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    Bigots, Greeks and smoke incense readers
Senator calls criticism
of joke bills unfounded
In response to the “A-SUN
blocked”editorial (Daily Nebraskan,
Feb. 25): As the author of the “Sun”
and “Psyched” bills, I found a few
points unfounded. For instance, that
some senators are not serious due to
“joke bills.” I have worked exten
sively on the issue of the tuition sur
charge for the engineering college by
writing letters to the governor, state
senators, the Daily Nebraskan, the
Lincoln Star and Journal, and spoken
with deans and vice chancellors, as
well as at the two regents’ meetings
addressing the issue. I am still in
volved in the matter through my
position on the Equipment Commit
tee in the mechanical engineering
department. I wonder if all that will
fit on my resume?
I also found it surprising that none
of the “joke bills” discussed in the
editorial has ever made it to the floor
of the Senate and has therefore never
been “discussed and passed” as
stated in the editorial.
True, the bills were written as
jokes, but were never intended to be
take seriously or reflect that the
Associated Students of the Univer
sity of Nebraska is not a responsible
organization and is able to address
many topics effectively. They were
mainly written as entertainment for
the senators and staff of AS UN.
By the way, I am looking forward
to April 1 and the next edition of the
“Daily Halfasskan” and some truly
serious journalism.
Joe Wurtz
engineering senator
Condemners of gays
have ‘shallow’ beliefs
In response to the alleged Chris
tians and others who seem lobe so of
fended by homosexuals: If you have
nothing more to worry about than
someone cIsc’s lifestyle and/or sex
ual preference, I would like to change
places with you.
On the other hand, you seem to
have such a shallow perception of
what’s important in others, in your
selves and in life itself, that I’m more
than happy to stay where I am.
Cid Donnelly
graduate student
Christ didn’t condemn
gays, reader contends
It’s disheartening to see Christ’s
teachings, based on a philosophy of
love, continually used to justify per
secution. This philosophy is summa
rized in the parable of the good
Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). I also
would like to point out that nowhere
docs Christ condemn homosexuality
or homosexuals.
I would suggest that those of you
who use God to justify fear, hale or
anger (and thereby justify its effects)
please look beyond those justifica
tions to see if you are truly acting out
of love. Know thyself, and we shall
know you by the fruit that you bear.
Hopefully, it won’t be bitter.
Pat Tetrcault
post-doctoral fellow
psychology/law program
Reader faults letter
but understands point
In response to Scott Wilhite’s let
ter (Daily Nebraskan, Feb. 23), I felt
his sarcasm was degrading. My first
response was anger. I did as Kim
berly Randle and other letter-writers.
I took offense because I am a black
female. When I read Wilhite’s letter
again, 1 understood the point being
The point is, you can’t lock people
in the closet because they arc differ
ent. You must accept them, whether
you like them or not, and learn to live
with them.
I do criticize Wilhite. The com
ment he made could have been inter
prctcd in many different ways. I had
to read it twice to come to some
conclusion. I think the best way to get
a point across is to make it clear so
that everyone has an understanding.
By doing so, no one will be hurt. I
don’t think Wilhite used good judg
ment when he responded, and it’s
obvious that he didn’t have the audi
ence in mind. If Wilhite meant to be
offensive by his comment, then it’s
obvious that his thinking is outdated,
and he is living in an unrealistic
Jannettc Bush
ASUN senator lauded
for fee-reduction bill
I would like to congratulate Sen.
Steve Henning of the Association of
Students of the University of Ne
braska for having the “insight” to the
views of the general population of
University of Nebraska-Lincoln stu
dents and to have the guts to intro
duce a bill to reduce student fees.
Henning has shown that not all
ASUN senators arc irresponsible,
carefree spenders. Students should
keep this issue in mind when they
vote in the upcoming ASUN elec
Lewis Coulter
Greeks take top spots
in ASUN, Boldt says
After listening to all the rhetoric
surrounding the current Association
of Students of the University of
Nebraska campaign, I find it rather
ironic that the major issue raised by
both Voice and Action campaigns is
non-Greek representation, or should
I say “lack thereof.”
I am the first and only non-Greek
executive in six years, and with this
campaign, that streak will extend to
seven. Until ASUN parlies include
non-Greeks in their executive slate, I
fail to sec how either can cast the
proverbial first stone.
Let’s drop the charade of “con
cern over equal representation” and
find a solution. Both parties are
squandering too much time on a dead
issue. If the executive candidates are
true leaders, I challenge them to stop
focusing on the problem — and start
concentrating on answers and solu
After all, true representation ex
ists on all levels of an organization,
not only lower levels.
Shawn M. Boldt
AS UN first vice president
resident of Abel 7
Non-smoker refreshed
by UNL smoking ban
I would like to applaud the Uni
versity of Nebraska-Lincoln’s new
policy to ban smoking in the halls,
classrooms and labs. This news is
literally a breath of fresh air for this
non-smoker. I have been irritated to
no end by outraged smokers who
insist that they have some inal icnablc
right to poison the air, leave butts
anywhere and make life generally
unpleasant for me.
Well, my cancerous companions,
please review the Bill of Rights,
Articles of Confederation, Magna
Charta, Ten Commandments or any
other respected collection of human
rights and obligations. Nowhere will
you find it written that I must endure
your doggy breath which just so
happens to endanger my health and
In my opinion, it takes a hell of a
lot of nerve for smokers to complain
that their rights arc being violated
when they have shown so very little
regard for mine. Not only have I had
to suffer from their smoke in the halls
and at the Nebraska Union, but I have
also had the displeasure to breathe
their foul air in classrooms while
classes were in session.
I see the UNL plan as a solid step
toward a more pleasant atmosphere
in which to study and enjoy the
company of stimulating individuals.
Curtis Bright
teachers college
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Reader says ASUN
should change course
The first part of this letter is in
response to a letter by Eric Peterson.
Peterson, I know that the Association
of Students of the University of
Nebraska docs not have the final
authority over which student fees are
refundable and which arc not. I did
not state nor imply in my last letter
that I thought that was the case. 1
merely stated that I felt that if ASUN
really wanted to do something posi
tive for the students, then they should
work at getting Fund B fees refund
able. You should take your own
advice and not criticize without
knowing what you arc talking about.
The second part of this letter is
again about ASUN. After my last
letter, I had a long talk with my own
ASUN senator. He assured me that
none of the senators want their col
lege costs to rise. I suppose it would
be a bit ridiculous to think that any
one wants to pay more for college.
However, when ASUN had a chance
to vote on a bill that would lower
student fees by 10 percent, they voted
it down. John Bcrgmeycr, I assure
you that many, if not most, students
would have welcomed a change of
direction by ASUN. ASUN would
not have been running scared if they
had voted for the decrease after just
approving an increase, they would
have finally been taking a stand to
support the students. After all, who is
AS UN supposed to be supporting, the
students, or James Griesen, who felt
it would be a “knee-jerk” reaction to
approve the bill. Of course, Griesen
probably would not approve the
decrease anyway, but it might have
been a good try.
Brent Boettcher
ag honors
The Daily Nebraskan welcomes
brief letters to the editor from all
readers and interested others.
Letters will be selected for publi
cation on the basis of clarity, origi
nality, timeliness and space avail
able. The Daily Nebraskan retains
the right to edit all material submit
Readers also are welcome to sub
mit material as guest opinions.
Submit material to the Daily Ne
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St., Lincoln, Neb. 68588-0448.
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