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    News Digest_ By The Associated Press
Earthquake strikes
off Alaska coast
A severe earthquake struck off
the south-central Alaska coast,
shaking Anchorage 270 miles
There were no immediate
reports oi injury or damage, but
thousands of coastal residents
awakened by sirens and police
loudspeakers fled homes in
low-lying coastal communi
The quake struck at 2:36
CST, and had a preliminary
Richter scale magnitude of 6.9,
said Alec Medbery of the Tsu
nami Warning Center in
The U.S. Geological Survey
j at Golden, Colo., said it re
corded the quake at 6.8 on the
Richter scale.
Officials issued a tidal wave
warning for most of the Alaska
and British Columbia coasts.
Although it was later canceled,
coastal communities are being
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Food airlift may be only hope for Ethiopians
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia —
Emergency airlifts of food arc the
only hope for tens of thousands of
drought victims in northern Ethiopia
whose relief pipeline has been dis
rupted by rebel attacks, the chief of
U.N. relief efforts said Monday.
“We had hoped to avoid the colos
sal expense of an airlift, but most
relief agencies agree that an immedi
ate airlift is needed,” said Michael
Priestley, in charge of the United
Nations relief program in Ethiopia.
Priestley said he hoped airlifts
could begin in the next couple of
weeks to Tigray province, where 75
percent of the crop has failed and 1
million people face starvation.
In neighboring Eritrea, crops are a
total loss and another 1 million
people are at risk.
Attacks on truck Cwnvoys by reb
els in Eritrea have prompted the
government to close intermittently
the mam road to Tigray, choking off
supplies. Eritrea still is able to get
food from the nrovinccs’ Red Sea
port of Massawa.
Trucks, already scarce in the
north, were destroyed by the dozens
in the attacks, including 23 U.N.
flagged trucks.
Normally this would be the height
of the harvest in Ethiopia. But fields
stand plowed and unplantcd in some
areas because the rains failed in June.
In other areas, too little rain produced
stunted crops of wheat and sorghum.
Livestock now graze on food in
tended for people.
Some dismiss report
as partisan indictment
gressional Iran-Contra report
paints a picture of a Reagan ad
ministration at odds with the law
and the Constitution, but minority
Republicans dismissed it Tuesday
as a partisan indictment of the
president that ignores foreign pol
icy questions raised by the affair.
The report says President Re
agan flirted with constitutional
crisis by creating a White House
atmosphere that encouraged eva
sion of legal requirements and
flouting of proper procedures for
reaching foreign policy goals.
It also says the administration
violated the Constitution by going
to third counties to solicit dona
tions for Nicaragua’s Contra reb
els at a time when Congress barred
even indirect military aid to them.
And it is sharply critical of
Attorney General Edwin Meese
III, questioning why he delayed
launching a criminal investigation
of the affair when it became public
a year ago.
The voluminous document,
reviewing in detail the story of
how administration officials sold
arms to Iran in hopes of freeing
Americans held hostage in Leba
non, then diverted some $4 million
of the profits to the Contras, is due
to be released today.
Andy Manhart/Daily Nebraskan
Officials continue budget battle
WASHINGTON — White House
officials and congressional leaders,
pledging to conclude a deficit-cut
ting deal this week, met into thenight
Tuesday; but agreement remained
“We have no choice but to put it
together,” said Sen. Lloyd Bentscn,
D-Texas, chairman of the Senate
Finance Committee. “We have to
show that the president and Congress
can work together. Otherwise, the
psychological fallouton the financial
markets will be very bad,” he said.
White House Chief of Staff How
ard Baker said everybody wanted to
agree, and even though it was “sort of
a moving target and (sometimes) it
seems like it recedes,” success was
“certainly a possibility.”
The goal is to reduce the deficit for
fiscal 1988 by at least $23 billion.
Gorbachev asked to address
Congress, Cabinet Dec. 9
WASHINGTON — Soviet leader
Mikhail Gorbachev has been invited
to address a joint meeting of Con
gress during his summit with Presi
dent Reagan next month, House offi
cials announced Tuesday.
The White House said Reagan
should be accorded “the same oppor
tunny” to address the Soviet people.
Gorbachev is expected to address
Congress and the Cabinet at the joint
meeting at 10 a.m. EST on Dee. 9,
said Wilson Morris, a spokesman for
House Speaker Jim Wright. Gor
bachev would be the first communist
leader to be accorded the honor.
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