The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, September 21, 1988, Page 4, Image 4

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T"% »s Curt Wagner, Editor, 472-1766
I _ — ^ Lloliy Mike Reillcy, Editorial Page Editor
n !\ I <~a l'ti a'fc-fc r-| 1 *~*m.-**m Diana Johnson, Managing Editor
■ l \ PiylVlSKpin Lee Rood Associate News Editor
3 ^ '+*'**'*- '**u~*JZ. **>*M. ■- Bob Nelson, Wire Page Editor
IV Univorolty Of ftobraska-Uncoln Andy Pollock, Columnist
Craig Heckman, Columnist
Reader: letter slights blacks
This letter is in response to Luke
Schollmeyer’s letter (Daily Nebras
kan, Sept. 7).
I greatly disapprove of you choos
ing to limit your viewpoints. You are
not taking advantage of the full op
portunity of the excellent education
that has been provided for you. For
that reason, I’m disappointed. You
haven’t allowed your college experi
ences to broaden your viewpoints and
Note that I do appreciate the con
cept of black people, international
students, and white people engaging
in activities together. It makes for a
healthier society. But, please don’t
assume all black people want to get
involved in the white greek system.
You may be making some of your
ignorant assumptions because of your
lack of awareness. For instance, you
may not be aware that:
• all black people are not finan
cially unstable;
• the majority of the black students
at this university are not involved in
intercollegiate athletics;
• black people and anyone else are
capable of handling academics, fra
ternal and sorority obligations and
other activities;
• there is a black grcck system in
the community.
Please don’t underestimate
anyone's ability. Try not to absent
mindedly assume something, cither.
Attempt to view peoples’ abilities as
individuals — not by their race, cul
ture or tacked-on stereotypes.
I challenge you to enlighten your
mind with facts. From the facts, for
mulate your new thoughts and opin
ions. Then, I will respect you, your
behavior and your conclusions as an
individual. Tell me what the grcck
system has done to demonstrate their
tolerance of diversity.
Try again, Luke, and may the force
be with you.
Traci M. Fields
speech communications
Editorials do not necessarily re
flect the views of the university, its
employees, the students or the NU
Bomd of Regents.
Editorial rnhrmnr represent die
opinion of tSw author.
The Drily Nebraskan s publishers
are the regents, who established the
UNL Publications Board to supervise
the daily production of the paper.
According to policy set by the
regents, responsibility for the edito
rial content of the newspaper lies
solely in the hatkls.of its student edi
lOBi ..i ^ «
Tbull shorts 1
Here is some more prime beet.
This is to all you students and non-students. Next time you have a fine
meal and good service at a restaurant, remember to tip 15 percent. Most
waiters and waitresses only make $2.01 an hour. These people really work
hard for you to make your meal enjoyable and rely on the tips to take home
a decent wage.
Let's look at some of the recent TV commercials. Reebok's new bizarre
surreal commercials say U.B.O. What they really want is for U. to B. like
everyone else and wear Reebok's. , _
With all the substance abuse in professional sports today, why do we have
the 'Budweiser kickoff' and the 'Budweiser player of the game' when we tune
into Sunday football. Then Miller Lite uses former athletes to help sell
beer. I won't even mention the beer that shows all those beer bellies.
First we saw Michael Jackson sell out. Then Eric Clapton and Steve
Winwood. How we see Robert Plant prancing around pushing Coke. At least
I believe Clapton when he is sipping those suds.
Now for some more crime beef.
I for one think state lotteries are a good thing. But why can't they
make winning more attainable? Who can spend $55 million? OK dumb ques
tion. Why can't they make the top prizes $100,000 each and Florida could
have made 550 people very happy.
A professional sports team fleeing a city is not an uncommon occurrence
anymore. Owners claim they are a business and doing
so may be best for the business . Then why don' t fans
wake up and collectively buy their teams. They can
buy stocks in the team and have a say in the workings
of the business.
Now for some contradictions. Z
hate motorists who won't let pedestri
ans thru the crosswalk when it says
walk./ I hate pedestrians who dog it
while I'm trying to make that turn. I
hate politics. / I love politics. I hate
all the sexism in TV commercials where
they use scantily clad young women to
sell their product./ I love looking at
those scantily clad young
_ _i
Kerrey-amnesia sweeps Nebraska;
Short memories benefit campaign
he other day I saw a car bearing
a Wisconsin license plate and a
Bob Kerrey campaign sticker. I
figured that was about right. The
people are obviously newcomers to
our great state, and have no idea what
they are doing.
They weren’t here during the dark
days of 1985 and 1986 , when the man
whose moniker the bumper bears
waged his one-man campaign to de
stroy the effectiveness of the Univer
sity of Nebraska as an institution of
higher learning and research. These
people don’t know any better. They
can be excused.
What 1 don’t understand is all the
Kerrey paraphernalia I sec floating
around UNL. There can’t be that
many brand new people here, so there
must simply be a lot of forgetful ones.
Bob Kerrey was elected governor
of Nebraska in 1982, largely on a
promise to reverse the malaise at the
university and restore credibility and
integrity to the only flagship cduca
lional institution in the state.
He then proceeded to make the
university the bruntof virtually every
budget-cutting initiative he intro
duced. Remember the special ses
sions, the heated debates with the NU
B >ard of Regents, the systematic
gutting of every budget sent him,
regardless of how modest? Well, I do,
and 1 will not be party to any move to
get this man back into government.
The university was not the only
segment of Nebraska life to feel the
sting of Kerrey’s bogus leadership.
His handling of the financial institu
tion crises of the mid 1980s was atro
cious. Lives of many Commonwealth
depositors are still in shambles be
cause they made the mistake of be
lieving in the promises of the govern
ment that Kerrey headed.
And through the months of wishy
washy hem-hawing that was the
slate's successful attempt to find a
way to wrangle out of its legal obliga
tions, no one was wishicr or washier
than the Honorable Robert Kerrey.
Even if justice was not served, it
would have been nice to have had a
governor who made some attempt to
show remorse over the injustice. In
stead, Kerrey parades the fact that
fragmentary remuneration was made
and wants us to believe lhal this was
only because of his gallant efforts on
behalf of the downtrodden.
In at least these two critical areas,
Kerrey demonstrated a deplorable
lack of leadership and a general dis
dain for the wishes and needs of his
Campus Mote5
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