The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, March 18, 1985, Page Page 8, Image 8

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    Monday, March 18, 1C25
Dally N&brcskan
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Ncbrr-slia foeitosa E&ckis Ss&ith performs on the Kievea
bars La Fridsy's Big Elg&t Chszapims2d?3.
D . FREE 'Hot Wax or p
$7 a Day Ski Rentals
with tfiis ad
new location: DowntevSs, CO
1-70 exit 234 40 niks West of Dcnvsr
Look fosr.ths bright excen sign
Jteh of the Conoco Station
r nrNfi " r" '" rri?
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frwn ri p f sr3
I JboI Wt fc,T-,J t
s. (La s4i
rX ) I
ii it.-., J
I HDP A rsJfn nn r
i uj if ui vwi . r',t
1 ' Specials
Professionals !S9K) rIOW $S50
Limited M&50 NOW 420
i . " limited sizes available..
Ey Eidi Cocpcr
A poor rotation ca tha uneven bars
kept Nebraska's women's mrtlcs
ttzn from the Dig Eight
Championship from 1 lth ror.ked Okla
homa Friday night tt the Dob
Sports Center.
Tha Socr.ers v;cn their second B'g
Eight Championship by or.a point ever
ths Ccn.hUo!ers 183.E5 to 182.C3. Mi3
Eoad f.r.Lhed third with 131.10, Clda
bona Sills finished fourth with 1C0.S5
zzii Icv;a Ctits Lh 163.45.
Nehri:ha Ccich Pick Wdtcn said
esch cf ths three fsl's on the b:rs cost
tha ttm .5 points.
"It v.03 a tremendous competition,"
Walton sild. "We pushed Oklahoma
herd except ws fdl dov.-n cn tors tr.d
that cost i3 the r.ect."
Walton said the nst t was very close
and that anybody could have won the
meet. .
The tllcrcunJ compstitlca was J"j:st
L3 clr.c, u Oklahoma State's L'rtda
Eiatun won by .15 ever defending
champion Amy Priest cf Ckhherita.
The Junior from Dayton, Ohio, won
with a 37.23 to Print's 37X3. Priest
wo3 in the lead until she fdl thro 3
times cn the balance tern. Elttun hit
all cf her events for aa tven score cf
Kclrarha's Tcrri Fnrrnan f.niahcd
third with 0.63 tr.d Smith
sixth with S3XD. Snith w3 in second
place until the fell three U.t.-j cn the
ba!Jice bert
"I coiidn't believe I fell on beam,
because I w.13 corildcut going It," said, "But all I could do is say to
myitif that I couldn't fdl c ; Jn."
Walton said he wis heppy T.lih the
tt;;ni score because it eppesrs good
enough to get the ttm to Terape, Ari2.,
l-farch GO for the KCAA reor.ab.
"This has improved a lot
since last year," Wilton rJ.l "We
Sale-runs until
iMKfscJ jT ' '"'
I . ..
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a v
V 1 V s
Tfe2 U.O. list Bod Association Med EagVtisJern.ttiab wsr &tPers2Acditoii'2ra
Sttcrdsy. The fowheel-drive mad Koastcra raced ca a l;fot fasck ia ths slsSe of
tSis issaa. Elore tfcsn COO tests cf zt wers tstdc d ia to citka iSsa tmdc
; More bowlers .
join leagues at
V? ffi- i"v-f. ft-f "-TTb 413 -- i-j&mt,.'m- fxpAi ,-1 nsiv-ffl f.Mi
f 1
Located in the Ncihardt Residents Hall, Modern Language
Floor is a living-learning center where both language skills
and a sense of community are promoted.
Resident program assistant works under floor
director and with Student Assistants to further
the goals of both the floor and the program.
- IcaeonatL Lutncy in French, German, or'
- Ooi interpersonal & ccmmarication skills.
- Ah Zxy to design & promote group activities
- l::;'.det:t hl lirlr experience. (Helpful)
-" socnT(Apprcxhr.atcly snd an
opportunity for personal and professional
' development.
Rease send, cover letter, resume and a tetter of recossmsi
X. 3
t 4
Mors bsiers cro sk tha East
Union North 40 bses, bat Espnond
EcsloL' cssasssr cf th ssid the
crush Is net is bad cs expsttel
Urion krss, 20 isc- tssrs have
bsa added st the Esst Lacs. Most of
ths iscrsssc3,css3 fjcsj the pnent
child lesgaes, which uss the lsaes on
Sandys. The tes slm haire gilned st
ksst eight student tcaias, Kcsiol aid.
"But we hsve hcressed ettcadssce
thresh the Rusabsr cf ksie teams
that compete cut here, 13 well ss those
who srejust cssusl bowlers," he ssid.
The closing of the City Car:p lanes
his given the East Corpus him "o
tbuadsnce cf spare porta for our
machines," Kosiol tsM. The Esst Isnes
row have a fcur yesr supply of shoes,
balls siid pir.3, he ssii
"The ccRstruetioa is the soe, but
the facility is newer," he ssid. "We
seemed to get uite a vm City usspus
bewiers mi I bdieve that b becssse it tii
1. - vrt -rf
Is a newer facility a
' "I iJso thL-dt e,st a Li d f aepb
brl cut here because theytsre drses
,cut here sad tie s 1st cere tz-J2zt
tlth cur fedlity, Kcdcl .id.
Kc:isl e:t!r:i e. rero!! cae
cf Co Ei;t C.v.r3 L r - 3 " - 1 ;r';:i
13 to ?p::er; f.:.i clL:t
. -a . II
131 !!: f:::
-if- -
-- - T
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