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    New GLC official sets goals f
By Ryan Meeves
Staff Reporter
The new Government Liaison
Committee chairperson said her pri
mary goal for the 1989-90 school
year is to enlighten students about
issues confronting the University of
To do that, Debbie Fiddclke, who
was appointed GLC chairperson last
week, said she will try to better pub
licize GLC’s lobbying efforts and
increase and retain the committee’s
‘‘I want to get as many students
involved as possible and keep them
involved,” said Fiddclke, who is
currently serving as GLC lobbyist.
Colin Croft, an integrated studies
junior, was appointed as new GLC
GLC lobbies the Nebraska Legis
lature, the NU Board of Regents and
other groups on behalf of UNL stu
dent interests. They also sponsor
political speaker programs.
Fiddclkc, an advertising and po
litical science junior, said she wants
to get students more involved in GLC
by regularly circulating literature to
members that details the committee’s
lobbying efforts.
She said she also wants to get more
students to join GLC by attracting
more speakers to the campus. Many
students join GLC partly because of
its speaker programs, she said.
Fiddclkc said many committee
members quit at the beginning of the
spring semester. She said she will try
to attract more speakers in the spring
to overcome this problem. Most
speakers are scheduled during the
fall, she said.
Fiddclkc said GLC needs a lot of
dedicated members to help student
leaders influence Nebraska and UNL
Committee leaders encourage
members to talk to their state senator
to persuade them to support students’
positions on issues.
Fiddclkc said she docs not know
whai issues GLC will lobby. ASUN
probably won’t set the lobbying
agenda until next fall, she said.
Fiddclkc said she will watch and
study resolutions that senators de
velop this summer. If any resolutions
pertain to student issues, ASUN will
consider putting them on the agenda,
she said.
GLC leaders also will follow the
higher education study if the Legisla
ture approves one this session.
LB247 would create a committee to
study higher education in Nebraska.
The bill received second-round ap
proval Thursday.
Fiddclkc said she wants to lobby
the regents more than GLC has in the
past. Many ol'GLC’s lobbying efforts
directed toward the Legislature have
been hampered because members
didn’t lobby the regents first.
“It’s easier at the regents level
because we’ve got a student regent
with a voice,” she said. “It’s just
catching it at the first step instead of
the second and the third step.”
Measles risk causes student concern
MEASLES From Page 1
Keith Russell, a junior speech
communication major, said he was
wailing to find out if he was immune.
Russell said he was going to get a
shot, even if he docs learn that he is
“A little shot’s not going to hurt,”
he said.
Flcischli said that students who
arc on the list but know they have
been adequately immunized should
not come to the immunizations Wed
nesday and Thursday.
‘‘It will save them the pain and
save the government the money,” he
If students know the month and
year of previous measles immuniza
tion shots, they should fill out the
immunization forms inserted in the
Daily Nebraskan Tuesday and
Wednesday, and present it to the
health center staff, who will check
the dates.
If students names aren’t on the list,
he said, they won’t be immunized at
the mass immunizations, he said.
Eric Nelson, a freshman business
management major, was concerned
because there was an asterisk by his
name on the list.
Peter Costello, an undeclared
freshman, said he wanted to know the
meaning of the “pound” symbol by
his name.
Flcischli said asterisks are placed
next to students who arc under 19,
Bill is amended
to clarify language
make police more comfortable mak
ing arrests in domestic violence
Under current statutes, Bcrnard
Stcvcns said, police arc confused
about their rights in domestic vio
lence cases because of the vagueness
of present laws.
Sen. Ernie Chambers of Omaha
said the amendment was a ‘ ‘ hoax and
a sham,” because police already
have the authority to make such ar
Chambers said the bill’s provision
of “threatening another in a menac
ing manner” could be interpreted to
include such actions as a 3-ycar-old
swinging a baseball bat.
Because of the vague wording of
that provision, Chambers later pro
posed an amendment to return to the
language used prior to the attachment
of LB218.
The amendment passed 25-0.
Pirsch proposed an amendment to
further clarify the language to read,
“Threatening another in fear of
imminent bodily injury.”
The Legislature passed Pirsch’s
amendment 26-0.
Chambers also amended the bill to
remove language that would have
removed civil or criminal liability for
the actions of officers who acted in
“good faith.”
Pirsch and Bernard-Stevens
agreed with Chambers, saying they
do not want to encourage police bru
tality. The amendment passed unani
and “pound” symbols denote stu
dents who have visiting student
status. Students who haven’t fulfilled
the entire admissions process may
also have a pound symbol by their
Linda Ri/.ijs, nursing director at
the health center, said staff members
were “swamped” Monday with calls
from students, and many students
came in to ask about the measles
Some students on the list had
complied with the request lor immu
nization records, Rizijs said, but the
vaccine they were given was not
good. Those students were immu
nized before 15 months of age or
before 1969.
Flcischli said the site of one of
Thursday’s mass immunizations has
been moved from the Ballroom to the
mam lounge of Nebraska Union. The
other will be in Cook Pavilion.
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