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    Tuesday, March 18, 1986
Daily Nebraskan
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Manchester shows
By Lise Olsen
Senior Reporter
From seer-sucker suits to orange
wide-wale skirts, the British clo
thing invasion has finally hit Lincoln.
"The English Girl," owned and
operated by a 1978 UNL business
graduate, opened March 12 in the
basement of the Douglas Three
Theatre building.
The owner, Taushif Hashmi, has
stocked the Lincoln store with more
conservative English clothing lines.
His current stock is exported from
two of his existing clothing stores in
Manchester, Britain's second larg
est city.
With decor ranging from Union
Jacks to posters of Madonna in the
movie "Desperately Seeking Susan,"
Hashmi is attempting to strike a
balance between Lincoln and Lon
don chic.
Transferring his English fashion
savvy to Lincoln presents a few chal
lenges, Hashmi said. But he expects
Run-off to be held for second
ASUN will hold a run-off election
between second vice presidential can
didates Tony Coe of the Excel party and
Tim Geisert of the Impact party.
Last week, Coe received 1,204 votes
compared with 998 votes for Geisert.
But, Regent rule 6611 states that an
executive candidate must be "elected
by a margin over the next higher can
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SUN.-THURS. 8:30-11:30 PM
Harper, Schramm, Smith Cather-Pound
Abel-Sandoz Neihardt-Selleck
16th & Vine
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IBiino store
its style in new surroundings
his friends and his knowledge of
Lincoln gleaned from four years of
undergraduate school to help.
After only a week in business,
Hashmi already is planning to ex
pand his stock and double his retail
space by expanding into a vacant
adjacent area Hashmi also plans to
open a store in Omaha this summer.
Shoppers at "English Girl" might
be surprised at the variety of fabrics,
ranging from polyester to cotton.
Customers also will have to adjust
to European sizes. An English size
10 corresponds to about a 5 or 7
American junior size, Hashmi said.
Several styles, such as cotton
floral-print jumpers and metallic
suits, are targeted for college-age
women. But some, such as the stan
dard acryllic sweaters and tweed
skirts, should appeal to all age
groups, Hashmi said.
The range of fashions reflects the
British, style, Hashmi said.
"Britain goes from one extreme
to another," he said. "You see very
conservative to very wild."
didate of at least 10 percent of the total
vote cast."
Greg Smith, director, of the ASUN
Electoral Commission, said Monday
that the election will be conducted by
the League of Voters and polls will be
located in the Nebraska Union, East
Union, Nebraska Hall and Mabel Lee
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601 N. 16th
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David CreamerOaily Nebraskan
Some styles Hashmi considers
too radical for Lincoln include hatpin-style
earrings and micro-minis.
Hashmi sells a few jeans, which
are unisex. Skirts dominate the
stock, Hashmi said, because Euro
pean women prefer them to jeans.
Although Hashmi is a five-year
veteran of English retailing, he says
he'll have to adjust to make his
mark in Lincoln. Hashmi predicts it
will take much more advertising
and almost two months of work to
get established here. It only takes a
few weeks to get established in Eng
land, where a store's success depends
on word-of-mouth and foot-traffic,
Hashmi said.
Prices at "English Girl" range
from $24 for a sweater to $70 for a
dress. Through March, Hashmi will
offer a 15-percent reduction on all
Although he admits there may be
a better market for English clothing
in larger, trendier cities, Hashmi
said he expects to find success in
Lincoln, his old college haunt.
vice president
Hall. The run-off election will be decided
by a simple majority, he said.
Smith said each candidate will be
allowed $64.50 in campaign money,
half of the regular election allocation.
He said the same procedures used in
the regular election will be used in the
run-off election.
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D Lunch? Dinner? I alio a l-picnd ! o
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Today Only
11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Dine in orders only. Must present
coupon when ordering. Chicken burger not included.
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For questions call Marlene at 472-2581
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19, 1986
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