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    monday, October 13, 1975
daily nebraskan
page 7
Archers eye
better bows
With the completion of the intramural
archery tournament WednesdayAssistant.
Intramural Coordinator Tom Fagot said
some changes will be made next year.
One change Fagot said he. wants to
make is to buy higher quality bows and
arrows than ones the UNL Recreation
Office now has. He said more students
would be interested in the archery program
if better equipment was provided.
Fagot said some of the competitors
scores were affected by low-quality
recreation office bows.
Winner of the Class I competition was
Randy Meiner, who shot a score 212
points. Kevin Elge was second with 186
points and Steve . Ruder was third with
176 points.
Matt Andrews won the Class II
competition with 145 points, while Brad
Stahe was second with 142 points. Shane
Fagot took third place with a score of
137 points.
There were three entrants in the
Women's Class I competion, which was
won by Nancy Barnhart, who shot a 188.
Amy Bair was second with 170 points and
Sharri Kinkelman was third with 160
Another change Fagot said he wants to
make is to split Gass I competition into
two divisions, one for competitors using
bows with sights while the other would be
for competitors with unsighted or bare
bows, he said.
Fagot said archers with sighted bows
have an edge over persons using bare bows.
He said only two or three archers in Class
I competition used sighted bows and one
of the archers was Meiner.
Photo by Kmrin Hitftoy
Tight end Brad Jenkins hauls in a 26-yard Terry Luck pass for the Husker's only touchdown Saturday, in
Nebraska's 16-0 win over Kansas.
Starting quarterback still a question
Tryouts for th UNL women's basket
ball team begin today at 4:30 pjn. in
Women's Physical Education Bldg. 303.
The women's field hockey team defeat
ed South Drkota State 6-0 Friday in
Lincoln. UNL led 2-0 at the half on goals
by Sue Hansen and Mary Claire Fransscn.
Mary Amstrup, team captain, scored e(j kv N0ian Cromwell, to 121 rusmng,
Analysis by Scott Jones
Nebraska's 16-0 homecommg win over
Kansas Saturday, pushing their record to
5-0, did little to determine the Husker's
No. 1 quarterback.
Last week Vince Ferragamo started
the second half against Miami and led
Nebraska to 24 points after the Huskcrs
trailed 9-7 at half time.
That performance earned Ferragamo his
first opportunity to start Saturday.
Although he responded by completing
nine of . 16 passes for 87 yards, Nebraska
led only 9-0 early in the fourth quarter.
Enter Luck
Enter quarterback Terry Luck. Two
Monte Anthony romps totalling 27 yards,
a seven-yard gallop by Tony Davis and a
short completion to Bobby Thomas set the
Luck then faded to pass from the 26
yard line, aimed for the end zone and
connected with tight end Brad Jenkins
to the delight of 76,285 fans at Memorial
Stadium. . " , .
Osborne said next week's starter would
be named after a review of the game film.
Kansas came into the game leading the
Bia 8 in total offense. But the blackshirts
. & - . . .-J 1-L1 . J'
limited Kansas s touiea wisnuunc, ucu-
two goals within two minutes in the
second half and Franssen added two more
Tryouts for UNL's junior varsity basket
nail tov - r -v i m n Um
Coliseum. Candidates should bring practice
gear. For more information contact Coach
Jennings Austin in Coliseum 205.
io hrlnw KII's averaste. After 294 and
187-yard games, Cromwell managed only
62 yards on 19 carries.
More Cromwell
"I felt they deviated a littla from their
game plan early because it wasn't
working," said defensive end Bob Martin.
"I think they would have liked to let
Cromwell have the baU more than they
Cromwell carried only seven times the
second half, possibly because of Martin's
jarring tackles as he fired in from his right
end slot to deck Cromwell before he could
The Jayhawks, now 3-2, managed only
seven first downs, two in the second half,
and were only once closer than 49 yards
from Nebraska's goal line.
With less than a minute left in the half,
Cromwell connected on a 50-yard bomb to
Waddell Smith, also' a Jayhawk track star,
that carried to the three-yard line.
After a bobbled option play, defensive
end Ray Phillips raced in untouched to
block Kansas's field goal attempt as the
half ended.
Defensive coordinator Monte Kiiiln
praised what he said was the best defensive
effort thus far.
"That's as fine tackling as I've seen the
first half," Kiffin said. "To stop a wish
bone defensively you've got to have great
tackling and pursuit and that's what we
had today."
On Smith's long reception, Kiffin said,
"We weren't in a prevent defense and IH
take the blame for that. If we were one or
two touchdowns ahead we might have
been, but Cromwell had just run an option.
If he had run another one that well they
would have been in field goal range."
Big Play
Osborne said there may have been a
Digger pay uuui mw t, - ....
"The big play was at the end of the first
half with an out to Bobby Thomas," he
said of a third down incompletion from
Kansas's five-yard line.
"That would have given us a lot of
momentum, " Osborne said. Instead, Mike
Coyle kicked his second of three field
goals to give Nebraska a 6-0 halftims lead.
Nebraska had drives stall at the 22, 32
(Anthony fumble), 30 (fourth and one
failure) and five-yard lines the first half.
- The Huskera drove- from 4hir 34-yard
line to the 14 to open the second half, but
got only three points. Another drive was
spoiled by a clipping penalty and ended in
a pass interception before Luck entered the
game with 13:45 to play.
"Part of the problem was that they
played us in a goal-line (defense)," Osborne
said. "They gambled a lot on third and
three. You normally dont run a goal-line
then," he said.
Threw over
Luck found that the best way to beat
such an obstacle is to throw over it.
Jenkins's second leaping touchdown grab
of the year was the result.
"It was just the opposite of what it's
supposed to be," said Jenkins. The two
receivers were supposed to spearate so the
defender couldn't cover them both,
Jenkins said.
Nebraska had a 397 to 177 total offense
edge over Kansas. Anthony gained 72
yards and John O'Leary added 51, all but
one yard in the first half, to the 258
yard total rushing output.
Linebacker Cletus Pillen had 15 tackles,
four unsssistd , followed by John L?? with
seven, Mike Fultz, six, and Martin, five
four behind the line of scrimmage.
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