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Daily Nebraskan
Ke -Br
Monday, December 17, 1934
UNL counsekrr warns
of Christmas stress
By Barbara Coiaito
Daily Nebraska!! Stflf Reporter
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k vv
1 x-tftzva
t-T --rn t nr uliirfi flfffll "j
unusually cold or hot aUoS
time pr-A if " UI
The additional stress of finals pression, Williams said
and deadlines or heightened lone- Campus police have records
liness brought on by the Christ- four cases of attempted sn,v iS
drive a severely depressed person UNL police Investigator. WilliS
to attempt suicide, according to and Byrns said they thought that
Vern Williams, director of the number was low.
UNL Counseling Center and pro- "A reasonable estimate might
fessor of educational psychology, be double that," WTilliams said
Rarely, however, does one event While in the general popuia-
or series of events cause a person tion, statistics show that one in
to commit suicide, Williams said, four people experiences abnor-
"A person doesn't just get blue mal depression, Byrns said she
for a week and try to commit sui- imagines about 50 percent of col-
cide he said. lege students consider suicide
Williams said he thinks there is It is difficult for college stu-
an undiscovered biochemical in- dents to maintain a normal
volvement in most suicides. schedule, Byrns said.
He said he also thinks it is pos- Staying up all night studying
sible for an environment to be so and eating irregularly leads a
depressing that a person loses all student to "crash" physically as
hope that the situation will ever well as mentally,
improve, such as children living Watching eating and sleeping
with and abused by mentally ill habits and trying to maintain a
parents. more nonnal schedule will help
Impatience, said Judy Byrns, in avoiding depression, Byrns
assistant administrator of the said.
UNL Psychological Consultation Other than that and having
Center, is one of the causes for someone to talk to, Williams said
suicide amongybung people. They there is little "a severely depressed
fail to realize that things will person can do for himself,
change. They don't believe it will Soothing music, movies, splurg
get better. - ; ing on yourself or self-help books
They dont think about death; won't do anything, he said,
they think about not hurting any- Social isolation is typical of
more," she said. depressed people, Byrns said.
They have no understanding of Getting out and doing some-
the finality of death, she said. thing with other people breaks
Williams said many people feel the pattern not only of being I s
depressed or negative toward alone but also of not doing anv- i t
themselves for days or a week at thing.
a time. "That's not unusual." Taking control of oneself and
Williams said he would distin- doing something, anything, is bet-
guish between normal denressinn ter than "not rfnino" Rvrnc c,a
and severe depression by the dur- She said she often recommends
ation of the depression and exercise to depressed people. I '
whether the mental state is ac- Mental health professionals are
companicd by physical symptoms available to students through sev
as well. eral outlets: The personal crisis
Having negative feelings about line, 475-5171, the mental div-
oneself for more than a couple of ision of student health, the Coun-
weeks plus some disruption in seling Center in Seaton Hall and
bodily functions not sleeping the Psychological Consultation
or sleeping too much; not eating Center in Burnett Hall are a few.
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Bed end ErcrJfet i a hvc!y Southern Fhntctfen
biit in 15S. G&j tn lioir Lxm tha
Roils 1, Box 157
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V AVT THRU DEC. with student I.D.
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