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    a moassaaor visits UNL classes
Botha: Apartheid part of life Carter winner in Hawaii;
April 11, 1975
South Africa should not be com
pared to the United States just be
cause the two countries have similar
racial problems, according to John
Botha, ambassador to the United
States from the Republic of South
Botha appeared at two interna
tional relations classes at UNL
Thursday. He also was made a mem
ber of the “Great Navy of Nebraska’'
at a luncheon given by the First Na
tlAnol TJ rtnb
Botha said he stopped in Lincoln
while on a tour of the country “to see
what it is really like.”
The government of South Africa
officially follows the practice ol
apartheid, the separation of blacks
and whites.
“Differentiation between races is
part of our lives,” he said. History
has determined the current patterns ol
government of South Africa, Botha
When whites began colonizing
South Africa about 300 years ago,
Botha said, they settled in the south
west which is rich in mineral re
sources. About the same time, Afri
cans moved into the well-watered
eastern part of the country, he said.
Still Separate
The two races still reside in their
original territories, according to
He said it is not South African
policy to perpetuate racial discrimi
nation. One of the African homelands
in South Africa, the Transkrie, is
scheduled to be emancipated next
year, Botha said.
“For us to embark on integration
would be folly,” he said. “The areas
controlled by the two races are ad
ministered as separate, dual societies,
he said.
nni j • rr._« •
i umeicuee ueiweeu me DiacK.
in South Africa and in the United
States is that the Black in South Af
rica has never been a slave, according
to Botha. The South African Black
“is a proud carrier of his own cul
ture,” he said.
People Flock
To begin integration, would pre
sume that the South African Black
would want to be like a White, Botha
Africans have traditionally rccog
^ -n
John Bruce/Daily Nebraskan
Space fetuses tell of new life
Jan.23, 1976
By George Miller
To be takzn up to the “higher
level” of existence, a human must
give all ofhis energy and “give up all
of your possessions and emotional
attachments” including his family.
This was the message delivered to
about 100 persons Thursday night by
two “space fetuses” at the UMHE
Commonplace Chapel, 15 of whom
gave them their telephone numbers
so they could be contacted and given
more information.
The two, a man who goes by the
name of “Reach” and a woman who
cam ncisen riicMJiy aiepauuia
sect of Unidentified Flying Object
(UFO) evangelists.
The group believes that there are
many levels of human existence. Ala
higher level, a person will be “free to
travel anyplace in the universe,”
according to Reach.
Calling their message “the most
important thing that’s happened in
2,000 years,” Reach said a person
can go through “a natural metamor
phosis” and can “change into a to
tally new life free from all human
activities and hangups.”
Reach said at the time of meta
morphosis, a body is “chemically
and biologically changed into a new
Reach and Hickory said there
were two other persons who had
“given their bodies up to the next
level and returned reincarnated as a
man and a woman.” He said these
people, named “Bo” and “Peep”
came to Earth to spread the message
of human metamorphosis.
Reach said Bo and Peep arc the
two witnesses Jesus Christ said he
would send to Earth in the book of
Revelations in the Bible. He said they
took the names Bo and Peep to avoid
being worshipped instead of God.
It s pretty ludicrous to worship
someone called Bo and Peep,”
Reach said.
The two said the Earth is currently
growing. Reach said a “light” or
“special dispensation” has been
shining on the Earth for approxi
mately 10 to 12 years. He said this
light has “accelerated all life on the
planet. People are more intense
now,” he said. He said people are
drinking more, using more drugs or
are turning to spiritualism during this
time of acceleration.
nized authoritarian government and
the majority vote method of govern
ment probably would not be accept
able to the people of South Africa, he
If South Africa is an oppressive
country, then it is the only one in the
world which “people flock to,” ac
cording to Botha. He was referring to
an influx of illegal Africans into
South Africa.
New York to
CARTER from Page 5
a.m. ordered all state voting ma
chines impounded pending a recount.
With 83 percent of the national
vote counted, Carter had a 51 to 48
percent lead over Ford. The vote to
tals showed Carter with 34,305,000
while Ford had 32,262,500. Inde
pendent Eugene McCarthy had one
percent of the national vote, or about
500,000 votes.
Carter won throughout the South
and also suiprised Ford supporters by
winning Wisconsin, North Carolina,
and Missouri.
Ford won throughout the Midwest
and also in his home state of Michi
gan with a 51 to 48 percent vote over
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