The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, January 30, 1976, Page page 5, Image 5

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    friday, January 30, 1976
daily nebraskan
proposes local mental health boar
LB806, to be heard Monday by the Nebraska Legisla
ture's Public Health and Welfare Committee, would estab
lish local mental health boards appointed by the presiding
judge of each judicial district.
Each judge would appoint one physician, one lawyer
and one of the following: a psychologist, psychiatric
social worker or nurse or lay person with demonstrated in
terest in mental health issues.
Each board would have the power, upon information
by the county attorney and other law enforcement of
ficers, to conduct hearings on commitment of "mentally ill
dangerous persons."
The bill generally allows more protection for a person
who may be committed to a state institution. It also de
fines mentally ill dangerous persons as those who present
"a substantial risk of serious physical harm to another per
son or persons within the near future ... or harm to him
self by evidence of attempts or threats of suicide ... or in
ability to provide for his basic human needs."
Legislative Hearings
Committees, statehouse hearing room assignments, bills to be
heard Monday and their sponsors are as follows. Hearings start at
2 p.m. unless otherwise noted.
Education, East Chamber
LB755 (Ed. Comm.) Relating to schools; to restrict (tats liability
for tuition payments.
LB757 (Ed. Comm.) Relating to schools; to make the fiscal year
of all school districts uniform.
Judiciary, Room 2102
LB71S (Exec. Bd.) Relating to Legislature; eliminates require
ment that cleric of the Legislature bind the loose leaf Journal
LB723 (Fowler)) Relating to statutory exemptions; provide ex
emptions to persons who are not heads of families.
LB739 (Bereu tor) To rename the Office of Revisor of Statutes as
the Division of Statute Revision and Legal Services.
Public Health and Welfare, Supreme Court Hearing Room,
1:30 p. m.
LB6S0 (Clark) Provides that there be a standard of gross negli
gence for a suit of medical malpractice.
LB30S (Pub. Health) Relating to mental health.
LB917 (Murphy) Adopt the Professional Liability Insurance Avail
ability Act; provide for severability.
Revenue, Room 1019, 1:30 p.m.
LB804 (F. Lewis) Provides single persons 65 and older a $2,500
state income tax exemption, married couples a $3,750 exemp
tion. LB900 (Cope, Duis) Repeals statute requiring uniform Tax Com-
Year fnmf campus Etpor store.
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Bourbon 3.79 a Quart
Vodka 3.49 a Quart
Drury's Scotch 4.59 a Quart
Assortment of Dinner Wines ON Special
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New Year
Jan. 29-30-31
13 & M
(all you can eat)
m its! oner's property tax forms for counties.
LB 321 (Hatehroock) Exempts from sales and use taxes meals and
food products provided to elderly, infirm, or handicapped
parsons by nonprofit organizations.
Banking. Commerea and Insurance, Room 2230. 1:30 p.m.
LB93S (George) Requires motor vehicle owners to furnish a cer
tificate of liability insurance before registering the motor
vehicle; to authorize the posting of an indemnity bond in lieu
of insurance.
LB886 (Skarda) Mandates motor vehicle liability insurance.
LB899 (Duis) Relates to State Real Estate Commission, changes
.. due date for annual renewal fee, provide criteria for
Appropriations. Room 1003. 1:30 p.m.
LB847 (Goodrich) Changes control of Civil Air Patrol from
Nebraska National Guard to Dept. of Aeronautics.
LB869 (Comm.) Creates Dept. of Correctional Services Cash
Fund; provides for investment thereof.
LB903 (Clark, Marvel) Provides dates for disbursement of state
aid to political subdivisions.
LB944 (Comm.) Provides state funds for wastewater treatment at
the rate of 12 and one half per cent of federal funds.
LBS 24 (Warner) Provides for biennial state budgeting.
LB871 (Comm.) Requires half of state funds for law enforcement
and rehabilitation on American Indian lands to be provided for
alcoholism and criminal rehabilitation programs.
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