedpfe kaofbairi^ rea!l|$ecll
about NU and the governance of higher education in the •:
^)m»xs^<^2^:iMU^Fl '■!
•: |: Petrie have become loconcomed about KSC becom
;.. mg pail of the HU system that jpijve managed to ignore
ailtbe other issues that the Oo&suRanta need to heat about
Wttat about an official vote for^tudcm regents? Have -t;f
they forgotten that HU student;.® share of the 8
university budget s tuitkm and fecs4phav«j&6 teal vote
oiltelmJ Board, of Rtgenf®Ust yearns approval of an '"
' unofficial vote tor student regents was a ftep in the nght ,,•
: d&ectiotg,bmaotafctgebou#step|f8^f ^ Wrf:<):
Ifce forum also **ouid bi§a good opportunity to discuss ::
|||4ieiher|bd-«;gente should be appointed or elected jfo •• *.
light of the coateevetey Over former H|I {Resident RonalHf
Rodjieflpilliissel many students are bound to have f Sv
|| strong opinions On that |g|jp : 588
Arwl ilhhtrt tlv /iT Ml -is
don? In the past, many in the university community have
said that central administration & a bloated, unresponsive 1
•• bureaacmcy, and Ih^iki be abolished. Ot^t think NU
|| No doubt these are controversial issues in the university
communiiy. Nonetbetes^my should be on the table
while the opporturnefb^sr |J|j|Jf|••;.31:. ;
| Imagine die consulting team's sutptiseifilNL students :
spoke up about something other than &S€. After being |
5 swamped whh testimony about the K$C issue, the con- ,
stsltants may welcome the opportunity to talk about
• something dbeV
certainly shouJd.J!f^ *
- 'I ? , I "I ,...| S ' f. *** J*B* fodtanMfc: 5
for the Patty Nebraskan
l ■ I ■■ IIWIIMIII l^ill 11I I! Ml Will ITT
Signed staff editorials represent
the official policy of the fall 1988
Daily Nebraskan. Policy is set by the
Daily Nebraskan Editorial Board. Its
members are Amy Edwards, editor;
Lee Rood, editorial page editor; Jane
Hirt, managing editor; Brandon
Loomis, associate news editor; Bob
Nelson, columnist; JeffPetersen, col
umnist; Brian Svoboda, columnist.
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Reader says dump Jim
Kill Jim and burn his journal.
Tom O'Hara and Pat Erb
. seniors
electrical engineering
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Nightmare at Love Library
Pursuit of higher education provides higher blood pressure
nflcr four weeks of blowing
things off, 1 made the difficult
personal decision of actually
staying home from the bars.
Of course, my timing wasn’t ex
actly accidental. I had a 25-page re
search paper due the next day and
there was only one place I could do it
- Love Library.
To gel me through this trying
experience, I decided to start the
night off nght with a liter of Moun
tain Dew. Past encounters with the
library’s “pop cop” taught me that I
had to hide my pop well, so I tucked
my treat carefully into my backpack.
It was 5:15 p.m. As I entered the
covered outdoor portion of the li
brary, I was blown back by a gale of
hurricane proportions - the dreaded
Love Library wind tunnel. I stag
gered toward the door, and using all
of my strength, eventually managed
to pull it open. Before I could make
my way into the library, more wind
gushed through The entrance, knock
ing me over and sending me hurdling
backwards like a lost bundle of tum
of them were located in Love South,
three of them were in Love Northeast,
six were in Love North and eight of
them were over in Love Southwest.
Surely, there was an understandable
map to the library somewhere . . .
Nah, that would be too easy.
I then took out my compass and
started to look for the periodicals.
- i-y
North could have been a fraternity
party. In fact, that would be kind of a
creative idea... There were about 10
different pledge classes sitting down
at the tables, and they weren’t people
I wanted to see.
I had loud shoes on, and with every
step I took each head turned and
looked. I laughed to myself when I
thought about what I must have
looked like after my experience in the
wind tunnel. Oh, who cared? I wasn’t
here to try to gel a date, I had a paper
to write.
By the lime I Finally sat down and
did some research, it was 11:45 p.m.
I knew that I had to leave because the
library was closing, so I went up to
the desk to check out my books.
The only problem was that I had a
few library Fines. By the lime George
Michael tallied it up, I figured I
would need a student loan to pay it all
I braved Love Northeast first, only
to find out the articles I needed had
been torn out. In Love Southeast, I
was clueless -- the articles were
nowhere to be found. In all my confu
sion, I managed to find three articles
— by pure luck.
Being me nice guy mai ne was,
George told me I could hold the
books there until the next day. I did
and went home toslumbcr. My night
mare had ended for the evening.
So I didn’t get a lot done the first
time around, but I knew where the
books were, and I had ample time --
two hours — to Finish my paper before
I made my way through the wind
tunnel uninjured the next morning,
chipper and ready to write. I gave the
man at the front desk my hold slip to
claim my books. He looked under the
counter. He looked in the back. He
made some phone calls. He found no
“Ma’am,” he said in the most
aggravating voice I’ve ever heard.
“You must be mistaken. We have no
books on hold for a Kim Beavers.
At this time, I chose to walk away,
vowing never to return again. Forget
it. I would rather turn in nothing than
go through that nightmare again, it
wouldn’t be fair to my nerves. My
time with Love Library was over.
Beavers is a senior advertising major and
a Daily Nebraskan editorial columnist.
I looked up ihc books I needed in
the card file, and was shocked to find
that they were all in the same place.
On my way down the stairs, a friend
asked me where 1 was going. 1 re
plied, “the stacks.” A frightened
look came across her face. She asked
me if I had some kind of weapon with
me ... I decided I should forget the
books and start my research.
As I walked back up the stairs, I
started feeling badly, not only be
cause I had been walking through a
maze for three hours, but it’s truly sad
when all of your friends go to the bars
and you go to Love Library.
But then 1 looked around and
wondered who could be at the bars
because everybody I knew was at the
library. I’d discovered a new place to
have a social hour. It’s funny to watch
people with six books in front of them
thinking that they’re going to get
something done. Who are they kid
ding? They should have brought a
The right-hand section of Love
I think 1 was knocked out for a
couple of seconds, recovering not
only from the pain, but also from the
shock of that unnatural gust of wind.
I woke up in a daze and thought I was
in a dream because the man helping
me up looked like George Michael.
Only then did I realize that it was the
night desk clerk at the library.
Getting my first obstacle out of the
way, I started up up the library stairs.
I was running a little late, but I had
a full night ahead of me, so why
should I worry? Twenty-five pages in
four hours? No problem.
I made my way to the information
desk and asked a woman there how 1
was supposed to find all the periodi
cals I needed. After one of those
easy-to-follow 15-step processes on
how to find what I needed, I was on
my way.
I went to the periodical listings
and found about 20 possible articles
that could help me with my research
paper. The only problem was that five
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