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Tuesday, March 29, 1983
Daily Nebraskan
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Lvcn though 1 still have a while yet,
I'm beginning to look ahead to what I'm
going to do after J get out of college. My
inclination at this point is to create a
publication, utilizing my knowledge in
both journalism and politics. Of course,
this concept is nothing new, so in order
" I
to succeed, I need to come up with
something totally different.
Therefore, upon graduation (which,
at the rate I'm going, will coincide with
the 1996 Winter Olympics), I will take
all my Daily Nebraskan earnings (that is,
those which 1 haven't already traded in
for Tony the Tiger Frisbees) and start a
political magazine, geared toward
teenagers, to be called Washingteen Beat.
Hopefully, the magazine will be a
hybrid of two prototypes: George F.
Will's insightful political commentary, and
Scott Baio's "Why 111 Never Go
Hollywood Like The Fonz." A typical
issue would include articles such as:
-Ronnie Reagan: Star Wars is such a
fave-rave flick, I've made it into my
defense policy !
-Teddy Kennedy: Ten reasons why I
want to be president (and how you can
be my first lady)!
- Washingteen Beat exclusive! Strom
Thurmond: I want to be one of the Kinks!
-Bobby Kerrey: Discover Bob's Ne
braska and win a fab weekend there!
- Plus!! A sneak-peek at the Democrats
new MTV video, "Do You Really Want
to Hurt the Economy?"
Let's look at a typical feature, shall we?
"Nancy and Ronnie: Why We'll Never
Go New Wave," by "Scoop" Henry.
You know you've loved the Reagans
(Nancy and Ron to their friends) ever
since they rocked their way into the world
famous White 'House in 1980. Lots of
important things have happened since
then: Richie left Happy Days, the Duke
Boys (Bo and Luke) left Hazzard.and Van
Halen and Valerie Bertinelli got married.
But, through it all, Nance and Ron have
remained the same lovable people they
were when they left California.
"Of course we have," Nancy confirms,
setting the table for her husband, whose
unpredictable schedule is never allowed to
interfere with dinner.
"Ron told me a long time ago he never
wanted me to change. Ever!! Why, I
suppose he'd just hit the ceiling if I ever
dyed my hair purple!" Nance demures,
serving up the franks and beans (the
prez's fave food) she has prepared for
She of course is referring to the rumor
that she and her hubby, the cliief exec,
had gone punk, colored their hair a strange
violet hue and changed their names to Sid
and Sylvia Saliva. Further, the rumor went,
their aids would no longer be referred to
as the White House staff, but rather,
Walking Fetus.
"Nothing could be further from the
truth," chortles Ronnie, who by now has
settled down to supper. "True, Nance
and I dabbled in funk after her appearance
on 'Diff rent Strokes' (rumors romantically
linking the First Lady and pint-sized
star Gary Coleman are also false), but,
heck, we couldn't get into new wave . . .
on a beach!"
j 11 Li
Nance laughs at Ronnie's jest and adds, say, we can all be old wave! And proud o
"Just tell vour readers we re old wave ... it!!
and proud of it!"
Well, Nance and Ron, I've done as you
asked. I think a lot of kids who were
confused about whether they should go
punk or not can rest easier now. As you
Be sure to check next months issue
of Washingteen Beat, when our feature
article will be: Tip O'Nell: How to have a
groovy date (and help our nations
economy at the same time)!!
Feminists' goal: Oest of both sexes
Although I do not want to be respons
ible for starting an ongoing battle, I must
reply to Tad Stryker's letter to the editor
concerning Becky Stingley's article,
"Androgyny is Movement Goal" (Daily
Nebraskan, March 15).
Unfortunately, Stryker missed the
whole point of Stingley's column. Fem
inists do not want to change women and
men into a sterile society of humans, as
Stryker so narrowly put it. Both men and
women are subjected to negative roles
assigned them at birth which they are
expected to fulfill. Men are generally
socialized to be aggressive, "macho,"
domineering and insensitive. Women are
told to be passive, weak (physically, as
well as intellectually), docile and inferior
to men. What feminists are trying to attain
by espousing androgyny as a goal is to
encourage the positive aspects of female
and male roles in both men and women so
that each person is free to be who they
truly are and not pattern their life on
destructive and oppressive roles.
Contrary to Stryker's final comment,
women and men are not equal, not
socially, and definitely not legally. Ask
the countless women who everyday face
discrimination in employment and the
judicial system, and homemakers and
mothers who are made to feel inferior
because of the occupations to which they
have chosen 10 dedicate their lives.
Lee Smith
senior, political science
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The UNL Police Depart
ment received the following
calls and complaints from
7 ajn. Sunday to 7 a jn.
6 :50 p jn . - Car reported
stolen; vehicle later located;
case unfounded.
9:00 p.m. - Security
alarm malfunctioned at Ad
ministration Building.
9:17 pjn. - Injury re
ported at 464 N. 16th;
person taken to hospital.
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3. C20-1GT010-SrJD00-3nD
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WED., MARCH 30th
". . . . education is not something which
the teacher does, but , . . it is a natural
process which develop spontaneously in
the human being. It is not acquired by
listening to words, but in virtue of
experiences in which the child acts on his
environment" Mono. Uouesson
Central 6704 Dodge 556-20S6
Lincoln 261 5 Austin Dr. 489-81 1 0
All-Day Class 9270 Ames 572-8020
Bellevue 2111 Kimbefly 291-9355
Mobib mos hod setvico till bo of .
CS1 W. 1C0li CS
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0:30 pm -11:39 pm
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