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    thursdayjanusry 15, 1375
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daily nebraskan
hoj State sciences academy topic ot hearing
A bill to establish the Nebraska Academy of Sciences
as a state administrative department will be heard publicly
by the Nebraska Legislature's Government, Military and
Veterans Affairs Committee Friday. Hastings Sen. Richard
Marvel, the bill's sponsor, said the measure is a vehicle to
help publish scientific papers by Nebraska scholars.
The academy has existed since 1891, when it was
founded by a group of university professors, including
Roscoe found and Charles E. Bessey, according to C.B.
. Schultz, academy executive secretary.
It has been financed by private donations, an endow
ment and an experimental farm it owns in Otoe County,
he said. Nebraska has done what Schultz called a poor job
of getting scientific treatises published, and he said the bill
may help.
Representatives of the governor's office' and academy
members will testify at the hearing, Schultz said.
If enacted, the bill would allow the governor to
appoint members of the academy with the consent ol
the Legislature.
Legislative Hearings
Committees, Statehouse hearing room assignments, bills to be
heard Friday and thoir sponsors are:
Appropriations, Room 1003
LB 691 Appropriations bill for state government agencies.
2p.m.-Public Employees Retirement Board
2:20-Military Department
2:40-Mexican-American Commission
UNL blood drive nets 381 pints
University Red Cross (URC) collected 381 pints of
blood in a two-day UNL campus drive Dec. 8 and 9,
according to Pat Nefsger, Red Cross Youth Service Pro
gram director.
She said URC collected the blood for the Omaha
Regional Red Cross Blood Center. The center collects
about 1 ,500 pints of blood weekly and provides all of the
blood for hospitals in more than half of Nebraska and part
of Iowa.
She credited the drive's success to four students who
planned and organized the drive.
They are URC officers Bob Sundberg, a senior from
Littleton, Colo.; Ann Hanson, an Arapahoe junior; Avery
UNL student found
in Oetober scuffle
Regina Edington was found guilty Wednesday on one
misdemeanor charge of assault against fellow UNL stu
dent Jeffery Quackenbush, but was declared innocent of a
second misdemeanor charge of assault against Campus
Police Officer Ronald Lundy. '
County Judge Jeffre Cheuvront issued the verdict
Wednesday afternoon after t morning of testimony. He
set sentencing for Jan. 26. Cheuvront also revoked Eding
ton 's probation from an earlier assault and battery charge.
The charges stemmed from an Oct. 15 scuffle near the
north entrance of the Nebraska Union.
The incident allegedly started when Edington and
Quackenbush entered the Union through the north
revolving doors. Edington complained that her foot
became stuck in the door as Quackenbush and a friend
tried to enter through the same door.
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Loshen, an Upland junior, and Jan Parlin, a junior, from
Elgin. , .
Angel Flight and Arnold Air Society members worked
at the blood collection center, located at the Abel-Sandoz
Residence Hall Complex, she said.
Although the URC did not reach its goal of 400 pints,
Nefzger said Red Cross members appreciate those who
donated. The blood drive scheduled for April 1 probably
will be more successful, she added.
"More people would have donated if we hadn't had the
drive during dead week," she said. URC will try to
schedule next semester's blood drive earlier, Nefzger said.
guilty of assault
incident in Union
Edington testified that Quackenbush appeared amused
at the incident at the revolving door. She said she asked
him what was so funny and asked "in a calm voice" if he
had tried to hurt her.
Quackenbush was upset, red and swollen in the face
and nervous according to Lundy, who arrived at the scene
several minutes after five scuffle.
Lundy said he approached Edington from the front,
touched her on the arm and asked her to stay for
Edington then "struck me on the left jaw" with her
right fist, and was about to strike him again, so he pulled
her to the floor to handcuff her, Lundy said.
However, witnesses for the defense testified that
Lundy "grabbed" or "tackled" Edington without any
verbal exchange. Edington did not throw any punches, the
defense witnesses said.
Educator speaks today
An adult education specialist will conduct a student
and faculty seminar at UNL today and Friday.
Allen Tough, associate professor of adult education at
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and the Uni
versity of Toronto, has authored several books, including
Learning Without a Teacher and Why Adults Learn. Much
of the seminar information is from his book, The Adults
Learning Projects.
Tough will conduct the student seminar today from
8:30 a.m. to noon and a faculty seminar Friday from 1
tun. to 4:30 pan. at the Nebraska Center for Continuing
Undergraduates may attend the seminar, according to
Wesley mieiuiiiy, chaltrnau of tho Adult and Continuing
Education Dept.
3- lndian Commission
3 30-Natural Resources Commission
4- Enwironmental Control Dept.
4:30 District Courts
Government Military & Veterans Affaire, Room 2102
LB 659 (Marvel) Creates a new state Academy of Sciences.
LB 661 (Koch) Transfers from the Library Commission to Depart,
ment of Public Institutions certain materials on the blind and
physically handicapped.
L8 671 (Kelly) Specifies the time period for airport leases.
LB 672 (Moylan) Requires that a certificate of taxes paid be pre
sented before an instrument may be filed or recorded.
Public Works, East Chamber
LB 650 (Keyes) Sets guidelines for reclassification of streets end
LB 678 (Nichol) Repeals a section relating to bridges.
LB 685 (Kime) Establishes maximum length of livestock forags
Senators accepi
10 ISO sculptures
The Nebraska Legislature Wednesday passed by a vote
of 25-14 an amended version of Grand Island Sen. Ralph
Kelly's resolution to accept the Interstate-80 Sculptures
Corporation's gift of ten sculptures.
The resolution was amended to include Gov. J. James
Exon as co-acceptor of the sculptures, and to strike a pro
vision recommending that the Nebraska Arts Council pro
vide sculpture projects more closely reflecting the state's
The acceptance was in response to recent comments by .
Exon and Department of Roads Director Thomas Doyle
that they would accept the sculptures if the Legislature
had taken no action by Feb. 1.
Senators opposing the resolution argued that ac
ceptance by the Legislature was not necessary because
the executive branch has power to accept personal
property gifts, like the sculptures, for the state. Those
supporting the resolution said before anyone accepted
the sculptures for the state, the Legislature's intent
should be known.
Thursday: Partly cloudy and
a little warmer today with highs
In the low 40s. Small chance of
8 a.m. -Japanese Agricul
tural Training Program-Nebraska
Center for Continuing Edu
cation (NCCE), 33rd and Hold
rege St. (through March 6).
8 a.m.-Natlonal Rural Elec
trificetion Cooperative Assoc ie-tion-NCCE
(through Jan. 23).
8 e.m.-Distrlct V 4 H Lead
er Training Program -NCCE.
8 30 a.m.-Student Affairs
Staff-203 Nebraska Union.
8.30 a.m.-Adult and Con
tinuing Education-Union 202
202A. 10 a.m.-Food and Nutrition
470-Unlon 337.
11:50 .m.-Emeritl Asso
ciation Luncheon-Union Pew
tor Room.
2:30 p.m.-Student Affeirs
Uh Senators-Union 242-24..
2:30 p.m.-Student Affairs
Staff Development-Union 216.
3 p.m. Summer Orientation
Planning Committee-Union
3:30 p.m. Retirement Re
ception for Bessie Bulin-Unlon
4 p.m. Elementary Educe
tion 108-Unlon Auditorium.
5 p.m. -Fees Allocstion
Board-Union 216.
5:30 p.m .-Housing Policy
Committea-Union Pewttr
6:30 p.m.-Res!dence Hall
Association-Union 242.
7 p.m.-Council on Student
Life-Union Pewter Room.
' 7 p.m.-Chss Club-Union
Harvest Room A.
7 p. m .-Concerned Pro-Life
Students-Union 232.
7:30 p.m.-Students Inter
national Medltetlon Society-Introductory
Lecture - Union
7:30 p.m .-Union Program
Council (UPC) Talks and Topici
-Sam Ervln-Union Centennial
9 p.m .-UPC Informal Rap
with Sam Ervln-Union 202
mnrt '
. i r. .: t i
W W Sam? W Star j
kt paitidpating in
Hailed Research Study
For details send
name and address tot
Medical Research Associates
P.O. Box 342
Lag una Beach, CA 92652
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