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Daily Ncbraskan
Wednesday, September 26, 1834
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The ill fated soft drink made a
brief appearance at the Nebraska
Union vending machines two
years ago. After a limited market
ing campaign, the red-colored
drink faded away.
Now, t he Coors distributing com
pany is trying again this time
with a cola.
"Cornhusker Cola" appeared in
several Lincoln stores after Labor
Day. The drink, with cans designed
for each Big Eight team, is also on
the market in each respective
The crimson and crcme colored,
1 2-ounce cans feature Herbie Hus
ker and the 1984 schedule and
sell for 50 cents.
A Big Eight Pack featuring cans
dedicated to each of the confer
ence schools also is available for
Billy Henry, the Norman, Okla.,
branch manager of Coors Central
told the Oklahoma Daily that the
cans could become collector's
items. Ken Johnson, Coors dis
tributor for Nebraska said the
winning ways of Nebraska foot
ball should help sales.
"It's (sales) been spotty so far,
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Domincan Republic.
By Lori Griffin
Deily Nebraskan Staff Writer
The first time he competed was
Reaching the Olympics is a goal jn Moscow in 1930 and most
every athlete strives for. Achiev- recently in Los Angeles. He began
ing that goal is something that diving at 14 and had just turned
senior Husker diver Reynaldo Cas- 5 when he competed in his first
tro has done more than once. international competition in
"My first goal was to make my Mexico City,
country's national team and at ' .
that time I was not thinking about There are many differences in
making the Olympic games," Cas- the events, according to Castro,
tro said. Castro competed for the At the college level he partici-
Bpw rnw 1 up law, mi firm in i itiii iinwiiij iiimmi i n rrnT fxrtw"
pates in the one- and three-meter
springboard. When he competes
internationally, he participates
in the 10-meter tower and three
meter springboard.
Castro did not know if he would
participate in this year's games
until midsummer.
"I have not been back home for
two years now and have not been
diving for them for that long
either so I was not sure if I could
participate in the trials," he said.
Diving coach Jeff Huber was
pleased with Castro's performance
in Los Angeles.
"He only missed one dive," Huber
Joel SsrtoreDaSly Nsbraskan
Deting in
said. "He showed a lot of compete
tiveness and if he would not have
missed that one dive, he would
have been in contention for the
Huber "discovered" Castro in
1880 while he was competing in
an international meet in Canada
and it was then that he began
recruiting him. Nebraska wasn't
the only school to recruit Castro.
He said at least five and maybe
six ether schools recruited him.
Among those interested in Cas
tro were Michigan, Michigan State
and Indiana
Castro has goals both in inter-
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but after Nebraska blew out UCLA,
we noticed a big increase in sales,"
Johnson said. "People wanted to
have something associated with
the football team after that, and
Husker Cola was it."
The Sports Beverage Company
of Illinois began marketing the
cans after an experiment with
Illini beer and Badger beer in
"We had some pretty good suc
cess with those products," said
Rick Higginson of the Champaign,
111., company.
Higginson said each Big Ten
school also has its own special
Johnson said major outlets have
been slow to pick up the sports
cans, but he was confident that
business would improve as the
season goes along.
The Big Eight Pack and single
cans of Cornhusker Cola are
available in Lincoln at Jack's Two,
Wendelin's and the N Street Drive
in. An employee at N Street said
sales are slow except for game
"If it were beer it would sell bet
ter," she said.
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values f Row 4.i2 I
Oft wv UM-tR
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ovm 100a hmjti you
Tennis rAC our. rdAu.
from a MAMC
Sopt. 27
1 w i
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pressure checks, vital capacity readings, strength tests,
flexibility test body composition, modified step tests
and diet checks. For a S10 fee you may aiso have a blood
chemistry profile. (For eating instructions prior to blood
chemistry, call 472-2102, Ext. 225)
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national and in college competi
tion. "The 1988 Olympic Games are
possible. It depends on a lot of
things and I am willing to try for
it, but I just do not know how far I
will be able to go with it," Castro
said. He also said his main short
term goal is to participate in the
World Games.
His main goals in international
competition are to participate in
the University World Games and
the Pan-American Games.
"If I go to the Pan-Am games,
then. I will know that the Olym
pics are possible," he said. J
His goals for his last year as a
Husker are to try to perform bet
ter in the Big Eight and make Ail
American in NCAA Division One
Castro's participation in the
Los Angeles games will, Huber
said, "help his diving because he
will be willing to work harder. I
think that he knows how good he
is though it takes a lot of time for
divers to realize that."
Since the Olympics, Castro has
taken a small break from diving
to prepare for school.
"Nebraska is a good school and
I am happy to be able to partici
pate in a good program like Ne
braska has," Castro said. -
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i 11
1 H
Reg. 3.00 each
NOW $2.50
12 Dozen
Reg. J16.00
One Dozen
Reg. 25.00
As-ranging available
Sale ends Sept 23, 1S34
' Michael's
Flowers a Gifts u
1 1
l !
Sponsored by the University Health Center.
1217 "Q" St.,
Glass Menageris
474 0194
f 1
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