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    Monday, September 9, 1985
Daily Nebraskan
'Men and Angels' rich, complex,
but packed with generalizations
Page 7
By Colleen Holloran
Staff Reporter ,
"Men and Angels" by Mary
Gordon. Random House. 239
Pages. $16.95.
It's easy to have high hopes for a
book when three interesting women
Book Review
are introduced in the first six pages.
The characters, Anne, Helene and Laura,
are immediately distinct, three-dimensional,
passionate people.
"Men and Angels" is about passion
of all kinds maternal, sexual, artis
tic and religious. Anne is the mother of
two and an art historian, equally con
sumed by her love for her husband and
children and her work cataloging the
Mework of an unknown 19th-century
Helene is a jealous scholar who is in
love with Anne's husband, Michael.
Laura is a twisted religious fanatic who
becomes Anne's live-in babysitter.
The relationships between these
characters, and later Jane, the artist's
daughter-in-law, comprise the frame
work of the book. Anne reluctantly
agrees to take Laura in; Michael is in
London for the school year on a univer
sity faculty exchange program, and she
needs in-home child care if she is to
continue her assignment. Her reluc
tance stems partly from the fact that it
was Helene who recommended Laura
and partly because she is unnerved by
the seemingly spiritless 19-year-old.
Laura's problem is a bizzare one: She
considers herself the chosen one of
God. She is secretly bent on saving
Anne from her earthly encumbrances,
including her home, her children and
her husband. She can lead Anne out of
sin, and Anne will be so grateful she
will love only Laura.
Parts of the book, especially when
Anne is mentally debating whether or
not to have an affair with her electri
cian, are terribly forced. Much of the
dialogue is the same. Anne's friend
declares, "When you're a mother, you
think with your claws."
Generalization is not the same as
insight. Gordon could have used less of
the former and more of the latter.
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Seeger, Guthrie mix works
SEEGER from Page 6
He sang "The Pickle Song" which
goes like this:
don 't want a pickle,
I just want to ride
I don 't want a tickle,
I just want to ride my motor
and I don t want to die,
I just want to ride my motor
Then Guthrie commenced to telling
a story about how he was riding down
the road on his cycle at 150 miles per
hour, pickin' his guitar and singing
when that song occurred to him, and he
just kept talkin' because the song was
so bad that he didn't want to get back
to it, but the crowd was enlovina his
story so he kept talkin and Pete kept
tappin' his toes and eventually he had
my motor to meander back to that awful verse
and everyone laughed when he finally
Guthrie also sang "Key to the High
way," "Michael Row the Boat Ashore,"
Steve Goodman's "City of New Orleans,"
and he and Seeger closed with a sing-along
version of "This Land Is My Land,"
his father's most famous song.
Seeger said he and Guthrie do about
eight shows a year together. Although
their sounds and styles are different,
he said, they have a chemistry that
works well. Each tries to find songs
that the other hasn't heard, so each
performance is different.
The concert was unique for the
relaxed atmosphere and loose struc
ture. But Seeger and Guthrie's mes
sages about love, peace and social jus
tice were also rare commodities in
these days when most music is dressed
in commercial trappings.
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. hin Crust Pizzj -
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; y.. .... - A q
a vx the ureal aste o
of Godfather's Delivered to You! O
Drink sneriak Gonri i. .. i is i. a m- m
Q at 1 2th & Q only. VVMTf FSti t W-OUW Q
Ml M
JLr rati-
Bill T. Jones Arnie Zane Dance Co.
Next Wave Sensation
Art Ensemble of Chicago
Great Black Music Ancient to the Future
A Chekov Evening
John Houseman's Acting company
Well Tempered Clavier
Christoph Back, Pianist
Cyrano tie Bergerac
Featuring John Collum
Ballet da Montreal
The Eddy Toussaint Company
Missouri Repertory Theatre
Sonny Rollins
with Three other Musicians
Nathan Milstcin
Supreme Master of the Violin
The Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra
First U.S. Tour in a Decade
i The Christmas Story
Waverly Consort
Great Expectations
The Guthrie Theatre
Juliiard String Quartet
The Ultimate Ensemble
Polish Chamber Orchestra
Back at Lastl
Alvin Alley '
American Dance Theatre
Marian McPartland Jazz Trio
The Class Act of Jazz Pianists
Albert Einstein, The Practical Bohemian
Starring Ed Metzger
Bella LcwRzty Danco Company
Surrealism in Motion
Ronald FbdJard Flamenco Guitar
An American Master
..i .."I -j ;
Programs in this year's series are supported with grams from the Mid-Amem
Arts Alliance, the Nebraska Arts Council, the National Endowrrwnttor theAr
and the Ruth K. Seacrest Memorial Concert Fund, the Jeimek Memorial Concert
Fund and the Katherine and Jack Thompson Fund for the Performing Arts.
Kimbail Box Office 472-3375
113 Westbrook Music Bldg. 11th & R
1 1 am - 5 pm, Monday-Friday
UjJniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
alff Sill-' - -sSw 1Bi.5f
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