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    ' monday, november 3, T975
page 2"
daily nebraskan
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Logic require
Ey Sandy Mohr -
A proposal to require a three-hour
course in logic for all students in the
College of Arts and Sciences was tabled
Tuesday by the college's curriculum
Introduced by Associate Professor
Robert Audi, chairman of the Philosophy
Dept., -the course would become part of
the college Group A requirements of six
hours of English.
English Associate Professor Tom Bestul,
chairman of the curriculum committee,
called the proposal "drastic and radical"
and said now is an "inopportune moment
to discuss any change in group require
ments." . .
Audi proposed that students be required
to choose one of three courses-"Logic and
Language." "Introduction and Prob
ability." and "The Logic of Analogy " All
three would be new courses.
Assistant Arts and Sciences Dean Joan
W'adlow suggested that some freshman
seminars be offered in these areas to
determine student response before requir
ing them.
The proposal was made because logic
"needs to have a much greater role in the
College of Arts and Sciences," Audi said.
"The purpose of the group require
ments, according to our (the Arts and
Sciences) bulletin, is to provide a good
introduction lo the various types of know
ledge upon which our civilization is found
ed." according to the proposal, drafted by .
Philosophy Professor Rubert Anderson.
"All will agree, we think, that no disci
pline is more basic lo our civilization-or to
menf fabled
any civilization-than logic, it said.
The proposal said most high school stu
dents don't receive any instruction in logic.
By retaining logic as an alternative ifi
the Group D requirements, adding it to the
Group A i equipments and letting phil
osophy courser remain an alternative in the
Group B humanities requirenients, Philo
sophy Dept. courses would be a part of
three of the six group requirements in the
College of Arts and Sciences.
If passed, the proposal would increase
the department's enrollment of 200 in
' logic courses to about 1200, according to
Audi. It would add about two more faculty
members and eight more teaching assistants
to the staff, he said.
daily nc!bras!ten
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