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tuesday, november 6, 1979
lincoln, nebraska vol. 103 no. 50
Tnone:Resents mnst set' bud
By Gordon Johnson
Deciding how NU's budget should be spent is the job
. of the NU' Board of Regents, not the Nebraska
Legislature, Gov. Charles Thone said Monday night.
Thone, an alumnus of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity,
spoke at a dinner Monday on subjects ranging trom NU
budget problems to life when he was a fraternity member.
He spoke at UNL's Phi Gamma Delta house.
Thone said his staff has been going over the budget in
detail but did not name specific areas where budget cuts
are needed. .
"I am well aware that there are some problems here,"
Thone said. It has recently been suggested in the
Legislature that it be given authority to distribute money
rather than the regents, Thone said.
. However, Thone maintained that the regents should set
budger priorities, not the Legislature.
If it is felt that the regents are doing a poor job, then
the people should elect new regents, Thone said.
.A substantial portion of the NU budget has gone to the
. NU medical center and UNO, in past years which takes
' money away from UNL, he said.
"1 know some of. you have been upset about tuition
increases," he said. He proposed no solutions to this
"problem. - :
The questions asked of Thone also ranged to the
subject of the presidential elections,
"I AM SUPPORTING Ronald Reagan. I know him,"
Thone said.
Thone cited Reagan's record as governor of California.
; "I think he was a superb governor in California," he
However,. one area that could handicap Reagan is the
ex-governo 'sage, he said. Reagan is 69.
There is no doubt in his mind, Thone said, that Reagan
will be the Republican nominee.
I The governor spoke, enthusiastically about the nation's
energy future.- - --- -'
. " v - ' ' "
Hie nation has a substantial amount of coal and has
great geo-thermal possibilities, but the country must start
solving the energy problem by conserving, he said. .
"But conservation is one thing we can all work on,"
said. -
And "nuclear energy is something we have to use,"
Thone said.
He said that all the problems with nuclear energy have
not been solved, but the country has little choice but to
go ahead with nuclear energy.
"THREE MILE ISLAND is not the problem," he said.
"The big problem is what to do with the nuclear waste."
Thone also recalled his days at UNL. He said he was a
pledge at the fraternity in 1943, his junior year. He start
ed college at the age of 1 6.
Thone was fraternity president in the 194849 school
year, at which time he said tuition was about $60 a
semester. " '
. i , i
Governor Charles Thone
Photo by Daily Nebraskan
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., '. - '
I - s
Some student fee money lost
on UPC concert cancellation
Photo by Daily Nebraskan
Vic Herdenkader employee for the UNL maintenance department throws the switch
to heat up the UNL campus and the State Capitol building. Steam heat is used to
overpower the winter winds that have taken over Lincoln.
By Michelle Carr
. Keith Miles .
Although some student fee money was
lost in the cancellation of a concert spon
sored by the concerts committee of the
University Program Council, the .exact
amount of student money lost cannot be
determined, according to two UPC.offk
cials. x
UPC lost $2,000 by cancelling an Ozarkv
Mountain Daredevils concert, which was
scheduled for Oct. 14, according to Randy
Clay, a UPC concerts committee member.
Tony Warner, program coordinator for
. Campus Activities and Programs, said stu
dent fee money was involved in the $2,000
loss, but because the UPC operates on both
student fee money and money generated
from UPC activities, the exact amount
can't be determined.
Stuart Kolnick, head of the UPC con
certs committee, said the $2,000 was part
of the money used by the program council
for all university programming. He said in
this case, "the money was budgeted for
something that didn't happen."
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Richard Armstrong said that if a student
fee financed organization lost money on a
"given venture," no additional student fee
money would be given to replace the loss.
Hie cancellation of the concert was
attributed to low ticket sales, according to
several UPC concert committee members.
If the concert had been held as
scheduled, UPC would have lost approxi
mately $10,000, Clay said.
The $2,000 lost was used in advertising
and promotion of the concert, Kolnick
Committee members said they thought
there was sufficient publicity. Kolnick said
the advertising was handled well.
UPC members said the concert failed to
draw a large crowd because the Ozark
Mountain Daredevils appeared at Corn
stalk, UNL's spring student concert, in
1978. UPC member said that since many
students that are in school now may have
went to that concert, they might have felt
that this concert would be of the same
Another reason was because the Ozark
Mountain Daredevils haven't released any
new material, UPC members said.
"The group didn't have any hits lately,"
Clay said.
Kolnick added that the group is not
currently as popular as some other groups,
and as a result, their concerts will not draw
as large of crowds.
However, committee members added,
that the, Ozark Mountain Daredevils were
the biggest "name group" that could be
scheduled for Homecoming Week!
The UPC concerts committee, which
consists of 20 to 25 members, meets once a
week during the school term, and it is cur
rently in the process of attempting to or
ganize one or two concerts for UNL stu
dents in the coming spring semester.
The UPC committee has sponsored one
other major concert this year. TTie Leo
Kottke concert held last Friday at Nebras-,
ka Wesleyan' University was sponsored in
part by UPC. -
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