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    monday, november 19, 1979
daily nebraskan
page 7
Regents get first elected woman
The only woman ever elected to the NU Board of
Regents will replace UNO student Regent John Kirk at
the next board meeting.
Katie Rinn,' a political science major at UNO, beat
her opponent, Mike Smith, by a vote of 283 to 242.
According to Rinn, this represents only 5 percent of
the UNO student body.
Rinn said she sees her role as a regent as being two
fold. She said she will act as an intermediary between
the students and regents by representing student con
cerns at board meetings and informing UNO students
about board actions.
Even though only 5 percent of the student body
voted, Rinn said she considers herself a representative
of all UNO students.
Student credibility can be enhanced by keeping
things short and to the point at regent meetings, she
T4hink that credibility has grown more and more
every term in the past few years," she said.
Rinn said she is not a feminist and did not think
her sex was a factor in her election.
MI didn't run my platform on the basis of 'let's get a
woman on the Board ,' " she said .
The main point is that she and the students know
she is qualified for the job, she explained.
Regents OK UNO union,
but clarify responsibilities
vent brush
with each
Haircutting Specialists
for Men & Women
213 no.14th
By Michelle Carr
A variety of issues surfaced at the NU
Board of Regents' meeting Friday, includ
ing a collective bargaining resolution, in
vestigation into the relationship between
the regents and the Big Eight Office, a pro
posal for a student identification system
for football tickets and a report on the
financial status of the Nebraska Unions.
The regents adopted a resolution to
accept the UNO faculty's decision to or
ganize and to determine their employment
matters through collective bargaining. The
resolution clarified the regents' , role to
manage and conduct the business and work
force of the university system.
The board also adopted a resolution to
investigate the Big Eight Office. .Regent
Robert Prokop of Wilber, who introduced
the resolution, said the regents are not in
formed about contracts between the uni
versity and the Big Eight Office, such as
television broadcasts of athletic events and
bowl games.
Prokop said the regents have had diffi
culty in getting information from the Big
Eight Office and that the board should re
view contracts between the Big Eight
Office and the university not authorized by
the regents.
Regent Ed Schwartzkopf of Lincoln
agreed that the board needs more informa
tion concerning the Big Eight Office. He
suggested that the regents set up guidelines
for the university representative to the
office. '
Schwartzkopf said the board needs
more information because "we were
blamed for promoting and signing a bowl
Concerning illegal sales of UNL football
tickets by students, Richard Armstrong,
vice, chancellor for student affairs, dis
cussed a proposal from a committee
appointed to study the situation.
Committee members, Armstrong, Bud
Cuca, Athletic Director Bob Devaney and
Prokop suggested that a photo identifica
tion system would be best.
The cost to the student would be about
$2, Armstrong said, He added that he was
still negotiating with the Validine company
to develop an arrangement,
Armstrong also informed the board that
the utility budget of the Nebraska Unions
had been resolved. He said that $30,000 of
a $40,000 deficit had been met by cutting
However, Armstrong warned that the
same problem will occur again next year
because the university's utility budgets
cannot be financed by the state. He said
that prpjected utility costs for next year is
$305,000. '
Regent Kermit Hansen of Omaha
commended the board and Armstrong for
resolving 'the budget difficulties.
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