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    mondav, november 5, 1979
daily nebraskan
page 5
Columnist's restless mind produces variety of thoughts
Random thoughts on a late, late night or a very early
orning. I can't tell which is which anvmore.
-The presidential sweepstakes start in earnest this
week. with the formal announcements. of Ted Kennedy
and Jerry Brown. President Carter will announce Dec. 4.
Howard Baker announced last week.
This plan does have a flaw, however. If enough people
were watching public television, we could end up electing
Mister Rogers as commander-in-chief. Picture that. I can
hear Brezhnev now. "We are eyeball to eyeball with the
Americans and their leader just winked at me.'
for Master's Week?
With all the advancements our society has made, it's
too bad no one has come up with a better way to elect a
president. All these primaries are interesting, but I refuse
to believe in any system that makes New Hampshire a
Kingmaker in any area. The influence that state has on
the election is excessive, borderine on th absurd
If I had my druthers, I'd come up with a simpler solu
tion of electing a president. For example, how about
placing the Republican and Democratic nominees on tele
vision during the Super Bowl?
Put each one on a certain station and then tell the
viewers at home to turn to the station with the candidate
they wanted elected. With some help from the people who
bring up the Nielsen rattings, we could have a president in
no time.
-Wouldn't it be nice if all those cheerleaders on the
sidelines of professional football games would go away?
If people want to behave that way, I think they should be
given a mirror. Maybe they like all their stupid yells and
dances, but some of us don't I don't think T and A be
longs in the NFL or anywhere.
-Our recent monsoon4ike rains last week got me
thinking. On Tuesday, everyone ran from the rain like the
Wicked Witch of the West. But, if it had been a Saturday
home game, how many people do you think would have
stayed away? Looked like the same rain to me.
-Not all journalists are like Joe Rossi and Billie New
man on Lou Grant. It just seems that way. However, most
photographers do resemble Animal in their grooming
-Did you ever get the feeling that the only way to see
your adviser without waiting is to graduate and come back
-I didn't lose any sleep when Billy Martin was fired
from his job as manager of the New York Yankees.
Martin, a card-carrying mouthoff. was fired when he hit a
marshmallow salesman in Minnesota. Boy, are you tough
Billy. Maybe next time you can take on Mr. Whipple of
Charmin tissue fame.
-The recent Student's Day met with limited success.
Its organizers should be congratulated for their efforts, no
matter how futile. It was evident that many students are
concerned with the quality of education here at UNL.
Too bad the regent's don't show the same concern.
Words of advice on different subjects:
c -
-Avoid cocktail parties in Seoul, South Korea. They
can get messy.
-If you plan on flying out of Lincoln anytime in the
near future, make reservations now if you havent already.
Just about every flight is booked solid for upcoming
vacations. And with the recent cutbacks of flights by
United and Frontier Airlines, I wouldn't be surprised if
the Lincoln Municipal Airport just withered away.
Maybe it already has and nobody is telling us.
Contracts involve difficult area of law enter with care
Entering into legally binding contracts can .be confus
ing. The word "contract" encompasses the wide array of
promises, agreements, leases, loans, etc. that we enter in
daily life. The subject matter presents an area of law that
is far too complicated to address with any detail in a short
article. However, the following information can help you
avoid legal problems.
I. When entering into a written contract or agree
ment, always read the entire agreement carefully
before signing, to insure that you understand and
are aware of all of your obligations and rights. If
you fail to read the entire contract you maybe
making promises that you are unaware of. Once
vou sign a contract you are agreeing to what it
says and are bound by its terms.
II. Transactions such as real estate contracts,' credit
purchases, insurance policies and loans can involve .
lengthy and complex contracts. If you have any
questions be sure to review these contracts with an
attorney before you sign them. Less involved con
tracts, such as rental agreements, record and book
club memberships, and charge card purchases are
just as binding as the more complex contracts and
you will be expected to fulfill the promises that
you make upon signing them.
III. When you sign a written contract you should be
. careful to make sure that all of the agreement is
set forth in writing and that there are no blank
spaces remaining in the contract. For example, if
' you sign a lease wherein , you agree to rent the
apartment anc in ; addition, the landlord orally
agrees to accomplish .various stated repairs and
remodeling, be sure that this oral agreement is
, , added to the written lease. This can be accomplish
ed by writing the agreement on the lease by hand
and then initialing and dating this addition and
requiring the landlord to do the same.
Hohner Guitar , picks, case, strap, capo and
FREE lessons for a month
$99 to 5159 complete.
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IV. Even where a contract or agreement has been en
tered into, contractual rights may prove unen.
forceable because of a defense to the information
of the contract of the inclusion of a term which is
contrary to law.
Example: Minors are legally incapable of incurring
binding contractual obligations. Therefore an
agreement with a person under 19 years of age
may prove unenforceable in Nebraska.
Example: No rental agreement may provide that
the tenant agree to the limitation of any liability
of the landlord arising due to active and actionable
negligence of the landlord.
V. Oral contracts or agreements can be just as binding
and enforceable as any written contract. Some
contracts such as the sale and purchase of land
.must be written to be enforceable. For more
routine matters it is often easier and more conveni-
. ent to have an oral agreement. However, a written
... contract provides the parties with a record that
each can readily refer to,
VI. Consumer sales contracts may be subject to pro
: tective laws such as the Federal Truth-in-Lending
Act and the Nebraska Home Solicitation Sales Act.
r.ion - tuc3
0 -10 pm
Epson 8
e & W
- m
mm ' w
E!b Gcucr!
27th G Cornhusltcr Highway
The Federal Truth:in-Lending Act may require
that certain information regarding the interest
rate, the financing, and the repayment be disclos
ed to the consumer. There are remedies available
if the law is violated. The Home Solicitation Act
may allow consumers three days to rescind or can
cel certain door to door sales contracts. v
VHI. When a contract has been breached or broken,
the aggrieved (wronged) party has a duty to react
in a manner such as will mitigate and not add to
his or her damages and losses.
Students are encouraged to ask legal advice from the
Student Legal Services Office at 237 Nebraska Union,
472-3350, The Better Business Bureau can be a good
source of information regarding local businesses and the
Nebraska State Attorney General's Office has a consumer
protection division which does have jurisdiction to in
vestigate certain types of consumer complaints.
The above information should not be considered a sub
stitute for legal advice. The solution for any one problem
necessarily depends upon the exact facts and circum
stances. Robert Lange
'Attorney, Student Legal Services Center
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