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    friday, dsecmber 5, t975
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enter drowns in studen
"Geysers of controversy" currently gushing over
the proposed Campus Assistance Center (CAC)
promise to develop into a standoff between
student government leaders and members of the
UNL administration.
The Union Advisory Board defeated a motion
made Wednesday night, "for the purposes of dis
cussion only," to postpone construction of the
The Fees Allocation Board, also meeting that
night, voted to investigate the CAC and a retail
bakery proposed for construction in the Nebraska
The AS UN Senate (also-need we say it?-meet-ing
Wednesday) is continuing its petition drive to
halt construction of the CAC until more "student
input" can be gathered.
On the home front, a Daily Nebraskan reporter
was refused admittance Thursday to a Student
Affairs staff meeting where we expected the CAC
geysers to be discussed a meeting that we believe
should be open.
Unfortunately, the Campus Assistance Center it
self has been all but lost in the flood.
None of the students-senators or others-to
whom we have talked think the CAC is a bad idea.
We happen to think it is, in fact, a darn good idea,
and we would hate to see it thrown out with the
I) 3 til wjitcr
The very real questions students are asking
about their role in the university's decision making
can be pressed whether the CAC is built this
winterim or not. We believe it should go ahead.
This is not to say, however, that points being
raised about how much information students are
given-how selective administrators and staff are
about the information they release-are not valid
Whatever happens to the CAC, these questions
must be pursued with deliberation. The issue is
not the Campus Assistance Center; rather, it is (as
usual) whether students have control over their
own lives.
It may be that only a few students care about
whether that control is theirs. It would not be
surprising to find, in a society that preaches per
sonal rights but often does not practice them, that
most UNL students accept the custodial attitudes
of regents and administrators without a blink.
But the students who do care have society's
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the word unheard f
'Review' rises above gloom
By Del Gustafson
It is difficult to read the newspapers these days without
becoming depressed: The Soviet Union, that powerful little
slave state with which we Americans make detente these
days, is busily colonizing Portuguese Angola (they just want
it for a buffer state between them and Argentina), President
Ford is holding talks with a few Chinese mass murderers
and the Fords-Gerald, Betty and Susan-promise to return
to the United States.
Yet amid all the gloom and dolor, there is one joyous
occasion: the National Review is 20 years old. National Re
view, for the benefit of the unenlightened, is the conserva
tive, political journal founded and still led by William F.
Buckley, Jr., which has the consciousness of the American
Right more than any American magazine.
Launched amid shocked liberal luminaries who yelped
that the new magazine was "intellectually underprivileged,"
humorless radical, Utopian, boring, trivial and unAmerican,
National Review has weathered intense ideological and
financial storms to become the national premier journal of
With unfailing wit and elegance, it has uncompromising
ly stood "athwart history yelling stop" as the 30-year-old
Buckley promised in the first issue. For 20 years its
pantheon of eminent political thinkers have pointed
rhetorical cannons at the evils of our modern age-statism,
collectivism and relativism -and have mounted the battle
ments to defend the eternal verities of Truth, Freedom and
Community. For the good of the republic, I hope "N.R."
continues another 120 years; for your own good, read it.
If you aren't doing anything some night next week, it
will be worth your time to walk over to Howell Theater
and attend a performance of The Crucible.
After depth study of this play by Arthur Miller and of
the young actors in the UNL production, I have concluded
that the play should be a meteoric success. That may sound
rash, but bold and exciting performers deserve bold and
exciting statements.
While the actors in the leading roles of The Crucible are
without exception brilliant, rumor has it that a young actor
-handsome, blond, blue-eyed, talented Redfordesque
will be making his debut on the Howell stage in a secondary
He will be playing John Willard, the Salem marshall who,
according to some literary historians, was the protagonist of
Miller's original script, which was destoryed.
It promises to be an exciting performance and 1 hope
you will attend. I know I will be there every night.
sermon, at least, on their side. We may not agree
with how these students attempt to assert their
rights-in the case of the CAC, for example, rad
ically disagree-but assert them students must
Housecleaning Dept. ASUN has an identity
crisis. The body most students know as "Associ
ated Students of the University of Nebraska" is,
by its own constitution, .the Association of
Students of the University of Nebraska. The or
ganization's letterhead stationery has it yet
another way. The Three Faces of ASUN?
Rebecca Brite
The Daily Nebraskan, welcomes letters to the
editor and guest opinions.. Choices of material
published will be based on timeliness and originality.
Letters must be accompanied by the writer s name,
but may be published under a pea name if requested.
Guest opinions should be typed; triple-spaced, on.
nonerasable paper. They should be accompanied by
the author's name, class standing and major, or
occupation. Alt material submitted to these pages is
subject to editing and condensation, and cannot be
returned to the writer.
bnimiiamiMMiiiMMiiiiiiMiiiiiiMi M mmwmiMiiw y inrrr '- -
to the
Dear editor,
I am a long time Nebraska fan-that is until today!
. I greatly admired your football team for taking two,
count 'em, two votes not to play in the "fourth class"
Fiesta Bowl, if you lost to Oklahoma.
Well, you lost and the team had the audacity to vote
again. How hypocritical can they be? Your team has a 10-1
football record and a 1-10 intregrity record!
I am really ashamed that my frfcnds know me as a Ne
braska Rooter.
In the end, it seems good 'ole Bear Bryant decided your
bowl for you.
My sympathies.
Atlanta, Ga.
Ask my opinion first
Dear editor, . , .....
"To your left is the new Hovland Swanson bridal bou
tique. Today they're sponsoring a tea for Phi Phi Phi
sorority. On your left is the 6-month-old Mister Doughnut
shop. Over there the Mount Everest Ski Shop is under
"This small room will be a study lounge, now that the
Program Office has been moved to the fourth floor. This
suite of offices is the Campus Assistance Center built two
years ago. It will be moved upstairs next summer to make
room for the A & W Root Beer concession.
This office over here is the Women's Resource Center
(aside: they'd be on the fourth floor if they didn't have so
much political clout). ' .
"Here is the convenient bank. This summer construction
will begin on three drive-up teller windows in the lot
between the Nebraska Union and the Administration Bldg
"This is the Colonial Room-excellent cuisine, and
all but a few of the faculty and staff can afford their fare.
This is the Crib. McDonalds caters food during the day and
these 25 vending machines suffice for the remainder of the
hours the building is open.
'This is the entrance to the Harvest Room, a fine cafe
teria that has been serving off campus students for years
coffee is only 45 cents.
"Over here in the comer aie the four couches and eight
chairs that make up the Main Lounge. And finally in this
newly renovated men's room is the TV-lounge. All males
desiring to urinate will find appropriate facilities on the
second floor.
I ask you, could this be a tour of the Nebraska Union in
two short years? I view the Main Lounge as my living room
for ten to fifteen hours a week. I don't want it changed
without someone asking my opinion.
Kirk Hemphill
Common issue
Dear editor,
My comment and complaint are on a common issue
Campus Police. I've had many misgivings and complaints
about their handling of affairs in. the past (i.e. a rhino-boot
for a $2 fine) and the latest incident adds to them.
1 recently' received notice that I had a fine to pay on
a ticket. Fm not blaming Campus Police for the issuance
of the ticket, but for the delayed "reminder."
The cardboard windshield ticket blew away, was re
moved, or maybe never issued, in any case, I never saw it
The ticket was dated Nov. 12, the reminder postmarked
Nov. 21 and received Saturday, Nov. 22, well past the 5-day
'limit, which caused the fine to be $10 instead of $5.
Why not send the reminder immediately? The wind
can be very strong in Lincoln and I'm sure many tickets
are blown away.
If all the students who have complaints would get
together, maybe something could be done to make Campus
I olice a useful agency instead of a thorn in students' sides.