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    Thursday, November 8, 1984
Daily Nobraskan
Page 9
Thar Lap 9 horse flick
runs slow, steady pace
Review By Tocr Sw&nson
Dally Nebrss&an Staff Filter
Thar Lap was too good, that's
why he's gone," says the race
horse's trainer after the horse's
demise. The movie, now playing
at the East Park 3 Theatre, can
not make the same claim.-The
film runs slowly out of the gate,
with mediocrity in the turns, and
with only a slight burst of speed
at the finish to look respectable.
Director Simon Wincer creates
a steady performer, but nothing
to set the world afire, as did the
film's namesake. The film lacks
intensity and drive. Thar Lap"
runs a slow, steady pace on a
track muddied by greed and in
equity. Only the horse, of course,
holds its nose above these human
Wincer and producer John Sex
ton spared no expense in this
story of the greatest of Austral
ian racehorses.
They invested vast sums into
making the film as true to its
1930s time period as possible.
This simpler time allowed them
to create a simple story, a story of
greed, love and pride. As may be
expected, the horse contains
plenty of the latter two and the
humans have much of the greed.
Unfortunately the film concen
trates on the trainer and owner
and their desire for money and
Ron Liebman and Martin
Vaughan plays the ruthless owner
and trainer. Their work only adds
depression to the days of the
depression with their heavy-
handed performances. Liebman
laces fire in his showdown with
the snobbish racing board who
tries to stop his horse with excess
weight. Vaushn seems to be con
stantly depressed; he simply
staics at the ground when hb
horse wins the biggest race in the
country. He sells his principles
and hls self-respect for his dream
of a successful racing stable.
The only redeemable character
besides Phar Lap is Tommy, the
stable boy. Although a bit too old
to play the star-struck kid in love
with the horse, he uses more of a
mutual rer pect with the horse to
push Phar Lap into victory after
victory. Tommy also has another
love, but the horse wins out re
markably without objection from
Tommy's wife.
The horse symbolizes all that is
good and right, white the audience
cheers him on. The dramatics get
a little heavy during the repeated
episodes of slow motion races set
to dramatic theme music. They
should be popular with those
who seek a good feeling building
up to a bettersweet ending. The
kids went be corrupted; the lan
guage is squeaky clean. The horses
are pretty and the production
lavish, yet no vivid impression or
message grabs the viewer. For
younger moviegoers this should
be enough. Kids love horses and
that sells tickets.
As a racehorse Phar Lap was a
strong, fast champion. As a movie
Thar Lap" is more like a pony at
the carnival; slow, methodical,
but it seems to make the kids
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