The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, December 17, 1984, Finals Week Edition, Page Page 27, Image 27

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    Monday, December 17, 1934
Daily Nebraskan
Pago 27
lite I h k .rsiyj hA
Continued from Pag 24 desert planet to a fertile Eden
The Harkonnens defeat the Paul (Kyle MacLachlan) is in-
Atreides for awhile, wiping out deed the superbeing the Bene
the Duke Atreides and most of Gesserits dreamed of, and the
his fighting men. But the Duke's Messiah. MacLachlan turns in a
son Paul survives, as does his fair attempt at recreating the
mother, Jessica, who is a Bene charaismatic boy-leader of the
Gesserit. They are taken in by people but the Harkonnens
Arrakis' native population, the steal the show.
Fremen, who have legends of just Oh, and if you're just going to
such a pair leading them to free- "Dune" to see Sting, I warn you
dom and to the creation of a new now: He has a bit part But he's
Arrakis transforming it from a 'good at what he does.
'Jewel in the Crown'
debuts tonight on ETV
The five years preceding Eng- The Jewel in the Crown," filmed
land's granting of independence extensively in India with a huge
to India in 1947 haye been called cast of British and Indian actors,
the "final years of the forced mar- is a sweeping dramatization of Paul
riage between the two countries, Scott's four novels known collec-
followed by the agonies of divorce." tively as The Raj Quartet."
It is in this uneasy setting, when
rioting and violence heralded the
coming independence, that the
British and Indian men and
women are embroiled in The
Jewel in the Crown," a 14 -part
series debuting on Masterpiece
Theatre, tonight at 7 p.m. on the
Nebraska Educational Televison
Masterpiece Theatre is telecast
with closed captions for hearing
impaired viewers.
-j'. Ml III E
The University isn't your only op
tion. Especially il you're anxious to
start working in the world of busi
ness. Lincoln School of Commerce will
give you the training you need for
fields like computer programming,
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So now that you've given it the old
college try it may be time to try
something else.
Day and evening classes at LSC
begin soon. Call us now for more
information. ' '
1821 K Street Lincoln, Nebraska
Nebraska Wats 800-742-7738
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4 r.- "z
f Oslo tiourwey oil k-IV"
Tfcs"ee of the stors of "The
Jewel ia the Crown," which
airs on NETV beginning tonight.
ii J-
CofDhaskefs Dsn
8S3y ffOD fe0S8
Esadqaarten of tts
oi5 EfNs St
733 EtffsD St.
t i
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if? i n
f 1 r t III! El I S 1 f U 1
n Mil in J i
ljl i I J
V I I I f 3
1 i
1 I r-1-
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