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    250 callers help Cablevision
cut down on illegal hookups
By Jana Dalilman Boimsa ''
i .-
About 250 anonymous callers have
helped Lincoln Cablevision crack down
on people who illegally tamper with
cable television converter boxes. The
callers used a toll-free number offering
up to $300 for tips on the illegal sale or
hookup of the boxes.
Illegal tampering is a problem that
may cost Cablevision between $200,000
and $500,000 this year, according to
Terry Santo, assistant director in charge
of security for Cablevision.
Cablevision began its efforts to stop
converter-box tampering in March with
its "Excuse Me" program. The program
allowed people to turn in illegally mod
ified boxes without penalty. By the
time it ended'in mid-April, Santo said,
the program had netted 1,221 illegrJ
In the second phase of its program
to stop the theft of its services, Cable
vision is joining with the National Bus
iness Crime Information'Network and
the Lincoln Crimcstoppers program to
offer the toll-free hotline, Santo said.
' Rewards for tips vary, Santo said,
from $25 for reporting an illegal con
verter box to $300 for reporting the
sale of illegal boxes.
Cablevison controls access to its ser
vice by programming its converter boxes
to receive only certain channels, Santo
said. Some people, however, are able to
reprogram the boxes to receive chan
nels to which they are not entitled.
Such tampering is a misdemeanor,
punishable by up to six months in pri
son and a $000'fihe, Santo said. But
Cablevision does not usu ally prosecute
on a first offense, he said. Instead, th2y
charge a $150 tampering fine.
The Cablevision hotline number is
Nebraska's economy...
CcEtiaised fhua Pare 1
Retail sales also declined 1.3 percent
from March 1982 to March 1934. Pur
sell said that adjusted for price changes,
retail sales declined 6.5 percent, non
motor vehicle sales declined 5.1 per
cent, and motor-vehicle sales declined
14.8 percent.
Lincoln is among the Nebraska cities
that have seen economic growth in the
past few years, Pursell said. Other cit
ies with "encouraging economic signs"
are Omaha, Scottsbluff, Gering and
Kearney, he said.
Pursell said he expects the Nebraska
economy to expand during the coming
year. He also said he expects personal
income and employment to rise. But,
Pursell said, increasing interest rates
may dampen the outlook of the agri
culture and small business sectors.
Despite the high interest rates, Pursell '
said, the agriculture market looks op
timistic. Rumors of harvest problems
in the Soviet Union have helped lead to
that optimism, he said. Pursell said
that anything short of a major crop
shortfall would not affect the state
economy because of large world grain
lilie trip applications available'
Applications for the Oktobertrek bi
cycle trip are now at Lincoln's Ameri
can Lung Association of Nebraska
office. They are also available at many
Nebraska bicycle shops.
The 100-mile trip is scheduled for
Sept. 22 and- 23 as a benefit for the
Nebraska association. The cyclists will
trek from Lincoln to Wilber, where
they will camp overnight. They will
return to Lincoln the next day.
will camp overnight.
The association will' provide infor
mation on cycling and will provide
dinner and breakfast on the trip.
Prizes will be available for people
who raise more than $200 in paid
pledges. There will also be a grand
prize winner.'
Interested cyclists should call Sheri
Larson McAuliffe at 474-5858 before
Sept. 1.
Saturday, July 28th
11:00 a.m.
at our showroom, Cotner & 'O' Streets
-Pine and oak waterbed frames
Over 50 instock
Dressers (pine and oak), chests, night
stands, mirrors-Over 90 pieces
Sheets, bedspreads and miscellan
eous accessories-Over 50 pieces
-Demonstrator Ma tresses-over 50
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UNL mav share
8 data computers
if) f J? 1 1 qifh i,vj ?j n r
VUh i:.r.y ti tuz"y eLz:q U3 three Control
C.:ta Corroratbn computers v;lih seme of
U: lr:;l:z'3 h': l school;, I ::L Chancellor Mar
tin llzzzcr.ziz z.zid l:st week at a wortehep zi
u Lincoln cleir.entrjy school.
i Izzzvs.-yUeyA IKih Li interested in devd
c?lr a pilot pre -rem to discover the cocts end
I :nci;t3 cf a trlhcr.e hookup between the
ccz.riiira CTid Nctrrka hi-h schools. The
: hv ::! J, r.!Jit :Zy.y echoob to otl'cT
CuL;-; ::l courts end s fecial instruction
',o r:X to crll; that tLU h a p:!:t
rr. :,:.X,ilv' zu ir.ll n;L r.ecds to
r ?ro f r .);:t tlz ce;S c!:h sficrcra t;rcrj
?, hit ..j.
'-.l- crjxl'.- V. 'j Z'i coar:.":, I ,.?.
i fiU, b tr';i hen hc-t'l'.tp cc:i!i c.'hv.'
i'iz i ir.t o coirr. to r u tar. ' : I ittzizio bca-
t?23 v:czll tzdl to the cdzVzv.zl pre "r: -.13
a!rc?dy cITcrf dly UL'Lthrcr ,h the Ncbrcr!ca
Cdcstior! Tc!-.L53n KctY.-crk, end throch
t!t2 new Mi:-::- rstcm, ;h!:h UIJL
cizzzz-i to li Lr?;.-:-r.:t to a clrcem b
I. 1 I
One weekend a
month we can give you
a whole new outlook on
your profession. As an
officer in the Army
Reserve. Youll enjoy the
Erivilegesof rank. And
ke the respect and
responsibilities that go
with it.
Serving one weekend
a month plus two weeks
during the year will
give you the chance to
add new dimensions to
your career. And youll
earn $2,200 or more per
year to start. Licensed
BSNs and 3-year certif
icate nurses with at least
12 morubs' experience
are eligible.
A change of scenery
once a month could be
good medicine for you.
Y p -
.Call Staff Sgt.
Jan Johnson
collect at 397-8339
crossword n
Patoots Saloon Presents
(and it's going to get worse)
Featuring some of the area's best comedians;
Paul Heydt, Rob Noxious,
Robbin Goodheart & MORE
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S 1
i I
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Tuesday. July 24 1934
Dally Nabraskan