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Daily Nebraskan
Monday, November 11, 1985
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Clockwise from top: Dennis Gibson (57) stops Von Shep
Photos by pard on a reverse attempt; Wary Mensl and her daughter
Mark Datris and Robin of Virginia, Neb., huddle for warmth In the stands;
Dan Dulaney Nei' Smith roughs-up Alex Espinoza after a pass attempt;
Doug DuOose is pursued by Lester Williams.
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Cyclones suffocate
Dropped passes frustrate
ISU coach, quarterback
By Chuck Green
Staff Reporter
I'm sure they did a good job. We just screwed
Iowa State coach Jim Criner found little to be Cyclones were called for holding four
pleased about in the Cyclones' 49-0 loss to times in the game, but the Huskers declined two
Nebraska Saturday. of the penalties.
"It was a very poorly played game on our part' f , . . d h imDressed with Nebraska's
Criner said, "We didn't give ourselves a chance. n c0
The Cyclones were held to only 187 yards total Nebraska did m excellent job on the option
offense, 85 of which came through the air. The d ., h? sad Their quarterbacks ade
Iowa State passing game was hindered, however, h tradition of
by receivers dropping passes. Nebraska tailbacks was evident today. Defen-
"Alex (quarterback Espirmza) did a good job sively Nebraska was an outstanding football
of getting the ball to the right people," Criner team,
said, "but wjj just couldn't open the other end of
it. They didn't hold onto the ball very well. We'll Nebraska rolled up 573 ycxd3 cf total cfTense,
just have to go recruit some people who can. including 533 yards Tushm:;
Espincsa echoed his coach's thoughts. Crir cr to predict the outcome cf the
Nebraska Oklahoma game, but he did note the
"Every time a receiver doesn't catch the ball" similarities between the two teams, having
he said, "I have a tendency to get frustrated. I played both of them.
was pretty frustrated through the whole game.
Espinoza completed only nine cf 25 passes
Saturday, and threw one interception.
The cold weather there was a 12 degree
wind-chill factor at game time had little to do
with Iowa State's problems, Criner said.
"It was cold on both sides' he said. "The cold
wasn't the reason for those fumbles. You can't
use it as an excuse."
Iowa State also had penalty problems. The
Cyclones were penalized seven times for 54
yards. Criner was particularly upset with Iowa
State's holding penalties.
"Their option games r .? similar," Criner said,
"bat I think Nebraska has better misdirection
phj-s. Oklahoma has an extra threat on options,
though, with their quarterback."
Espinoza felt Oklahoma's defense is faster,
"but Nebraska's defense has more power
"Their line gets so much penetration," he
said, "It should be a hell of a game."
Oklahoma defeated Iowa State 591 4 earlier
this season.
Espinoza said the Iowa State team's attitude
is "frustration." Criner agreed with his quarterback.
"That's the most ridiculous thing in the "I'm really down right now," he said. "Not
world," he said. "The amount of time we spend because we got beat by Nebraska, but because
working on that (in practice) and then to have we looked so bad doing it. It's enough to drive
that kind of crap. I'm not blaming the officials you crazy."