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    monday, february 16, 1976
page 3
daily neb raskan
Erskine says $100 million neede
By Sandy-Mohr
Just to "keep the place open" NU needs $100 million
in state genenil funds for the 1976-77 fiscal year, accord
ing to William Erskine, vice-president foi administration.
And if the university wants to compete with the top
three universities in the Big 8 Conference, Erskine said the
budget needs an additional "kicker" of $8 million.
Without the $8 million, which NU President D.B.
Varner proposed to the Nebraska Legislature's Appropria
tions Committee Feb. 9, NU is at a "standstill," Erskbie
said, because it has no money for improvements.
Gov. J. James Exon has proposed that NU receive $84
million while the Legislature proposed $88 million in
A year and a half ago, Exon appointed a commission to
determine the amount of state general funds NU should
receive to equal the average of the top three Big 8 schools..
Erskine was the only NU representative on the 1202 Com
mission, chaired by Gus Licske, formerly head of the state
Administrative Services Dept. and currently vice-president
of an Omaha computer products company.
Exon had expressed his concern when the commission
was established that NU should be financed equal to the .
average of me top three Big 8 schools. . :
UNL would receive $8 mGion
. Hie commission said NU needed about $7.8 million in
additional state general funds to be in the topialf of the
Big8. . :
Hie deadline for sub
mitting Student Organiza
tion financing requests to
the Fees Allocation Board is
today. Further information
about applying for funds is
available in Nebraska Union
Ken Knowlton, an
Association for Computing
Machinery national lecture
ship speaker, will speak on
"Interactive Raster Scan
Color Graphics" today at
2:30 pjn. in Ferguson Hall
Gay Rap Group will hear
a tape made during the
1971 "Time Out" confer
ence on Human Sexudity,
Tuesday night at 8 pjn. at
UMHE Commonplace, 333
N. 14th St.
The ASUN Government
Liaison Committee will have
a meeting Tuesday night at
7 pan. in the Union.
The Student Chapter of
the American Society for,
Personnel Administration
will meet Tuesday at 7 pan.
in the Union to discuss
labor relations. Resource
people from both the
business ' and labor
It was incorrectly reported In the Daily Nebraskan
Feb. 13 that Jack Guthrie, coordinator of business
management and programming Jot the center for students
and organizations, told the Fees Allocation Board (FAB)
that working papers state that FAB'i purpose is to
allocate and review expenditures of student fees.
Jack Baier, associate dean of student development,
rather than Guthrie, made the remarks when he spoke
to FAB Thursday.
community will be featured.
Phi Upsilon Omicron,
Home Economics honorary,
will have a short business
meeting and a program
afterwards Tuesday at 6:30
pjn. in Home Economics
Alpha Tau Alpha,
Agriculture Education
honorary, will elect 1976
77 officers at its. regular
meeting Tuesday at 7 pjn.
in Agricultural Hall 311. A
program presented by the
Nebraska Education
Association on the role of
the professional organiza
tion to the agriculture
instructor will follow.
Carol Oles, a Newton,
Mass. poet, will conduct
reading and rap session,
cosponsored by the
Women's Resource Center,
University Women's Action
Group, and the English
Dept., on Wednesday at
noon in the Union. She '
will be reading on Sunday
Feb. 22 at 7:30 pjn. in the
Centennral College
Commons Room, and on
Monday Feb. 23 in the
English Dept. library at
Andrews Hall 228 at 3:30
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The $100 million is "just to get by without really im
proving the university at all," Erskine said. T
The largest share of the $7.8 million would go to the
Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, he said.
About $3.5 million would go toward its instruction, con
servation, water resources," research and extension
programs. . . ' ; v , . - .
Erskine said the commission originally came up with a
figure of $7.7 million for the institute, but that was "a
little overstated" and later revised to $3.5 million.
UNL would receive $2.7 million of that $8 million.
This figure was not broken down for individual depart
ments or schools, he said.
More realistic, figure
However, Erskine said, he did not agree completely
with the. commission's figure and that a subsequent UNL
administration committee studying comparable programs
found that $5.6 million would be a more realistic figure
for UNL to be in the top half of the Big 8.
"The commission would never buy that," Erskine said.
"But I think $2.7 million wont achieve equity."
to derive an amount for UNO, Erskine said, the com
mission estimated about half of the suggested appropria
tion for UNL because UNO enrollment is about half that
of UNL. The commission allowed $1.4 million for UNO.
The commission found that the University of Nebraska
Medical Center comes closest of the four NU programs to
being in the top half of the Big 8, Erskine said. The medi
cal center would need $200,000 of the $8 million, he said.
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