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I Nebraskan
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Curt Wagner, Editor, 472-1766
Amy Hdwards, Editorial Page Editor
Jane Hirt, Managing Editor
Lee Rood, Associate News Editor
Diana Johnson, Wire Page Editor
Chuck Green, Copy Desk Chief
Lisa Donovan, Columnist
RHA denounced
Memberi med to put fhench jries aside
She Residence Hall A sSOdailon !$• beginning to Sound '
like a comedy club with naming better to do on
plpi Thursday niglus;thah;panplain db«d trivialities. ||||
k Stop wasting everyone’s time. . * $ —
Last Thursday night, R#MkJfcsmb#$ met until II |Vq|jp
when the Nebraska Union dosed The majority of their
debate included important and insightful discussion.
. tike spending $13.05 at Burger King-1 |? T ' &1
The Review and Recommendation Committee of RHA
went to Burger King last Tuesday for one of their meet
ings, and Chairman Matt Wickless decided to spend the
money as a last gesture as chaifpait*/:>v* ^ \^y ' \
RHA President Larry Koubsky said Wickless had asked
him if he could bring the committee to Burger King and
that Koubsfcy had approved of 3F -
The committee receives $50 from RHA each semester.
According to RHA rules, the committee can spend the
money spit sees fit-%> \ fj * '
JlllBut Maif-Shkolnkk, RHA vice Resident, said he was •
^Jlrim^ when he heard about the incident' * =; • ' :
f's''wioieaUy cares? p| ||
Iff flU-IA i$ #pposed to be a form of student government, .
I. representing the stu Llents of the Uhiversity of Nebraska
j j Lincoln who live in residence halls. How many of the
llllludents represented by RHA really care if $13.05 is spent
pat B||ger King? ^v. f \ '
Ip . RHA should keep inside politics to a minimum. The i
^afce stands on important issues
iiiand:.teak6:::s&lsad0^liiiig of itself. |l|j8|||||::': • •
: instead, tt often follows thsJead of the Association of
5 ' Students of die iTniversity^N^braska, o* rehashes bid -
issues that are brought up e very year
bo something innovative — like find
§ out what their constituents really care about?
18: fi Why don’t they take a stand on tire rising cost of living
in a dormitory, or problems faced by handicapped stu
dents on campus?
U^' Some RHA members think that they don’t have any
| puli in the system 4 that whatever legislation they make
^ won’t have any impact v.: ^ ^ ,.4^
Welt, no wonder.
!; U Discussions like the one Thursday night don’t have a
lot of meaning for anyone, they just waste people’s time.
RHA members should resolve petty issues like who ate
what at Burger King quickly, and do something important
|| at their weeld| liie-dngs. There are a lot of issues that can
||pe addressed.
fe^ifRHA would start acting like a student government
body, students would start treating it like one.
^, xV'i5jv^15's p■ y'})% 'i ■ * •f--- Amy Edwards
V'Vf •* ' ' „ ^ j " for (h* Daily Nebraskan
Student: HERO’S humor failed
“OK,” I thought. “We have
PRIDE and IMPACT, the serious
parties. Why not have BEER for a
touch of human and heck, let’s throw
in SLUMBR too - all in good fun.”
HERO (Heterosexual Education
Resource Organization), however,
crossed the boundary between parties
who are kidding and who don’t touch
the serious issues, and parties who are
ridiculing an important campus issue,
without a real purpose for doing so.
HERO’s attempt at humor has
definitely failed! If Hawkins, Mel
lion and Hall think they are promot
ing anything other than ignorance
they are fooling themselves. And,
why bring Dr. Ruth Westheimer into
this? She is an established profes
sional who, from what I know, is not
inflicted with a serious case of homo
phobia as they must be. I personally .
think heterosexuals are very preva
lent in student organizations. Com
pare how many groups are composed
of heterosexuals to how many groups
are composed of homosexuals. There
is astutely, do need tor a party,,
whose whole purpose is to mock
COLAGE and their serious attempts
at educating UNL’s population.
Mellion says “sexuals preference
should not allow a group to get stu
dent funding.” Should it allow them
to get elected to student government
and decide who does get funding?
Rather nice double standard, Rob.
I only hope someday all this ri
diculous prejudice toward homo
sexuals (and all bigotry) is abolished
and that members of both sexual pref
erences can work together to get
things done on campus for the benefit
of all.
I do commend Hawkins and Hall,
however, for having the guts to have
their picture printed in the DN. Too
bad Mellion couldn’t make it.
Gina Dikeman
Kristi Truex
_D*ly MeVii-»r OMAHA GETS THE HEAT . „-f
Pledging monetary allegiance
Display of Ollie’s humiliation catches columnist’s eye, repulsion
L Lg \ Hie and Betsy North
I I Need Your Help Now! ’’
Oh really?
Excuse me, what is this?
But there it was, THE NORTH
DEFENSE TRUST. On the right
hand side of page 4 of the Wall Street
Journal in black and white ... a 2
column x 10 1/2 inch deep advertise
ment with a photo of Ollie dressed in
a suit and tie, his lovely wife looking
protectively over his shoulder.
A wave of nausea overtook me. I
thought I was going to puke.
But the dynamic display of one
man’s humiliation in front of an en
tire nation forced me to read further
into the ad.
“• After 20 years as a Marine - a
highly decorated hero.
• After 5 1/2 years at the National
Security Council where he worked so
hard to rescue hostages, combat ter
rorism and Fight communism.
• Ollie North was thanked for his
service by an indictment brought by
an Independent Counsel in the Dis
trict of Columbia.
• Official Washington stands idly
by to watch North fight this out alone.
•His adversary - an Independent
Counsel with unlimited funds, 30
attorneys and 50 investigators.
• It’s a battle that North will win,
but he needs your help now to defray
legal costs and to assure that his
family is properly guarded and that
no harm comes to them.
• Help even the odds. Mail your
contribution today or call the toll-free
number below to make your pledge. ’ ’
“Visa and MasterCard ac
A cut-out coupon was printed at
the bottom of the ad for my conven
• Yes, Ollie and Betsy, I am mak
ing a contribution of $_
(fill in the desired amount, preferably
with a lot of zeros).
• I have enclosed a check or money
• Please charge my contribution to
my Visa or MasterCard.
In small print at the bottom is
printed, “This is the only fund au
thorized by Oliver North to request
contributions. Gifts are non-tax de
Still struck with incredulousness, I
called the toll-free number (Here it is
. . , 1-800-521-0200. Some of you
may want to donate).
It was a clearing house. The pleas
ant-sounding woman at the other end
of the line confirmed that the North
Defense Trust was a true-blue,
bonafide, legitimate organization.
But she could only take my money ..
. not my questions.
So I called information, which
gave me the number to the North
Defense Trust in Washington, D.C.
The woman who answered the
phone was also pleasant. Yes, indeed,
the trust s purpose was to help pay
Ollie’s legal and security expenses.
He has seven bodyguards*, don’t you
“Because Mr. North has had to
fight this alone,’’ the woman said.
‘ * He hasn ’ t had any help... it was just
destroying him.’’
The fund was organized by a
group of cadets who had been under
our hero’s command, she said. They
just wanted to help. And she was one
of a small staff who worked for the
The fund has been well-received,
she said. Most callers arc kind. They
only want to help poor Ollie, she said.
I told her I was a journalism stu
dent from Nebraska.
Her husband graduated from the
University of Nebraska at Omaha,
she said. My, isn’t it a small world.
She said she, too, only wanted to
I’m sure that was Ollie’s intention
too ... he just wanted to help.
But best intentions don’t necessar
ily gel the best results.
A few things are still sacred, or at
the least they should be... such as not
being above the law in the nation in
which you live.
But, I realize, Ollie just wanted to
So this is your opportunity folks.
You too can help defend the expenses
of a man who had a vision to save
hostages who are still hostages with
the alleged illegal sale of arms.
You, too, can help.
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