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    ■ Univarglty ol N«tot«ska-Lincoln
Curt Wagner, Editor, 472-1766
Amy Edwards, Editorial Page Editor
Jane Hirt, Managing Editor
Lee Rood, Associate Siews Editor
Diana Johnson, Wire Page Editor
Chuck Green, Copy Desk Chief
Lisa Donovan, Columnist
Supermarkets to sell?
‘Yes’ vote needed for alcohol sales
The Lincoln City Council will hear public testimony
today on requests of four grocery stores and one
convenience store to sell alcohol.
The city maintains that alcohol should be sold in
separate stores.
The grocery and convenience store owners want the
license for obvious reasons.
And they should get it.
Selling liquor in convenience stores and grocery stores
would bring in a lot of income.
People shopping for their evening meal would be
more likely to pick up a bottle of w ine if it was right in
the same store.
And people driving through, say to visit their cousin
I Joe in Lincoln, might want to pick up a six-pack for the
game while they’re filling their car up with gas.
Not only would that help the store owners, but if
j liquor sales were boosted, that would also boost the sales
tax on liquor, which would benefit the city.
Currently, no Lincoln grocery stores sell liquor.
But last November, seven Gas ‘N Shop stores won
licenses to sell beer, after the Nebraska Supreme Court
ruled that a Lincoln ordinance prohibiting such sales was
The Lincoln City Council should keep that ruling in
mind and give store owners the licenses they want.
- Amy Edwards
for the Daily Nebraskan
Student applauds DN article
1 would like to respond to Andy
Gueck’s article (Daily Nebraskan,
Jan. 18). Thank you for having the
courage to stand up in front of the
majority of the younger men and
women who arc indeed the tradi
tional students here at Hie University
of Nebraska-Lincoln.
We (the non-trads). arc looking to
better ourselves in life by learning
more about the society in which we
live, and trying to find a place for
ourselves among the rest of America.
Nineteen years ago, I received my
high school diploma, a piece of paper
that really meant something to me.
Most kids then fell the need to serve
our country at a lime of war as I did,
and somewhere between graduation
from high school and Vietnam we
lost all sense of the values of higher
l can only speak lor my sell, but I
believe ihere are others like myself
who arc here for a reason, to try and
get our lives back together again,
even after all this time. My G.I. bill
ran out a long time ago. That was my
lault. Now I must pay for my mistake
by paying for most of my education
on my own. You the younger tradi
tional students, should feel apprecia
tive that there were men and women
who fought and died for your free
dom, so that you have the opportuni
ties to freely continue your education
without having to make such a choice
in your young lives today.
Those of you who know Andy
Gueck should give him a big pat on
the back, I know l sure would like to!
Gary Hoke
36-year-old, non trad freshman
Student answers Nelson’s quiz
This letter is in response to Bob
Nelson’s recent column (DN, Feb. 1).
He said he wanted responses, and
now he’s got some. I’ll just answer
his quiz questions in order.
1. The Challenger tragedy should
have ended America’s exploration of
space, or at least delayed it until
other, more pressing, domestic prob
lems arc solved, such as the budget
deficit or the evidently poor state of
our educational system.
2. Wife beating is not humorous in
any context.
3. The Alaskan whale story is
nothing to make jokes about. Now
maybe the superpower nations will
realize they can get together peace
4. This is exactly why I never
joined a fraternity. What if I didn’t
want to gel involved in one particular
activity? Would I have a choice?
5. If someone would explain to me
exactly what that large, red, k-shaped
ihing is, 1 might appreciate it more.
Why didn’t they install something
recognizable there?
6. The University of Nebraska
Lmcoln football players should have
the same provisions on receiving fi
nancial aid as me, which is why I
support the new NCAA rules.
7. Ted Bundy’s execution was
well-deserved. Thai’s all there is to it.
8. Actually, the fact that the Lied
Center is too small for a Guns ‘N*
Roses concert makes it seem very
useful, not useless, at least to me.
Well, that’s all I have to say for
right now. Let’s just hope that after
inviting reader responses, the DN
will print them in a normal matter,
not as they did last semester.
Andrew Meyer
Signed staff editorials represent
the official policy of the fall 1988
Daily Nebraskan. Policy is set by the
Daily Nebraskan Editorial Board. Its
members are Curt Wagner, editor;
Amy Edwards, editorial page editor;
Jane Hirt, managing editor; Lee
Rood, associate news editor; Lisa
Donovan, columnist; Diana Johnson,
• I
it . i t|| m • MM «
wire page editor; and Chuck Green,
copy desk chief.
Editorial columns represent the
opinion of the author.
The Daily Nebraskan’s publishers
are the regents, who established the
IJNL Publications Board to supervise
the daily production of the paper.
**i « * * * « * * * ' nr . r i 11 . i ♦#»’>•» i i i
• ia@r
John Bruce/Daily Nebraskan
‘Political nasties’ irk columnist
Royko ’s day is made by seeing cat-hating LaRouchies unhappy
crowd ol protestors had gath
ered on the sidewalk outside
he building where I work.
They chanted and yelled and sang
This isn't an uncommon occur
rence. Various groups occasionally
come downtown to demonstrate their
support of or opposition to one cause
or another.
Because such expressions of free
speech are legal, I respect their right
to do so, even though listening to
them can be a pain in the car.
While this particular group sol up
its din, a co-worker, who had just
come into the building, stopped by to
I asked him who the demonstra
tors were.
“The LaRouchics,” he said.
‘‘They’re all upset because La
Rouchc is going to prison.”
I immediately went to a window
that overlooked the street, opened it
and bellowed:
Shut your (deleted) mouths, you
stupid (deleted). I hope that (deleted)
rots in jail."
I’ll leave the deleted words to your
Someone has since informed me
that it is the policy of this newspaper
that employees do not lean out of
windows and shout obscenities at
demonstrators or anyone else. This is
a class joint.
So I won’t do it a§ain. But that one
lime, I couldn’t resist it. The joy of
the occasion simply overwhelmed
As you may have read, Lyndon
LaRouchc has been sentenced to 15
years in prison, and six of his follow
ers got prison terms ranging from two
to five years.
This has made all the LaRouchics
miserable and unhappy And any
thing that makes them unhappy
makes my day.
If there is one croup of political
nasties that I loathe, it is the La
Kouchics. I began langling with them
at least 10 years ago, back before they
became well known as a public nui
I wrote about their scams and
cons, using legitimate issues such as
drugs and nuclear war to play on the
fears of gullible people, hustle them
for money and pump the funds to
LaRouchc so he could live like a king
and indulge his fantasy of being a
major international political force.
They didn’t like seeing their
scams exposed. Nor did they like
reading facts about their leader,
LaRouchc, and themselves.
For example, it upset them when
ever I wrote that LaRouchc and many
of his original followers used to be
communists. LaRouchc was a vocal
defender of Joe Stalin and his meth
Bui for a variety ol reasons, one of
which was that you can’t make a very
good buck being a Stalinist, La
Rouche and his lop people switched
political gears and became sort of a
hodgepodge right-wing cult. It’s still
hard to caicgori/.e his beliefs because
most arc bizarre if not outright nuts.
One thing lhat didn’t change,
though, were LaRouchc’s methods
for keeping his followers in line. He
and his lop people still believed in the
Stalinist approach. They demanded
total, mindless obedience. They
brainwashed, bullied and intimidated
the menially troubled misfits who
gravitated to their cult.
And they used them to raise
money for themselves and La
but their methods I many caught
up with them. The government gath
ered evidence that they had bilked
people out of more than S30 million
in loans they never intended to repay.
And they nailed LaRouche for
claiming he had no taxable income
despite living on a huge estate with
servants. His expenses were all paid
by corporations he set up.
But what I dislike most about the
LaRouchies is that they have bumped
off cats.
I’m not a great cat lover, although
I provide food and shelter for two of
them. However, I think it is cowardly
to murder them.
And that’s what LaRouchies did.
When a reporter in New England
wrote about some of their antics, they
killed several of his cats. The killings
didn’t stop until the articles did.
Later, when I wrote about them,
they sent a cat death threat to the
young female reporter who was my
I figured that anybody who threat
ens a cal is basically a coward and a
wimp. So I phoned the LaRouchie
office here and said that if they threat
ened harm to any more cats, I would
come there with some large, violent
friends and we would break their
furniture, their legs, maybe a few
fingers and noses, and jump up and
down on their chests.
They shouted and sputtered that
those would be criminal acts. I
agreed, but said we’d do it anyway
and take a chance on getting a cat
loving jury.
And that was the last 1 heard from
the creeps.
I don’t know which prison La
Kouchc and his associates will be sent
to. But I hope that this column finds
its way to his fellow inmates. They
should know that they have a cat
killer in their midst. And I hope any
cat-lovers among them do whatever
they feel is appropriate.
© 1989 by the Chicago Tribune.
campus Notts
by Brian Shellito
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