The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, May 02, 1988, Page 8, Image 8

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    Seniors pledge 50 grand for class gift
university ol Nebraska-Lincoln
seniors have pledged more than
$50,000 for a class gift benefiting the
UNL libraries, said Steve Forney,
president of the UNL Student Foun
The class of 1988’s gift comes
from 585 seniors who pledged an
average of nearly $86 each. Seniors
were contacted through a recent
phone-a-thon conducted by the Uni
versity of Nebraska Foundation.
The fund will be used to buy tele
facsimile and computerized compact
disc database systems for Love Li
brary on the City Campus and C.Y.
Thompson Library on East Campus.
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I HM **•* MP4.** >*i*e\ h
All wrapped up
Don Whitlock snoozes outside the massage tent while
waiting for a rubdown after the Lincoln Marathon Sun
day. Whitlock, a national guard member from South
Carolina, has run five Uncoin Marathons.
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Dohrmann cites
pressure in athletics
DOHRMANN from Page 1_
he didn’t get paid for four months.
Except for a three-year tour of duty
as a naval officer in World War II
Dohrmann remained with IBM in
various marketing and executive
positions for 34 years.
During the late 1950s, Dohrmann
said, he returned to UNL to partici
pate in the first master’s degree pro
gram at the university.
Dohrmann has kept close tics with
UNL as a member of the Nebraska
Alumni Association Board of Direc
tors. When he worked for IBM in
Washington, D.C., Dohrmann was
president of the Nebraska Alumni
Club of Washington.
He is a member oi the Nebraska
chapter of the Football Hall of Fame,
was the 70th honorce of the Lincoln
journal s .sjxjris nun 01 rame and
was selected for the 1962Sports Illus
trated Silver Anniversary All-Amer
ica Award.
Dohrmann was presented the
Alumni Achievement Award Satur
day at the Wick Alumni Ccntcrduring
the 1988 Half Century Club Reunion
sponsored by the UNL Alumni Asso
In 1938, Dohrmann played in the
East-West Shrine game at San
Francisco’s Kezar Stadium.
Dohrmann was awarded outstanding
lineman of the game for catching
seven passes — a record that wasn’t
broken until 1962.
Dohrmann has been chairman of
the West player selection committee
for the East-West Shrine Bowl for 10
years. He said the committee is now
selecting players for the 64th game.
Dohrmann said the only thing that
is the same about Comhusker football
is the fans. When the stadium held
30,000 people in 1938,30,000 people
filled the stands, Dohrmann said.
“Nebraska fans have always been
great fans,” he said.
UNL students can
exchange books
through ASUN
mcmmai from Pn 7
search for the books they want
10 buy, Correli said.
Correli said one problem of
the book exchange is that stu
dents may not get their money
for the books this semester be
cause many people will not be
buying their books until next
“It’s not quick, easy money
like the bookstores give,” Cor
rell said, “but in the long run
(students) can make more
money by holding (their)
He said the idea behind the
book exchange is to save stu
dents money.
“If you have a book that you
bought for $30 and you only get
$5 back,” Correli said, “it would
be worth saving it, and going
(through the book exchange).”
Students can negotiate a
price that will benefit both the
seller and the buyer, Correli
A seller may get more money
from another student than the
bookstore, while the buyer may
purchase the book at a lower
pice than he would get from the
Although the bill to start the
book exchange passed just re
cently, Correll said, he is satis
fied with student response to the
,rWe’ve had a few students
1 come in already, and they think
it’s a good idea,” Correll said.
Correll said even though a
similar type of book exchange
failed five years ago, he is con
fident it will work this time. He
said the biggest problem will be
getting students to come in and
fill out a card.
“It takes five minutes to
come into the office and fill out
a card, or to look and see if your
book is available,” Correll said.
“I think that’s worth more than
taking $5 for your $30 book,” he