The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, March 08, 1976, Page page 5, Image 5

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    monday, march 8, 1976
daily nebraskan
page 5
Haley criticizes Bicentennial protest
Black "denial of the Bicentennial celebration is
"absoutely ridiculous. .". . We should be aware that there
is progress," black author Alex Haley told an audience in
the Nebraska Union Ballroom Friday night.
"Only by acknowledging it can we expand on that
progress," said Haley, co-author of The Autobiography of
Malcolm X and author of Roots, to be published in
"Obviously we have much, much more to do yet," he
said. '
Haley, whose Roots will be televised in a 14-hour series
by the American Broadcasting Co. early next year, said
the book started as a spark of curiosity.
He said his family was one of a few black ones which
had an oral family history reaching back to an unknown
place in Africa.
His grandmother, Haley said, "pumped the story into
me as if ifr were plasma."
Haley's search for his ancestor Kinte who', as the story
goes,, was captured by slave traders in Africa while
chopping wood, led him to a Mandingo tribe in Gambia.
There he learned from an Old African storyteller that
an ancestor ot the tribe with a name similar to Kinte dis
appeared after going for wood day centuries ago.
Haley said he wept at the discovery.
Roots, he said, is "the saga of a people, not just a
family." His book, which took 12 years to complete, may
"create a wave of black people going back to their grand
mother ta trace their heritage," he said.
But searches by other Blacks may be difficult, Haley
said, because of the tearing apart of slave families and
illegitimate children fathered by slave masters.
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