The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, October 06, 1988, Page 9, Image 9

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    Sex without love is just sex
Well, we finally went ahead and
did it. The Daily Nebraskan has
published a “Sex in Lincoln” issue
of Diversions.
Curious students and faculty
members wondering about the
mystery of sex in Lincoln have been
wai^ng with baited breath to find
out about it It’s been a long time
coming, so to speak.
Here’s the historical back
ground, so you can put everything
in perspective and understand it all.
For the past three years, the DN
has published a “Drinking in Lin
coln” issue of Diversions. It’s sort of
become a proud tradition down
here. I’m not sure what that says
about our staff, but it does confirm
one of my primary suspicions about
journalists — you’ve got to be ob
sessed with knowing every little
detail about what’s going on
around you, a little bit crazy and
abuse at least one chemical sub
stance to be good.
„ Anyway . ..
The point in question is sex in
tincoln. Does it exist? Who is hav
ing it? Where are they having it?
phy rv* they having it in the first
place? Is it as much fun as it’s
cracked up to be?
S These are some pretty serious
questions with heavy social and
philosophical implications. Really,
pesides, we’re college students and
toe are being trained to think that
feay, so you’d better get used to the
Rea. *
L Sex in Lincoln. If you didn’t
Slow already, there’s an awful lot
of it going on. Don’t be ashamed if
you nad to ask. I wasn’t.
I was down at O’Rourke’s the
other night, drinking a beer and
thinking about sex. It’s funny how
the two seem to go hand in hand.,
isn’t it? At any rate, I was talking to
this woman who offered me some
insight into the subject of sex in
She said that Lincoln is a pretty
good town for having sex, because
besides drinking, there’s not much
else to do.
Enough said.
Lots of people get drunk and go
home together. Sometimes it even
leads to brief, torrid, hedonistic
relationships based on mutual de
sire. It’s the subject of many of the
songs you hear on the radio and the
jukebox down at the bar these days.
But why do people do it?
Of course there is the obvious
reason. We are a highly social pri
mate species, and promiscuous
sexual activity is an important fact
of life among social primates. It
serves to both hold the group to
gether, as well as, define each
member’s social role within the
group. Furthermore, sex is an ex
tremely pleasant; highly rewarding
So here are the major reasons for
all the sex in Lincoln, as far as I can
see — not necessarily in this order
— boredom, drunkenness, fulfill
ing biological requirements and
sensual pleasure. Don’t get me
wrong, these are good enough
reasons for me. Besides, I’m in no
position to cast moral judgment.
But there’s got to be more to the
story than what meets the eye, I just
know it. My sixth sense as a journal
ist and nose for news tells me that
there is a deeper force lurking
behind all this behavior. Something
in peoples’ lives is missing.
1 think what many people are
really looking for in tneir sexual
Quests is something to increase
teir sense of self esteem, a feeling
of intimacy and (dare I say it in this
age of emotional nonchalance)
Too many people are having sex
without being in love. That de
stroys the integrity, and ultimately
the quality, ot sex. Without love,
the novels v of a sex partner quickly
wears off, and promiscuity runs
rampant. Somewhere along the
line, the meaning of sex and the
meaning of love gets confused.
At any rate, as individuals we can
absorb ourselves in our sexuality
and still come away from the expe
riences feeling just as lonesome,
empty and spiritually unfulfilled as
we did before.
And with the threat of AIDS
becoming a worldwide problem,
each new partner is a new risk.
People are still taking a lot of
chances, looking for something
they just can’t seem to find.
It’s a sad message about the un
fortunate condition of our society.
But it doesn’t have to be that
I read an article recently where
this guy was talking about how
some of the most intimate, sensual
and meaningful sexual experiences
he had had didn’t necessarily in
volve intercourse. I agree with him.
These experiences involve some
thing more than just physical sex —
they involve love. That’s what it’s
really all about.
Think about it.
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