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Daily Ncbraskan
Friday, March 15, 1SS5
1 i
Reader unhappy
with stripping story
I have been a visiter on campus this last week.
I have been pleased with the professional quality
cf your newspaper.
While reading the Wednesday, March 13th
issue, I read something I was net pleased with. It
was an article reporting on a stripping telegram
service. The article wis objective and very gra
phic in its presentation. By printing such a gra
phic article, is this not promoting the idea by
Does not human reason say that such things
are not right? Parents do not instruct their
children that "stripping" is the thing to do, do
they? Do they not instruct them so when they
become adults, they will behave moral? Hope
fully this does not mean that Nebraska is throw
ing away its moral character.
I am deeply grieved that such an article
appeared in an otherwise professional-looking
Brian Thompson
Ames, Iowa
'Repo Mian 'fans
could have saved $3
This letter is a supplement to the Bill Allen
review cf "Espo Man," (Daily Nebraska., March
13) currently shewing at the Sheldon Film
The UPC-East Sights & Sounds Committee
showed "Repo Man" as part of a three-movie
package Feb. 23 in the East Union Great Plains
Eoom. In addition to "Repo Man," we had "Never
Say Never Again" and "Valley Girl" in a program
we promoted as a Pajama Party. If a student
attended this program and wanted to see only
one film, the cost for admission was $1. If the
student saw two films, the price went down to 50
cents. To see all three free, the student would
not leave. Not a bad deal, don't you think?
But at the end of the evening, when "Repo
Man" was shown, fewer than 10 students re
mained. Through its Spring Film Series, UPC-East is
providing some inexpensively priced entertain
ment. I hope the Sheldon Film Theatre i3 packed for
every showing of "Repo Man." Bat for the stu
dents who do attend, remember, you could have
seen the same film on East Campus for a few
hard-earned dollars less.
Thomas J. Chochrek
Program Adviser
UPC-East Sights & Sounds Committee
Sdilut&rbiisch 0.
I am writing in response to till Alien's review
cf "Grease," (Dally Kebrtskaa, March 12). The
title cf Ids review, in part, was "Theatre version
dinars fccm mcvis.w5is is tree and I want to
point cut perhaps alacr difference between
Cards &
the two.
I've read and I've heard a countless number of
times that Brad Schluteibusch's portrayal of
Danny Zuko isn't adequate. It's been said that he
doesn't quite fit the image of a tough gang
leader. The way I understand it, Zuko is merely a
member of a gang who holds the respect of his
peers. To me, Kenickie is to bis portrayed as the
tough guy who leads the group.
The reason why there is so much misunder
standing in regard to Schluterbusch's portray:!
of Zuko is because the UNL production is based
in the origins! play and not the movie. Too many
people don't realize this and go to see it with a
preconceived notion of what it should be like .
and then come out of the theatre feeling rather
I don't think that the ability of any of the
actors or actresses should be criticized unless
one knows for sure the differences between the
character personalities in the play and in the
Trad Ahlhrandt
Pre-pharmacy, Junior
Editor note: la lis rcvievr, Alien &zM
f' 1 '4Trf?s?'f mpmi9 ma J&jfKim a" T'
The Daily Ncbraskan welcomes brief let
ters to the editor from all readers and inter
ested ethers. -
Submit material to the Daily Nebrasksn,
84 Nebraska Union, 1403 E St., Lincoln, Nei.
At the Sheldon
O ThAzassPi2soQasrtt will present
a concert in Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery Aud
itorium on Saturday at 8 p.m.
The ensemble, which has been in residence at
Iowa Stale University since 1880, is touring
nationally and achieving a national reputation.
The cellist, George Work Jr., is a Lincoln native.
0 The Nebraska Directors' Theatre, lilO Q
St., will present His Csaste Sskespesrc:
As Yen like It, Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday
at 2 p.m.
The comedy finds its base in the Shakespea
rean comedy, "As You Like It," b&t adds a spe
cial twist by viewing the play as it would be
presented by a rag-tag traveling theatre company.
O The Lincoln Community Playhouse, 2500
S. 66th St., will present TLzy Fever, Friday and
Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2:S0 p.ra. Per
formances of the play, written by Ned Coward,
will continue March 21 to 24 and 28 to SO at 8
p.m. A 2:30 p.m.. matinee will be "presented
March 30.
0 Dsj3 vdth Toys will play Friday and
Saturday nights at the Drumstick, 647 N. 45th St.