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tuesday, november20, 1979
lincoln, nebraska vol. 103 no. 59
Officials for Sooner game
not concerning Osborne
By Paul Huscher
When Nebraska Football Coach Tom
Osborne said the Huskers will go to Nor
man, Okla. Saturday without a "chip on
our shoulder," he's not talking about the
31:24 Orange Bowl loss to the Sooners on
the first day of this year,
Instead, he was referring to the contro
versy surrounding the officials for" the
Oklahoma-Nebraska game which will be
the same ones that worked the Missouri
Nebraska game.
Osborne and others were highly critical
of the officiating in the Huskers' 23-20
victory two weeks ago, .
"We'll go down there assuming we'll
have good officiating," Osborne said at
Monday's Extra Point Club luncheon,
Husker I -back' Jarvis Redwine, whose
injury in the Missouri game was the main
topic of discussion about the officiating!
will return to action, according to Osborne,
Redwine carried the ball just four times
last Saturday against Iowa State before
twisting the same ankle he injured at
Kansas State two Saturdays ago,
"Jarvis is running, but he's not at full
speed," Osborne said after practice Mon
day, -
Another positive note for the Huskers is
f,M. Hipp's return to the lineup, He gained
61 yards on 13 carries against ISU and
Osborne said he's glad Hipp was able to
play against the Cyclones, .
"Saturday's -game helped Hipp as' far as
confidence and timing" he said, "Our l
back situation is better than it's been in a
long time,"
Osborne said he hadn't heard of any
major Oklahoma injuries but for one of the
few times this year Nebraska has very few
injuries going into Saturday's game,
"Oklahoma has a great football team,,
but I think we'll go down there and play
very well," he said, "Our players have a lot
of confidence,"
"We'll play a good football game against
Osborne said the Sooners are a very ex
perienced team.
Some of their veterans include last
year's Heisman Trophy winner Billy Sims,
who is leading the Big Eight in rushing and
scoring with 1,259 yards and 22' touch
downs, Osborne said All-Big Eight linebacker
George Cumby, a 6-0, 203-pound senior,
will pose a definite threat for the Husker
offense. Cumby is one of eight OU senior,
defensive" starters,
He also mentioned safety Darrol Ray,
who "is one of the finest defensive backs
in the country," according to Osborne,
Oklahoma's 390 yards rushing against
Missouri last week pulled them to within
just six yards per game of Nebraska's
nation leading 356.2 yards per game,
Sims picked up 282 of those 390 yards
in his best rushing day as a collegian,
However, the Sooners' 421.6 yards of
total offense is 56 yards a game less than,
the Huskers, v
The- big advantage Nebraska has statis
tically is rushing defense, which is
second in the nation, The Blackshirts have
held their opponents to an average of 67,2
yards on the ground while Oklahoma has
yielded more than 145 yards rushing every
game, '
Despite the importance of the game,
which will decide the Big Eight's Orange
Bowl representative Osborne said Nebraska
wouldn't vary their practice schedule,
r ' ' Wll have normal practices, about the
same length," he said,
"Nothing varies except the coaches may
put in a little more time," he said, "But it's
hard to put in any more time, You get to a
point where you can't think very well,"
Osborne and his coaching staff may be
resting a little easier this week because of
UNL's 34-3 win over Iowa State after two
close games against Missouri and Kansas
But most Nebraska fans may not rest
comfortably until assured of a Husker trip
to Miami and a chance at the national
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Photo by Mark Billingsley
Let's see, what shall I do for Thanksgiving? There's two feet of snow in Vail. I
could go to the Oklahoma game, or maybe spend the holidays in front of the
tube watching the pros, J could catch up on those term papers. Guess I'll just go
home for dinner,
Larsen: Faculty petition approval probable
By Mike Sweeney
The UNL College of Arts and Sciences
dean naia Monday the college's faculty
members probably will accept a resolution
calling for the dissolution of the NU cen
tral administration,
Max Larsen said the resolution, placed
on the Nov, 29 faculty meeting agenda by
petition, has an "excellent chance of pass
ing." , Although Larsen is a faculty member as
well as dean, he said he will not vote be
cause he will be chairing the meeting.
The petition, signed by 162 faculty
members, was delivered to Larsen's office
Nov. 12,
The petition asked college faculty
members to consider a resolution express
ing a lack of confidence in the NU central
administration for UNL's financial prob
lems asks the NU Board of Regents to dis
solve the administration structure,
By passing the resolution, the college
faculty could express feelings of frustration
that have been building for two to three
years, Larsen said,
"Education is now better than it's ever
been at the University of Nebraska, be
cause they:ve been working hard," Larsen
said, "When the regents say they've been
unproductive and aren't any good, they get
fed up,"
He said faculty members are responsible
people who want the state to know about
faculty budget problems.
"A vote of no confidence is not done
lightly," Larsen said,
Larsen refused to release the names of
the faculty members who signed the petit
tion, He said the petition is not a public
Utilities plague Union, health center
, By Barb Richardson
The Nebraska Union has $5,326 left to
pay from it's original $244,027 utility bill
as of last week, according to Union Board
President John Kruescher,
' The union and the University Health
center were left to pay this year's utility
bill, $244,027, after the Legislature voted
last spring not to appropriate money
toward bonded projects, The union and the
health center are still bonded projects and
now the Legislature, which previously paid
the utility bills, will no longer finance the
utilities. M n .
Of the original S244P27 figure, the
bookstore, $17,874. and the health
center, $i3,620, paid for their individual
" utility bills, An "unexpected" student
fee account cut the bill another $162,430,
budget savings added $20,000 and unpaid
union staff salaries subtracted $10,000
from the debt so the remaining figure at
the beginning of last week stood at
Kruescher said the Union Board met
Wednesday, Nov. 14, and made further
cuts in the union budget to bring the
utility debt down to $5326.
A proposed East Union craft center,
which was budgeted but not stated, was
cut Wednesday by the board to save
$2,880. The craft center would have been a
place for students to work on pottery,
leather working and other crafts.
ALSO CUT Wednesday night was
Musak, music carried throughout the
building. The music cut saved $294,
Union staff travel expenses were cut
$1,000, AccorJing to Kruescher, staff
members-about 20 people-are allowed
$350 traveling expenses every year, which
adds up to $7,000 for total traveling ex
penses. He said that $5,000 of the $7,000
had already been spent by the staff.
Students are also allowed traveling ex
penses, $3,000 each year, Kruescher said.
He said that a motion to cut student travel
ing expenses failed Wednesday night.
The union's phone service was cut $500
by the board. Kruescher said the phone cut
would involve removing some lines or units
in the building. He said It may also mean
converting from push button to dial
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document subject to the Nebraska Open
Records Law,
Two NU central administration officials
contacted Monday said they had no reac
tion to efforts calling for the dissolution of
the administration structure, -
William Hemann, who replaced Brent
Stevenson as assistant vice president for the
budget two months ago, said he didn't
want to make any comments to the press
he couldn't defend.
William Swanson, NU vice president for
governmental relations, said the adminis
tration has worked closely with the Legis
lature and governor's office to set the NU
budget, -
Vou need to talk with members of the
Legislature," Swanson said, "That's where
the answer really lies."
Ronald Roskens. NU president, and
William C. Erskine, NU executive vice pre
sident, were unavailable for comment
Larsen praised Roskens for his efforts to
obtain a 19j6 percent university budget in
crease, and said he doesn't think the cen
tral administration is totally to blame for
UNL financial problems.
He said no one can blame the adminis
tration for using utilities and fuel costs.
. He said some of the Board of Regents
haven't supported university budget re
quests, and the chancellors of the three NU
campuses have not done as good a job as
they could to make the university's prob
lems known to the state.
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