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    Monday, September 9, 1935
Daily Nebraskan
Uninsured drivers risk penalties
Editor's Note: Shelfov Ktu
lawyer for UNL Student Legal
Services, will write a biweekly
column answering students'
legal questions.
Question: I just bought a car for
$250. My friend tells me 1 should buy
car insurance, but I really can't afford
it right now. Is it against the law to
drive without insurance? What can
happen to me? Signed, R.A.
Answer: If you can't afford basic
automobile liability insurance, you can't
afford to drive. Too many students find
themselves in the middle of a nightmare
when they cause an accident and do
not have liability insurance. They risk
losing their licenses and being sued for
thousands of dollars.
Nebraska law now requires drivers
who are involved in accidents to prove
financial responsibility to the state
Department of Motor Vehicles. In
January, a new state law will require
proof of financial responsibility in order
to register a car. And automobile lia
bility insurance is the easiest and least
expensive way to prove financial re
sponsibility. Driver's License Revocation.
When a car accident occurs, the police
and the drivers involved are required to
file accident reports. The Department
of Motor Vehicles receives these re
ports, reviews them, and decides which
Fall marks end
of timelessness
GOODMAN from Page 4
What, I wonder from my post in a
hammock, would happen if we reclaimed
a private Sabbath? What if we obeyed
that most humane of the old religious
injunctions: A day of rest?
I wonder if there might not be some
freedom in the restriction. The freedom
to not chauffeur, shop, clean. The free
dom to spend time in the most profli
gate way, whole hours of it in leisure
and pleasure, instead of frittering away
the coinage in errands and obligations.
I don't know if I can reclaim this
secular Sabbath, even for sanity. At the
door to a summer cottage the chores of
fall already knock, demanding atten
tion. It is remarkably hard to transfer
chunks of time from doing to being, to
give ourselves as much time as our
laundry. But this new year, I resolve to
What will I take home from my
summer vacation? A bit of nothing. One
day a week, maybe. With luck, it may
even take root in the cool September
19S5, The Boston Globe Newspaper
Co.Washington Post Writers Group
Goodman Is a Pulitzer prize-winning
columnist for the Boston Globe.
driver, if any, caused the accident. The
driver responsible for the accident will
be asked to either prove they had
liability insurance at the time of the
accident, post a bond for the estimated
cost of damages and personal injuries
to other people in the accident, file a
release of liability through a negotiated
settlement with the injured people or
file a court judgment showing that the
driver was sued and the court decided
he was not responsible for the accident.
If drivers do not do one of these
things within 90 days, their licenses,
car registration and license plates will
be revoked. If drivers are convicted of
driving after their licenses are revoked,
they could be sentenced for up to 90
days in jail and fined $500.
Lawsuit for damages and per
sonal injury. When drivers who have
liability insurance are sued, the in
surance company is obligated to provide
attorneys to defend the lawsuit or pay
the claim by negotiating a settlement.
If uninsured drivers are sued, they
must hire a lawyer or negotiate for
Drivers can be sued for damage they
caused to the other driver's car, which
usually means the fair market value of
the car before the accident. If someone
is injured in the accident, drivers can
be sued for medical expenses, lost
income, pain and suffering and attor
ney's fees.
If a court judgment finds drivers at
fault, their assets will be subject to
collection methods such as garnishing
wages and bank accounts or attaching
property. If they have no assets now,
future earnings and property could be
subject to collection because judgments
can be renewed every five years. For
some uninsured drivers in this predica
ment, the best solution is to discharge
the debt in bankruptcy.
Criminal Sanctions. Under the
new law (LB404, Section 60-302, 60-528
Nebraska Revised Statutes) effective
in January, it is a Class II misdemeanor
to drive a car without carrying proof of
financial responsibility in the car.
Any driver unable to produce such
proof upon request of a law enforcement
officer shall have 10 days to show that
financial responsibility was in existence
at the time of the request. A Class II
misdemeanor carries a maximum pen
alty of six months in jail and a $1,000
If you have a legal problem or
question for this column, send a letter
to Ask Your Attorney, Shelley Stall,
Student Legal Services, 335 Nebraska
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TUITION from Page 1
increase requests until the committee
reviews them. The committee will
decide later how much state employees'
salaries will increase.
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