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Daily Nebraskan
Wednesday, March 19, 1986
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Catholic Women's Holy
Week Retreat "
Father Garold Gable will conduct tha Holy Week Retreat for Young
Woman, March 27-29, at Good Counial Ratraat House, Wavarly, Young
womM, whether in collaga or career, re invltad to taka advantage of this
opportunity to coma asida ewhila to pray. Juniors or taniort in high
ichoot arc alto welcome.
Tha ratraat will bagin with registration at 7:00 PM. Holy Thursday
evening and run through Saturday afternoon.
The price of $25 covers room and meals.
Fat tartW WwMtota. tealKt t Miriaa titiart si las
eftJrm teiaw m ul M 711 27M
CUf see KAJl TO. Marias Sattm. to. 1 1 lot. W.rt. HE IHS2
I instead.
NAME (Plea Print).
' .
""r""" m -'"
Our traditional
solid 14 karat yellow
gold wedding band
ONLY $29.95
aP f auaairsui!Buu.aiw . T
1 1 50 'O' St. Gateway Shopping Center
1 f 1
(V ri
in mi
at fa
V J A . A
J n; nj.. " M
Harper 5
I 3
Beta Sigma Psi
Ccli Us.
475- 7372
611 North 27th
476- 0707' ;
11th AComhusksr
2933 North 48thAJnip!ace
4728 PrescottCollegeview
1415 SoutVSouth Area '
OsJmont Plaza
Ucld DeSivery Art a. Our DrtVsrt carry tets ttoi
o if me
g to ihe Pub
Motto of the week: "Stop think
in. Start drinkin'. Get stinkin'. " ,
Jeff Creel
After embarrassing myself last week
by picking Indiana to beat Cleveland
State how could I have thought such
a thing? I decided this week I'd ask
my friend Pete Watters to pick thf
mismatch of the week.
Pete knows quite a bit about spoli,
even if he did bet on the Patriots in the
Super Bowl. In fact, he coaches the
0'Rourke's women's softball team. I'm
the manager myself. I call 'em up and
tell 'em what time practice is and what
color outfits they should wear to the
Goodwin's .
Bad Ones
Pete teaches them how to throw and
catch and stuff like that. See, I'm not
very good at that. For example, last
summer Sunday, August 18 to be
exact, I was playing softball with some
people from 0'Rourke's.
I was playing second base. Frankly,
I'm no Ryne Sandberg. In fact, I'm not
even a Steve Sax although I haven't
killed as many worms as he has. Any
way, Bob's playing short. He goes out
and makes a good, running catch of
this fly and whirls and fires to me to
pick Charles - or was it Joe? I forget.
The doctors say I may never get all of
my memory back off second. Like,
he thinks he's Cal Ripken or somebody.
Anyway, I see this big, huge, white
orb coming at me and then there's a
POP! and then I'm looking at the sky.
Oral least half of it.
There's blood all over the place. I
look like an extra in "Rambo" or some
thing. So they have to take me to the
health center to get me stitched up. It
took four stiches, folks. Four. But I'm
as good as new now except for the
nine-inch scar on my face.
As a matter of fact it was Pete who
took me to the health center and told
me to bleed all over Patty's car. I did.
Sorry, Patty.
So that's why I don't coach.
Anyway, so I figure Pete will be at
0'Rourke's on Friday afternoon and I'll
meet him there. So I meet some of my
DN buddies there. We're a fun loving
bunch here. In fact our motto is "We
work so you don't have to. We party
because we love to." Catchy, eh?
So us DNers were there having a few
and after -awhile we were going to
Mark's to eat some red meat. (We love
our red meat here, too.) But I didn't
wanna go eat, especially red meat. I
don't eat much of it anymore, particu
larly on Fridays. You see, I went to
Creighton last year and if they caught
you with a burger in your possession on
a Friday they'd flog you. So after a few
floggings I figured it would be just as
easy to eat fish. I like fish anyway.
So the DNers and Pete say, Hey, let's
go to the Pub and watch the Nebraska
rt a 8s i
mm1 Mm
X - I I
a m vt -am. w
27th & Vine
e it; i
9 V
or mi
' was-.
game. So I did. And you think I don't
have an exciting life?
The place was packed. And they
were yellin' and hollerin' to beat the
band. If the Huskers played all their
home games at the Pub they'd never
So we watched the Huskers go down.
It was pretty uneventful except for a
moment in the second half. Brian Carr
was bringing the ball up court and all
of a sudden perhaps aided by the
Budweiser I had a vision.
Jerry West was on a deserted court
popping in jumpers and telling me
what life was all about, why we're here,
etc. And it all made sense. And I'd like
to share it with all of you except that I
can't remember what it is. But if I
remember I'll tell you next week.
Anyway, then we went back to
0'Rourke's. They were watching bas
ketball there, too. The Maryland
Pepperdine game was on.
After awhile my friend Tend showed
up. She was bummed out 'cause Pep
perdine was losing and she'd picked
Pepperdine in this pool that 0'Rourke's
Now, Terri's pretty smart she has
a 3.5 GPA and almost won a Rhodes
Scholarship but I've got her when it
comes to basketball and Trivial Pur
suit. For example: One time we were
partners in Trivial Pursuit and we got
the question, "Who was the tallest
president?" Well, I mean the obvious
answer is Lincoln, right? So I said, Lin
coln. But she says no, she's had this
question before, and the answer wasn't
Lincoln. So we geussed LBJ. It was
So, anyway I told her that she should
have picked Maryland because it's a
better team. .
. But Pepperdine has such a pretty
campus, she says. She went out there
last summer, you see. Carta, her sister-in-law,
just had a baby girl Desla,
they named her I don't know where
they got that from, I guess they wanted
a California name. Anyway, she was
staying with them and hobnobbing
with Hollywood people. She has per
sonally autographed photos of Clint
Eastwood and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
Really. 1 mean I've seen them.
So she's going on about how beauti
ful their campus is. It's right across
from the beach at Malibu, etc. etc.
So I tell her she's pretentious. She
isn't, of course, but we have this run
ning joke, actually - about preten
tious people.
Anyway, we're kidding around and
these two nasty, nasty people sit right
in front of the jukebox. So I start mak
ing snide comments about them. They
were pretentious.
, Terry left after awhile. She plays on
the softball team and she needed to get
home and get rested up for the season.
So I'm talking to Pete and I'm about
ready to ask him about this mismatch
business when I notice this guy looking
at the jukebox". He's complaining
because there aren't any songs from
"The Big Chill" on the jukebox.
I felt sorry for him so I told him I'd
sing "A Whiter Shade of Pale" for him.
Sue begged me not to but I felt I'd
made a commitment. Besides, the guy
said it was one of his favorite songs. I
said it was one of mine, too.
He said it was still one of his even
after I sang it.
It was shortly after this that I con
fused the prostate gland and the
pituitary gland. I knew it was time to go
' So I never did get Pete's mismatch of
the week. But if he were here now I
think he'd say "Auburn and UNLV,
Geoff. Or maybe Cleveland State and
Navy. We all know how bad Cleveland
State is, don't we?" And then he'd
Ticket lottery
this week
The 1988 Mudeni football lottery
will be March 17 to 21 from a a.ra. to
noon and 1 to 4 p.m. at the South
Stadium ticket office.
Student tickets an? $42 for six
btfsitf gists. A 'spome ticket ccstj