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daily nebraskan
friday, november 16, 1979
Concerned About
Tho Future of Agriculturo?
Plan To Attend the Secopd Annual Ag Symposium
Friday, November 16, 9 am-12 noon
Ag Symposium 79 Explores
The Future Of The Family Farm In Agriculture
Featuring the following panel of speakers:
Glen Vollmar Rex Messerschmidth
Neil Oxton Wendell Gangwish
Peggy Hainrichs
Free coffee and donuts will be provided
East Union in the Great Plains Room
Sponsored by UN L Block & Bridle
UNL seniors have various feelings
on last 1979 Husker home game
This Weekend
vera ai ra
a progressive country &
country rock group.
Oct. 16, 17 fi 10
Midden wUlley.
103th A Pine LaktRd. 423-252
b lUUbNIb . . .
X Daily Nebraskan Editor in
x Chief applications for the
spring semester are now
being accepted.
Applications Deadline
AM I ft. I l Af.t
v nnnav. ovemner Mm. i
r - T'f jT
. Twenty five Nebraska seniors finish their home foot
ball careers when the unbeaten Huskers host Iowa State
Saturday in the final home game.
Thirteen of the seniors .will start for the 9-0 Corn
huskers, who are ranked second in the UPIcoaches' poll
and third in the AP sportswriters' poll.
Seven Seniors-Junior Miller, Mark Goodspeed, John
Havekost, Kelly Saalfeld, Dan Steiner, Tim Smith and
Kenny Brown-will start on offense.
Defensively, seniors Lawrence Cole, Kerry Weinmaster,
Bill Barnett, Tom Vering and Mark LeRoy are expected to
start while Senior Dean Sukup will continue to handle the
kicking chores.
Another senior starter, Rod Horn, has a-neck injury
which may keep him sidelined from action.
Daily Nebraskan sportswriters Paul Huscher, Shelley
Smith, Ron Powell and Ed McClymont compiled quotes
from the seniors and here's what they had to say about
closing out their NU careers:
John Havekost, offensive guard- "It's kind of sad in a
way. It's been fun coming down here and playing in front
of 76,000 people. I'm sure glad I've had the experience of
playing for a team like Nebraska."
Dan Steiner, offensive tackle- "It should be a good
time because it's going to be Dan Pensick- Dan Steiner
Day and because we're both from Columbus I know
there's going to be a lot of people from Columbus coming
down to watch us in our last home game." -
Paul Letcher, cornerback- "I'll be eager to play in
front of the fans one last time. They've been good to me
and the football program and I'll think about all the good
times I've had in the games and practices."
Rod Horn, defensive tackle- "111 definitely miss the
tans, there's no better people around than Nebraska fans
because of their support. As a member of the freshman
class of 1975, which includes a lot of starters, working
with them and knowing them the last five years has been
really great."
I.M. Hipp, I-back- "I probably won't get to play
Saturday, but I'll be on the sidelines rooting like I always
do when I'm not playing. "We have a good chance at the
Big Eight Title and we have to win this game to stay in the
Kelly Saalfeld, offensive center- "It will be very
sentimental walking off the field for the last time. IVe had
many, many fond memories playing here at Nebraska.
Now I know how lucky I've been and how God's blessed
me by' helping me to fulfill my childhood dream of play
X ing for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.
Y Dan Rice, offensive guard- "I've enjoyed being on the
0 team. I think it will be an emotional game for all the
A seniors. The main thing on everyone's mind is to beat
Iowa State. This may be an incentive for the seniors to
X play harder." ,
y Dan Pensick, defensive tackle "I really enjoyed
playing here and the coaches were good to me. I know I
A couldn't play in front of a better crowd ."
f Jeff Bloom, offensive center-"I haven't really thought
1 . about it being my last home game. 1 suppose when it gets
a J " rA in nf a 4m a 111 ninw 4U m n nUMi4 i 4 111
Lawrence Cole, defensive end- "As a senior, it's been a
great honor to play at Nebraska. Even when times were
tough, the fans, coaches and players still supported me."
Mark LeRoy , monster- M This game means a lot to me.
Even though IVe only been here two years, I can
sympathize with the guys that have been here five years.
I am glad to be with this senior class."
Tim Hager,. quarterback- "I just hope we can start
playing better. It's going to be an emotional game .because
there are a lot of seniors on this team. I hope we can get it
together so we can go out in style ."
Tim Smith, split end- "A lot of what I'll remember are
the friendships I made since I was a freshman. It doesn't
seem that long ago when we were freshmen, but now
we're playing our last home game." s
John Ruud, linebacker- "It's a big game. We were
undefeated as freshmen and we want to go out that.way."
Kenny Brown, wingback- "1 want to go out and have
the best game I've ever had and I hope the team plays
their best game of the year."
Dean Sukup, kicker- "I hope we win. It's an
important game to keep the unbeaten season going, but I
won't be heartbroken when it's over, because it's just
another game. You can't be here forever."
Junior Miller, tight end- "Being my last home game
won't have much of an effect on me, because I think I've
got a chance to keep playing football after I leave here. I
just want to do anything I can to help the team win the
national championship."
Tim Wurth, I-back- "I kind of have mixed feelings;
I'm glad it's over so I can concentrate on the rest of my
life, and sad because it's my last game at home.
Oudious Lee, middle guard- "It's been very education
al here. When you're in an organization like this you don't
think you're going to go 10-1 or 9-2. If you don't think
you can win them all you have no business here."
Kerry Weinmaster, middle guard- "I'm just going to
into the game and do the best I can." ,
Senior defensive end Gordon Thiessen was unavailable
for comment.
Fraud . . .
at 12:00 noon
Salary: $600 a month
Applicants should be familiar with the Guide-
lines for the Student Press adopted by the NU
Board of Regents (copies available upon re-
X. quest.) Resumes should be submitted to and
X applications completed at the Daily Nebraskan.
y Rm. 34, NE. Union.
V For further information Call 472-2588
4T UNL does not discriminate in its academic admissions
X or employment programs and abides by all federal reg-
V ulations pertaining to same.
Bring this coupon in and
more down to game time I'll start thinking about it. IH
start to miss things, I suppose."
Bill Barnett, defensive tackle-W1 11 think about it after
the game, but right now I just want to beat Iowa State. It
will be a sentimental kind of feeling knowing it's my last
home game-five years have iust kind of flown by."
Paul Potadle, offensive guard- "For a lot of guys it is a
dream to play at Nebraska. For me, it's been a dream
come true. Every chance you get to perform here is not
only a thrill but an honor. I wish it could go on forever."
Mark Goodspeed, offensive tackle- "IH miss it. I
worked awful hard and I finally got to play, finally my
dream came true. In a way I wish I had another year, but
it's better to leave on a good note than to risk a bad one."
Tom Vering, linebacker- "This is the second time 111
start a game, and it's my last home one which will give it
an added meaning. I'll miss playing with these guys, but
it's got to end sometime. I just hope it ends like everyone
wants it to."
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Each university should review its checks for fraud fre
quently, Kinney said, and "pay attention" to possible
Aripoli said it is "virtually impossible" for UNL stu
dents to get aid money illegally.
"Wetake extreme cautionary measures," Aripoli said.
"In many cases we don't disperse the money."
Most loans and grants are applied directly to a stu
dent's tuition, so the money cannot be used for other
purposes, Aripoli said. Aid money is not given out
without a signed promisory note from a private lender,
and a student ID from the student. Signatures are cross
checked, Aripoli said.
"I can't say I know what students do with federally
insured student loans," Aripoli said.
Union Bank, UNL's main aid lender, has stopped giving
FISL's, Aripoli said. He said Union Bank has already given
out $26 million in student loans this year. The worsening
economy won't encourage more fraud, Aripoli said, be
cause there will be less aid money available to rip off.
"The problem tends to be more common where there
are multiple open-door admissions institutions in an area "
Aripoli said.
He said the Nebraska schools are not in large metropol
itan areas and there are few big schools in this area, so
fraud is less common here.
Some of the places fraud has been prosecuted recently
are Northern Illinois University, Seattle, and the Univer
sity of Cincinnati, all considerably larger than Omaha and
"We're sensitive to the problem," Aripoli said. "We're
doing what we can."
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